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Monday, September 7, 2009

65-66 Mustang Red Center Cap for Styled Steel Wheels

We have been selling Styled Steel Wheel Center Caps for the Mustang Styled Steel Wheel since we first started selling parts 30 or so years ago.

The first ones that we sold were the ones that, at the time, were still available from Ford. You are probably saying, wow...I would love to get some of those! Well, wouldn't. You see those featured a very "unique" design that had the chrome bezel and center crimped to the backing plate. The backing plate often stayed on the wheel, while the red center and chrome bezel just flew off at the closest turn!

Anyway, the attachment design has slowly improved over the years, and now we have the best design that I have ever seen. The backing plate and design of the cap make for a very nice and secure fit. This new backing plate also allows easy fitment on Magnum 500 wheels.

Keep in mind that the SS wheel centers are made by several suppliers. We only handle the Scott Drake brand. The red center is beautiful, and, of course, they are the only ones that feature this nice backing plate.

Order part number HB14. Click here or on the part number or above image.

Also keep in mind that we only handle the Scott Drake brand styled steel wheels. We have done previous blog posts about the quality of these wheels, and they are, in our opinion, easily the best on the market.

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