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Feb 27, 2012

69-70 Mustang Door Panel Cup Inserts - Now Available in White!

We had previously posted about the new 1969 and 1970 Mustang Door Panel Cup Inserts.  The response on this part has been tremendous, so we wanted to just let everyone know that we now have these available in white, along with the black.

Long Style 1969 Mustang Mach 1 / Deluxe Interior Door Panel Cup Inserts.

We now have the rubber textured door panel cup inserts for both the short and long style cups.  These are the cups used on '69 and '70 Mach 1 Mustangs and Mustangs equipped with deluxe interior door panels.  The long style cups were used on most '69's.  The short style cups are found on late '69 Mustangs and '70 Mustangs.

Short Style 1970 Mustang Mach 1 / Deluxe Interior Door Panel Cup Inserts.

The rubber inserts fit in the cups and cover the mounting screws.

Our part numbers are the following:

ST-5711  1969 Mach 1 / Deluxe Interior Door Panel Cup Inserts - Pair (Long Style)

ST-5811  1970 Mach 1 / Deluxe Interior Door Panel Cup Inserts - Pair (Short Style)

Feb 24, 2012

Just the Details...64 1/2 Mustang Door Hinge Pillar Area

64 1/2 Mustang early door hinge pillar with "flat" area at door jamb switch.

"Pad" mounted to door on a '64 1/2 Mustang in order for the plunger of the door jamb switch to contact the door.

We have gotten a lot of nice response from our "Just the Details..." series of Blog posts about geeky little details on the '65-66 Mustangs and GT350's.  We appreciate the feedback and everyone reading, and welcome your comments, so we can all continue to learn about these cool cars.

With the purchase of our June '64 production HiPo Coupe, soon you will see a few posts some of these little details on '64 1/2 Mustangs.

Today, I have some pictures of the door hinge pillar area.  Specifically, this is the area where the door jamb switch mounts.  As you can see, the area around the hole on the early Mustangs is just flat.  Apparently, this was a mistake, because the plunger in the switch would not contact the door itself.  To remedy this problem, Ford installed a "pad" on the door.
A design change was made on the Mustangs to incorporate a raised area around the door jamb switch to allow the plunger to contact the door.

As you can see, this door hinge pillar area was redesigned to be raised in this area, which eliminated the need for the pad to be attached to the door.  This change apparently occurred somewhere in late June or July of 1964.  Our August '64 Dearborn convertible features the later design change.

The pictures of the early design are from our June '64 HiPo Mustang Coupe.

Feb 22, 2012

America's Car Museum

Check out this cool video of a new Tacoma, WA Car Museum housing what is considered the largest privately owned collection of automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, and other vehicles in the world.  The collection contains about 3,300 vehicles!

Feb 20, 2012

Mustang Wheel Cover Center Emblems

1965 Mustang Hubcap Center Emblem.

We now have hubcap plastic center emblems available for 1965, 1966, and 1967 Mustangs.  These are for the standard hubcaps.  With the increasing popularity of using wheel covers on Mustangs for that "old school" look, we are very pleased to see these emblems available.  They also are super quality parts with very nice detail making them just about impossible to tell from the originals.

1966 Mustang Hubcap Center Emblem.

Click on the links below to order:

HB-42  1965 Mustang Standard Wheel Cover Emblem

HB-43  1966 Mustang Standard Wheel Cover Emblem

1967 Mustang Hubcap Center Emblem.
HB-41  1967 Mustang Standard Wheel Cover Emblem

Feb 17, 2012

Early 1965 Mustang 289 HiPo Convertible in Mustang Monthly Magazine

March 2012 Mustang Monthly Magazine.

Our 289 K Code Mustang Convertible that has been the subject of many Blog posts here is featured on the cover of Mustang Monthly this month (March 2012 issue.)  We think Donald Farr did a great job on the article.  He's a long time Mustang guy, and he has been a great asset to the Mustang hobby over the years.

March 2012 Mustang Monthly Magazine.

March 2012 Mustang Monthly Magazine.

It is interesting to note that the car also was featured in the December 1986 issue of Mustang Monthly.

Wow, that was over 25 years ago!!
December 2006 Mustang Monthly Magazine.

December 2006 Mustang Monthly Magazine.

Feb 15, 2012

New FoMoCo Script Halogen Headlights are now in Stock!

FoMoCo Script Headlights are now in stock!

We now have the new FoMoCo Script Headlight Bulbs in stock!  These bulbs fit 65-68 and 70 Mustangs, along with lots of other Ford models that use the two headlight system.

In the sixties, there were several original suppliers to Ford for the headlight bulbs.  The ones we have seen have been General Electric, Tung Sol (TS), and Westinghouse brands.  The GE and TS brands had the etched on FoMoCo logo, while the Westinghouse brands that we have seen had the molded in FoMoCo logo.  This is the type that has been reproduced here.

FoMoCo Script Headlights are now in stock!

This headlights feature the original style and size flutes in the glass for an original appearance.  They are an great upgrade over the originals though in that they are a Halogen bulb.

We have had many questions about the Halogen bulb working with the stock headlight switch.  They have been tested, and no problems have been experienced using them with stock switches.

Our part number for this new FoMoCo Headlight is ER-81.  They are also only $19.95 each!!

Feb 13, 2012

Just the Details...Factory Markings on 64 1/2 Mustang HiPo Coupe

"HI PERF" marking shown in the trunk of an original paint 1964 1/2 Mustang Coupe with the K Code 289 HiPo Option.  It is a bit difficult to make out the "F" in this particular image, but it is there.

As I mentioned, we will be featuring a "new" car on our Blog here soon.  It is an early 289 High Performance equipped Mustang Coupe with a scheduled build date of June 8, 1964 in the Dearborn plant.  It will not be a complete restoration like our HiPo Mustang Convertible, because it is an original paint car in pretty nice condition.

We will be sharing lots of little details on this original car as they are uncovered.  Today, we will take a quick look at some really cool factory markings in the trunk.  I wish the picture captured it better, but I believe you can make it out pretty well.  You will see  "HI PERF" marked on the panel in front of the gas tank.  This was obviously applied before the body color paint was applied.

If any of our readers have markings on their HiPo Mustang like this, please send us a picture and indicate the scheduled build date and production plant of the Mustang.

Feb 9, 2012

1965 GT350 Mustang Battery Apron Rubber Plugs

Original rubber battery apron plugs shown in a 1965 GT350 Mustang Shelby.

The first 300 or so '65 GT350 Mustangs (Shelby) originally had the battery relocated to the trunk of the car for weight distribution purposes.  Because of this relocation, the battery tray was not needed up front in the normal location.

This modification was made at Shelby American.  They actually went to the trouble of installing a unique rubber plug in the holes remaining in that front battery apron.  This rubber plug was probably simply sourced as something that would serve the purpose.  As far as anyone can determine, it was not a Ford part.  As mentioned, it was just something that just happened to work.

A drawing of an original 65 GT350 battery apron plug was made.
As you can imagine, original plugs are usually missing from GT350's with the rear mounted batteries.  If they are still with the car, they tend to be very hard and dry rotted.  It is nearly impossible to find any originals if you have a car that needs them.
Samples of the reproduction 65 GT350 Mustang rubber battery apron plugs.

I have always been somewhat fascinated by these little plugs, and the lack of their availability, so I decided to have them reproduced.  A drawing was made from an original, and we just received the samples.

The samples are, of course, much more pliable than the 47 year old originals.  They fit just like the originals in that the flat top of the plug is drawn down once installed.  We hope to have the production run done in 2-3 months.  We will announce it here on the Virginia Classic Mustang Blog when they are available.

Plugs installed in the battery apron of a 1965 GT350.  Note that the reproduction plug gets "drawn down" in the hole just like the original plug.

Feb 6, 2012

Just the Details...Mustang Bumper Date Stamping

Front Bumper Date Stamping on early production 1964 1/2 HiPo Mustang.  5 13 M4.  May 13, 1964.
Here is another one of those little details that we enjoy exploring here on the Virginia Mustang Blog.  Today, we will take a look at the date stamping on original front bumpers on '65 and '66 Mustangs.

Usually, I'm not fortunate enough to find a Mustang with its original front bumper.  The stamping is located just under the front bumper on the driver's side above the parking light as shown.

The top picture shows a very original 1964 1/2 289 High Performance Mustang Coupe that we will be sharing more details about soon.
Front Bumper Date Stamping on late production 1966 GT350 Shelby.  3 29 M6.  March 29, 1966.

Feb 3, 2012

Mustang Spare Wheel Mounting Bracket for Trunk Floor

1965-67 Mustang Spare Wheel Hardware Mounting Bracket.

A few more cool new parts just arrived!

We now have the Spare Tire Mounting Brackets that spot weld to the trunk floors for both the 65-67 and 68-70 Mustangs.

SM-9411  1965-67 Mustang Spare Wheel Mounting Bracket for Trunk Floor

1968-70 Mustang Spare Wheel Hardware Mounting Bracket.
SM-9412  1968-70 Mustang Spare Wheel Mounting Bracket for Trunk Floor

Feb 2, 2012

1965 GT350 Mustang Oil Pressure Line Extension Block

1965 GT350 Shelby Oil Pressure Extension Block.

We now have a very limited quantity of 65 Shelby Oil Pressure Extension Blocks.  This is the machined metal block that screws into the engine block.  The Aeroquip oil pressure gauge line screws into this block and runs to the mechanical oil pressure gauge.  This extension is bare steel, like most originals that I have observed.

If this extension is not missing, it is usually heavily pitted like the original shown in our picture.

The part number is EG-1762.