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Mar 31, 2014

1965-68 Mustang Convertible Top Frame Weatherstrip Kit

65-68 Mustang Convertible Top Frame Weatherstrip Kit.  5 Pieces.  Made just like the original.
We are hoping that winter is finally over!  It will soon be time to get those Mustang Convertibles out to play! In celebration of the warm (hopefully!) weather, we have a slight price deduction on our Convertible Top Weatherstrip Kits for your Mustang.

Over the years, it has been a bit confusing when deciding to buy this kit.  Like a lot of Mustang parts, there is more than one choice in terms of quality.  This is the nice one, and we have plenty in stock!

Order part number WS-40.  We also have these weatherstrip kits for 69-70 Mustangs and 71-73 Mustangs.

Mar 28, 2014

Win a Free Mustang Part!!!!

One of our great Mustang Parts suppliers is ACP.  You can win one of their parts of your choice by following these simple steps:

  • Browse through their online catalog and choose any product as your potential prize.
  • Post the part number of the part that you would like to win along with our name, Virginia Classic Mustang on one or all of the social sites listed above.  Example:  FM-ER001 - Virginia Classic Mustang

The drawing will take place April 25, 2014 with 3 Lucky Winners!

If you are attending the Mustang 50th Anniversary Event in Las Vegas from April 17-20, you can also visit ACP's booth.  Mention us, Virginia Classic Mustang and choose an item from their large display as your potential prize.  A drawing will be held at the end of each day.  You will be notified by email if you win. Please note that this will not take place at the other 50th event in Charlotte on the same weekend.

Mar 26, 2014

Convert Your 65-66 Mustang's Convertible Top to a Power Top

Mustang Monthly recently published an article on how to convert a 1965-66 Mustang with a manual convertible top to one with a power top.  There are step by step instructions with a list of parts that were obtained right from us here at Virginia Classic Mustang.

Be sure to check out the article at this link:

Mar 24, 2014

Mustang Chrome Air Cleaner Assemblies

Our show quality Mustang open element chrome air cleaner assemblies feature a correct chrome lid, correct reproduction air filer and correct base.

Our Chrome Air Cleaner Assemblies are very popular items, and we often get several questions about these parts.  The questions often involve the bases, so we wanted to take a closer look at these today.  We will be talking specifically about the Exact Reproductions.  These are our part numbers EG-124 and EG-145.  These air cleaners were originally installed on all of the 65-66 HiPo Mustangs and GT350.  They were also part of the Engine Dress Up Kits that were available as over-the-counter accessories at Ford dealers.

The base on our EG-124 Mustang chrome air cleaner assembly.
Close up shot of the original style air filter.

Both of these styles come with a very nice chrome plated top lid that is very, very close in configuration to the original air cleaner lid.  These assemblies also include the reproduction of the original air filter.  The difference in the two parts is the base.

Our EG-124 Chrome Air Cleaner has the blue base with the nipple for the hose the runs to the oil filler cap.  This emission system with the oil cap and hose was used on cars built for delivery to California, including all GT350 Shelbys.  Most of the 65 models and early 66's had a gold painted base, so if you have one of these cars, you will have to repaint the blue base with the gold paint.  This nipple was sometimes originally capped off for Mustangs that may have not used this system.

The base on our EG-145 Mustang chrome air cleaner assembly does not have the nipple for the oil cap hose.

Our EG-145 Chrome Air Cleaner, of course, features the same great quality, chrome lid and air filter, but the base is painted gold and does not include the nipple for the oil cap/emissions hose.

Mar 21, 2014

Just the Details....Date Codes on Mustang Rear Leaf Springs

Mustang Leaf Spring Date Code Stamping Location on a 1965 Mustang

We have received a few recent inquiries about where to find and how to decode date codes on Mustang rear leaf springs.  Here are a few examples from a 1965 Mustang.

The first picture shows the location of the Ford engineering number and date code stamping.  The date coding uses a Julian Date, which is the day of the year.  For example:  In the picture below, the "123E5" stamping represents the 123rd day of 1965.  That is May 3, 1965.  

Here are two handy links for a calendar and Julian Date chart:

1965 Mustang Rear Leaf Spring Stamping
The spring shown above has the number for a K Code / High Performance Fastback or Convertible model.

By the way, we have had very good luck with the rear leaf springs that we handle.  We have sold hundreds of sets, and they even have the correct tapered and rounded leaves like the originals, unlike many replacement ones on the market.  The ride height works out very well on all models too.

Mar 19, 2014

65-66 Mustang AM - FM Radio

1965 and 1966 Mustang AM-FM Radio

We have been carrying Custom Autosound's reproduction of the original 65-66 Mustang AM-FM Radio for years.  It is a super nice stereo and once installed, looks just like the rare original radio.

Unfortunately, the analog dials are no longer available, and this part is being discontinued.  We do have a few more of them in stock, so order quickly!!!

Here is the link:

By the way, if you are reading this a bit later and the link doesn't work, we have run out of them!!!

This radio will soon be replaced by a nice looking '60's style digital radio.  Watch right here on our Blog for this and other new Mustang parts.

Mar 17, 2014

Mustang and Ford Radio Suppressors Mounted at the Voltage Regulator

Mustang and Ford Radio Noise Suppressor / Capacitor mounted at Voltage Regulator.

We have reproduced the radio suppressors that mount at the voltage regulator on all Mustangs and Fords equipped with radios.  As the pictures show, we have made the style found on the '65's with the C3SA-18832-A number stamping, '66's with the C6OA-18832-A number and FoMoCo Script, and '67-71 with the C6OA-18832-A number and Autolite logo.  I'm aware that there were several versions of the Autolite stamped part.  We chose the one shown. These are correct, working parts with the proper plating, markings, wire and connector as shown.  I hope to have them ready to offer for sale within a few weeks.  I'll post them right here as soon as they are available for sale.  I'm very pleased with how they turned out.  Take a look!

Mustang and Ford Radio Noise Suppressor / Capacitor mounted at Voltage Regulator.

Mustang and Ford Radio Noise Suppressor / Capacitor mounted at Voltage Regulator.  This is the 1965 style.

Mustang and Ford Radio Noise Suppressor / Capacitor mounted at Voltage Regulator.  This is the 1966 style.

Mustang and Ford Radio Noise Suppressor / Capacitor mounted at Voltage Regulator.  This is the 1967-71 style.

Mar 14, 2014

65-66 GT350 Shelby Mustang One Inch Sway Bar Bushing Brackets - Pair

1965 and 1966 Shelby Sway Bar Bushing Brackets - Pair Original Ford Part Number is C0DD-5486-A

1965-66 GT350 Shelby Mustang One Inch Sway Bar Bushing Mounting Brackets.
Made exactly like the originals from assembly line parts.
Made in the original .103 inch thickness like the assembly line brackets rather than the NOS ones that are only .091 inch thick.
Virtually impossible to tell from the original.
Original Ford part number is C0DD-5486-A.
Come in the original bare metal finish with a hard (undetectable) protective coating to protect the finish.  
Sold as a pair.
Virginia Classic Mustang Exclusive.

In stock and ready to ship!

Our Part Number is SU-3211

Perfect compliment to our SU-321 Exact Reproduction Bushings.

Mar 12, 2014

Another Great Customer Car! 1966 Mustang Convertible

 Sweet as Candy
Fix Motorsports builds an awesome ride with Shelby Fix
A few years ago Fix Motorsports owner Paul Fix started on this project with daughter Shelby Fix. Disassembling every nut and bolt, Shelby started the process with intentions to build a show car to be driven. Over breaks in her schedule at Marist College, Shelby would help assemble the car after it came back from the paint shop. The goal was to finish in time for her graduation in May 2014. It was finished a few months early and just in time for the annual indoor car show in Buffalo NY. The Calvalcade of Cars, Classic and Custom Car Show. Shelby’s car won Outstanding Modified Classic. Next it’ll be shown at the Mustang 50thBirthday Celebration in Charlotte NC.
The car started life in 1966 at the San Jose assembly plant and was delivered to Sunrise Ford in Fontana CA. It lived there with it's original owner until 2009. Needless to say it was a virgin body without any rust or needing any body repair.
Paul Fix has restored over 55 Mustangs, always striving for authenticity, but this time Shelby was making the decisions on how it would be built and she wanted to do something different. So it was modified with a bit of pro touring suspension for ride and handling. Then mixing in a few ‘65 parts for better looks.
Here are some highlights of the build:
The paint color is 2012 Ford Mustang, Candy Apple Red Metallic Clear Coat.
-Engine is a built 289 cid, 350 hp. with ported and polished heads and a Hipo Hydraulic, Comp Cams Nostalgia cam.
-Cobra engine dress up Kit with Cobra dual plane intake, Cobra open letter valve covers and Cobra T-Pan.
-March Performance Billet Aluminum Pulley set.
-Autolite Dual Point distributor.
-Holley 600 cfm 4 barrel carburetor.
-Tri Y headers into a custom H pipe and Flowmaster Dual exhaust.
-Tremec World Class T-5, 5 speed conversion (M-7003-Z).
-8” rear end with 3.80 ring and pinion and an Auburn Gear Limited Slip differential.
Wheels and tires:
American Racing Torque Thrust II, 2 pc. wheels, 17”x8” with a 4 ¾ ” backspacing and Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires, 235/45ZR17. So we didn’t need to roll the fender lips. Custom machined center caps.
-Baer Brakes SS4+ 13” front and rear Brake kits with cross drilled and slotted zinc washed rotors and etched Shelby logos.
-Classic Tube Stainless Steel brake and fuel lines incorporating a dual chamber master cylinder and adjustable proportioning valve.
-StopFlex Stainless Steel braided DOT brake hoses.
Suspension and steering:
-Front coil springs are 620 lb. Powder coated black with the Shelby 1” lowering modification to the upper control arm. Rear leaf springs are mid eye 4 ½ leaf rated at 175#’s..
Borgeson Power steering conversion kit using the Shelby quick steering idler and pitman arm.
-1” Shelby front sway bar.
-Koni shocks.
About: Fix Motorsports LLC was founded in 1989 as a restoration and road race preparation company in Lancaster NY. They have had success on and off the track, winning concourse shows at ISCA, AACA, SAAC and other events as well as Winning in SVRA and SCCA Trans Am Road Racing Series.  Visit

Mar 10, 2014

Donald Farr - Former Editor of Mustang Monthly

Donald Farr is certainly a great friend.  The now former editor of Mustang Monthly Magazine is the author of the great Mustang Fifty Years book.  We will miss him at Mustang Monthly and look forward to his next endeavor.

Here's a link to a nice article from Donald's local Lakeland, Fl newspaper:

Mar 7, 2014

Just the Details...1966 Shelby Mustang GT350

The clean up continues on the 1966 Shelby Mustang.

As we mentioned in our last Blog post, we are taking a different approach with this 1966 Shelby GT350. Rather than actually restoring it, we have chosen to clean it up and maintain all of the original parts and finishes that are possible.  This task is being performed by Jeremy at Maple Hill Restoration.  We also want to credit him with taking most of these great pictures here.

In performing this "clean up", it was also important that the car run and function like it did when it was new. To do this, we decided to remove the suspension and brake system too.  The control arms had been maintained over the years with new replacement ball joints.  We will be replacing these with the correct control arms.  The rotors were "just okay", so they will be replace with new Ford units.  The original wheel cylinders, master cylinder and proportioning valve will also be rebuilt. Check out the pictures of the original disc brake proportioning valve.  This one was originally black.  Some cars also receive gray painted valves.

With a little play in the steering box, it was decided that it should also be rebuilt.  The gas tank has been replaced and gas and brake lines will be installed.

Lots of original finishes were discovered with gentle cleaning on parts like the front coil springs.  Check out the pictures and captions below for more details.  We will have more pictures soon!

The floor cleaned up very nicely revealing the original red sealer finish.

We decided to remove the brake system and suspension.
To clean many of the metal parts, we use Metal Rescue to remove the minor rust and reveal the original finish and paint markings.

Jeremy at Maple Hill Restoration built this container to soak various long parts like the strut rods in the Metal Rescue.

The original parking brake assembly and handle was nice but a bit dirty.
The original parking brake assembly and handle cleaned up beautifully.

The firewall area will be cleaned and left with its original finish.

The original tag on the quick steering box has a date of 6C10B.  That represents March 10, 1966.  The HCC AX is the code for a quick ratio manual steering box.

The original longer Shelby steering pitman arm still has its original yellow paint markings.

The original front coil springs on the Shelby have a white marking that we have not seen before on the HiPo springs.  They also have the more typical browish red markings.  They were originally painted black before the markings were applied.

The original front coil springs on the Shelby have a white marking that we have not seen before on the HiPo springs.  They also have the more typical browish red markings.  They were originally painted black before the markings were applied.

The original front coil springs on the Shelby have a white marking that we have not seen before on the HiPo springs.  They also have the more typical browish red markings.  They were originally painted black before the markings were applied.

Here is another disc brake proportioning valve with original black paint.  Some of the valves were painted gray, but we've seen a lot of black ones like this.

The end plate on the Mustang disc brake proportioning valves are stamped with a date.  This one is stamped "28-6".  This represents the 28th day of 1966.

Mar 5, 2014

New Mustang Parts! 5 Speed Shifter Knobs.

1965 and 1966 Mustang 5 Speed Shift Knob.
T-5  5 speed transmission conversions in early Mustangs are very popular.  We now have some 5 spd. shift knobs to compliment our 5 spd. shifter handle.

They are made just like the original Mustang shifter knobs but feature the 5 speed shift pattern.

Check them out at the links below:

IN-5652  65-66  5 Speed Shifter Knob (with correct chrome bezel / retaining nut)

IN-5681  67-68  5 Speed Shifter Knob
1967 and 1968 Mustang 5 Speed Shift Knob.

Mar 3, 2014

Just the Details...1966 Shelby Mustang GT350

1966 Mustang Shelby GT350.  SFM6S1732

The "clean up" continues on our 66 Shelby (6S1732) at Maple Hill Restoration.  In case you have not been following our Blog posts, the last owner had this GT350 since 1972.  During that time, it was stored well and had been used sparingly.  He just maintained the car and kept every original part that was removed over the years.

Rather than performing a complete restoration, we wanted to preserve lots of the car's originality by just cleaning it up.  We originally did not plan to pull the engine, but the last owner painted the engine black and the only way to really repaint the blue properly was to remove the engine.  This also made it easier to clean the fender aprons.  They have now been gently cleaned and retain their original paint.

The removal of the grease and dirt from the floor revealed the original red sealer finish which, of course, will stay.

The engine appears to have never been apart and is in excellent condition.  Due to an oversize drain plug that was installed in the oil pan, we have removed the pan to repair the hole to its original size.  We also have had the original HiPo water pump rebuilt, and it will be re-installed.

Other parts and parts of the car that retain their original finish will be carefully cleaned and left as is.  

Be sure to check out the captions on the pictures of the 289 HiPo engine flywheel, HiPo balancer and the Shelby floor pans for more details.  We will post more pictures soon!

The Shelby's original transmission cross member still has its original finish.

Here is the plate between the engine and bellhousing on the original 289 HiPo.  It is interesting to note the original blue paint pattern.

Here is the original flywheel 289 HiPo.  It still has its original orange paint marking.

The 289 HiPo flywheel on the Shelby has a date casting of 5L4.  That's November 4, 1965 and is the earliest dated part on the car.

The original 289 HiPo harmonic balancer was painted black.
The Shelby's original HiPo harmonic balancer has an A6 (January 1966) stamping date.

The original 289 High Performance engine has 82K original miles.  It's never been apart and is super clean inside.

Here is a close up of the timing chain cover's date.  The 66, of course, represents 1966.  The one dot represents one month - January 1966.

Later in '66, the motor mounts used on the 289 HiPo were the same as other 289's.  These cleaned up very nicely and the original finish will remain.

Almost 50 years of dirt and grease was removed to reveal a super nice original finish on the floor in the Shelby.

Almost 50 years of dirt and grease was removed to reveal a super nice original finish on the floor in the Shelby.

Almost 50 years of dirt and grease was removed to reveal a super nice original finish on the floor in the Shelby.

Almost 50 years of dirt and grease was removed to reveal a super nice original finish on the floor in the Shelby.