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Apr 29, 2009

45th Anniversary Mustang Show

As mentioned in a previous post, I attended the 45th Anniversary Mustang Show in Birmingham, Alabama. Today, I've got a "photo blog" post of just a few of the cool cars that I saw.

Apr 27, 2009

Cobra Aluminum Oil Pan

Here is a cool little slideshow showing the before and after pictures of an abused Cobra Aluminum Oil Pan. This is an original pan from an early '66 GT350. The restoration turned out great!

Apr 24, 2009

Jefferson 500 Vintage Race

It is almost time again for the annual Jefferson 500 Vintage Race at Summit Point Motorsports Park in Summit Park, WV. There are currently five Mustangs registered for the event, including a 1966 Trans Am prepared Coupe.

There will be car corrals organized for various marques of spectator automobiles including Mustangs. For information about the car corrals, please contact Dan Rowzie at 304-728-6641.

This event is scheduled for May 1-3, 2009. We hope to have pictures to post after the event.

For other information, please check out the website at .

Apr 22, 2009

45th Anniversary Mustang Show

The 45th Anniversary Mustang Show was held at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, AL. This is an absolutely beautiful facility. Here are just a few pictures showing the track and the areas around the track. None of these pictures give you any idea at all of the huge number of Mustangs that were at the show.

Apr 20, 2009

45th Anniversary Mustang Show

I attended the 45th Anniversary Mustang Show this past weekend at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, AL.

Over the next few days or maybe weeks, I will be posting some pictures from the show. I'll just start with a weird one. There was a lot of talk about this particular car. I'm guessing it is because folks do not expect to see a rare car in this condition at a Mustang show. I absolutely love '65 and '66 GT350's, but I don't quite understand the fascination with this particular one.

This is one of the '66 GT350's that were used by Hertz as rental cars. Most of them were black with gold stripes as pictured here. This one was still owned by the guy that purchased in 1967. His wife drove it until 1980 when it was parked. The car was parked because too many people bothered her about selling it. Anyway, the owner "dug it out" for the show to display it...dirt and all.

Apr 15, 2009

Aluminum Radiator for 65-66 Mustang with later model engine

OK, you've got a '70 or later 302 engine or maybe a late model 5.0 engine in your 1965 or 1966 Mustang. You want to cool it with a nice radiator. The outlets on the original 65-66 radiator are both on the passenger's side. With the later engines, the bottom outlet is on the driver's side.

We just got these new aluminum radiators in that will solve the problem. These are just like our other very popular aluminum radiators.

Here is the description:

This radiator has the top outlet on the passenger's side and the bottom outlet on the driver's side for 65-66 model car with a later (70-up) 302 engine. It also has a automatic transmission cooler in bottom tank, but can be used on manual transmission car by plugging the holes.
Features extra large one inch tubes for 4 row efficiency but with 5-7 lbs. less weight. We also added a baffle at the top to help evenly distribute the flow of hot water across the upper part of the radiator. The original radiators had a real problem distributing the hot water to the far left side of the radiator. We have tested our design and recorded significant changes in the temperatures across the radiator's cooling tubes.
This radiator will bolt in just like the original.

Order part number EG259AL or just click on the picture.

Apr 13, 2009

Mustang Heater Cores

We now have two styles of Heater Cores for the popular application of 65-66 (all models) and 67-68 (without Air Conditioning only) Mustangs.

The original part number IN9022 was changed to an aluminum replacement design by the original manufacturer. This is a nice heater core, but we have found that in order to install these in some heater cases/boxes, it may be necessary to slightly file the two holes in the case where the heater core tubes come out. The tubes may be just a bit too close together, so the holes in the case may have to be filed to accommodate perfect fitment.

We also just got a new heater core IN8304 that is just like the original copper design and fits the case with no modifications.

Apr 10, 2009

Cool Thunderbolt and Galaxie Models!

The other day I posted a picture of a model that was sent to me back in 1985. I was not finished. My friend sent me even more pictures in that same envelope. I'm really glad that I saved them, because they are so good. He built these models himself, and they are quite impressive.

Just check out some of the details here. The Thunderbolt features a hand made hood bubble. All of the lettering was done by hand except the "Eastern Ford Dealers" lettering. Just note the detail on the engine shot!

This Thunderbolt and Galaxie tow car were featured in "Rod & Custom Models" back in the '60's. Anybody have the copy of that magazine?

Apr 8, 2009

New Part-67-68 Mustang Radiator Support Bracket

A few weeks ago, we posted about the 64 1/2-66 version of this part. This is the metal bracket that the adjustable radiator support bumper screws into. It was originally spot welded to the radiator support. This one is for 67-68 models. These brackets are already attached to the 67-68 Mustang Radiator Supports ( SM551) that we currently have available.
Order part number SM552 or click on the picture.

Apr 6, 2009

1965 Mustang Fastback

I just ran across some pictures that a friend mailed to me back in 1985. Wow! That was 24 years ago!
Anyway, he purchased a brand new 1965 Silver Smoke Grey Mustang Fastback in 1965. He added the American Torq-Thrust Wheels and Goodyear Blue Streaks shortly after he purchased the car.
Anyway, it was a beautiful car.

By the way, this is a photo of a model that he built years later of that very same car. Did you notice that it was not a real car?

Apr 3, 2009

1965-66 Mustang Fastback For Sale

Our good friend, Joe Boland sent this ad in about his Mustang. Please contact him directly for more information.

1966 GT350H “Recreation”

Made from Red on Red 1965 Mustang 2+2, 5F09C292xxx.
DRIVETRAIN: 1973 Ford 302 V-8, Approx. 250-275HP (194.2 RWHP 9/2005).
Weiand Stealth High Rise Manifold with new Holley 600 cfm 4 bbl. Carb.
Scott Drake Aluminum Radiator & High Performance fan shroud, Perma-Cool 17” fan
Green Washable 14” Air Filter Element & K&N X-Stream Top Air Filter.
Re-built 1973 Ford C-4 3-Speed Auto. Transmission with Shift Kit & Trans. Fluid cooler.
1973 Ford Maverick 8” 3.00:1 Open Rear.
Tri-Y headers, Flowmaster 40 series Mufflers & 2 ½” Aluminized Exhaust.
Shelby Style Export Brace, Monte Carlo Bar & Driveshaft Safety Loop.
SUSPENSION & BRAKES: Grab-A-Trak 620# 1” Lowering Front Coil Springs with Polyurethane Insulators, new Spring Perches & KYB Gas-Adjust Shocks.
Grab-A-Trak 4 1’2 Leaf mid-eye 1” Lowering Rear Springs & Polyurethane Shackle Kit,
Cobra Automotive Heavy Duty Spring Plates with integral Traction Bar Brackets,
Heavy Duty ½” U-Bolts, KYB Gas-Adjust Shocks, SMR Sub Frame Connectors,
Shelby Quick Ratio Steering Kit (Pitman Arm & Idler Arm).
SSBC Power Front Disc Brakes & stock 10” Rear Drum Brakes.
INTERIOR: TMI Products Pony Sport High-Back Bucket Seats with head rests.
Kenwood AM/FM/CD Stereo with 6-Speakers (Stereo Dash unit, 2) 5 ½”Pioneer Kick Panel & 2) 6”x9” Rear Side Panel Speakers). TMI Products hump hugger console. 3” wide racing lap belts.
New 14-Circuit Painless Wiring Harness with 4-Way Emergency Flashers, New Auto Meter Gauges mounted in 1966 Instrument Panel. Reproduction Shelby-style dash mounted tach.
1965 Shelby Package Tray, Spare Tire Mount & Trunk Mounted Battery.
EXTERIOR: Shelby GT350H striping, GT350 gas cap, Hertz Sports Car Club center cap decals, Shelby GT350 Plexiglas quarter windows, GT350 taillight panel badge.
American Racing 15”x7” Torq Thrust-D Wheels with 215/60R15 Tires, and 4) Outlaw II Wheels with 6) Toyo Z-Rated 215/60R15 track tires (approx. 40 miles on them).
LOTS of spare parts and parts yet to be installed (9” Limited Slip rear end with 3.50 gears, Traction Master under ride traction bars, 4-point roll bar, 5-point racing harness, R-Model fiberglass front valance, new lower A-Arms, etc.). A Drivers car, run in Open Track at SAAC-31 & SAAC-33. Also a trophy winner (7 trophies out of 9 shows).
Over $42K invested. $40K O.B.O.. Must see and hear to appreciate!
(540) 622-6132 after 6pm, Cell: (540) 660-1195 or email:

Apr 1, 2009

71-73 Mustang Radiator Bracket Mounting Pad Set

We now have the rubber mounting pads for the 1971-73 Mustang radiator. These have never been reproduced until now. They are exact reproductions made using the original Ford blue prints.

We also have the mounting brackets (EG2064.) They were mentioned in a previous blog post.

The pad set is a set of four. One set is needed per car. Order part number EG2065.