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Aug 29, 2008

1969-70 Clutch Pedal Rubber Bumper

I know that this is a really small and minor part, but it is a new part that would be difficult to find if it were missing. It's the rubber bumper for the clutch pedal on 1969 and 1970 Mustangs. These bumpers have been reproduced from the original Ford blueprints. This bumper fits on the brake/clutch pedal support under the dash.

Aug 27, 2008

Autolite Stamped Alternators

For years, we have handled these Autolite Stamped Alternators for the Mustangs. These alternators are really nice. Unfortunately, our supplier has just informed there will be no more available until maybe late next year. We do have a few remaining in stock.

These are brand new correct castings with all new components. Keep in mind that all of the alternators are the same-high quality 61 Amp units. The stampings are the only difference.

Here is a current listing of the part numbers that we have in stock.

Aug 25, 2008

1969-73 Mustang Instrument Panel/Cluster Parts

Here are a couple of interesting parts that just became available. The first one is an Instrument Panel Light Bulb Socket. A 69-70 model Mustang uses 13 of these and the 71-73 uses 14. Now you can replace those lost, broken, corroded, or just non-working sockets. Order part number IN1814.

The other cool item is the 69-73 Mustang Instrument Gauge Mounting Stud Insulator. This plastic piece protects the gauge mounting studs from electrical interference. The 69-70 Mustang uses 4 per car, and the 71-73 model uses just one. Order part number IN1815.

1969-70 Mustang and Cougar Radio Support/Mounting Bracket

Here is a rather unique part that we thought was just worth a mention here on the Blog, since a lot of customers do not seem to know that it is now available.

It is the bracket that is used to mount and support all factory radios. This bracket also works with any of our aftermarket "shaft style" radios. As mentioned in the title, it will fit Mustangs and Cougars.

Aug 22, 2008

Mustang Six Cylinder Chrome Valve Cover

Often, the six cylinder Mustang owners are overlooked when it comes to neat dress up or accessories items. Well, this super nice valve cover changes that. It features really nice chrome plating and is an easy to install dress up item for your engine compartment. This valve cover fits all 170 and 200 Cubic Inch Six Cylinder models. It is a great compliment to our unique open element chrome air cleaner assembly that is made specifically for six cylinder cars.

Aug 20, 2008

Customer Car-1969 GT Mustang Sportsroof

You may want to check out the latest issue (September 2009) issue of Mustang Monthly Magazine. One of the articles features a 1969 Mustang Sportsroof owned by long time customer, George Parker. George has a very nice car. It is also quite a unique Mustang since it is equipped with the GT package. The Mach 1 package was very popular in 1969, so the GT package is rather rare. The article is written by Jim Smart.

We would also like to thank Jim for the photos of George's car that are shown here.

Aug 18, 2008

Mustang Rear Leaf Spring Anti-Squeak Pad

This is a really small part, but it is rather unique. It's the pad that goes between the leafs of the rear spring. This is a "must have" part if you are restoring, rather than replacing your springs. They are made exactly like the originals. They are made from black nylon which is more durable than the originals. These pads have not been available from Ford for a while now. There are 4 of them required per spring (8 per car.)

Aug 15, 2008

Route 66 in a 65 Mustang

We want to thank our long time customer, James Forrester for sharing his web album of pictures. James and his son made a road trip on the famous Route 66 in their 1965 Mustang Convertible. Here are some of the pictures. Click here to see these and more.

Love those American Torq-Thrust D wheels!

Aug 13, 2008

65-66 Mustang Turn Signal Switch

We just got in a large shipment of Genuine Ford 65-66 Turn Signal Switches. We have been told that we will be getting in one more shipment in about 6 months, and then this part will be discontinued. Yes, we do still have an imported reproduction of this switch; but we highly recommend the Genuine Ford Part for your Mustang.

Some of the other turn signal switches have already been discontinued, but we do have these currently in stock:

Aug 11, 2008

SAAC vs. Shelby-It's Over!

In case you did not know, there has been a conflict and lawsuits between Carroll Shelby and the Shelby American Automobile Club (SAAC.) I never mentioned it here on our Blog, because I just did not want any negativity here.

Without going into a lot of detail about the conflict, I just wanted to post here that it has been resolved.

I have been a member of the Shelby American Automobile for almost 30 years. I found the whole situation to be very disappointing. I'm certainly glad that it is over.

This is what is listed on the SAAC web site:

The Shelby American Automobile Club has reached an agreement with Carroll Shelby and his companies to end the legal battles and return to the normal life of having fun and enjoying the people and the cars of our hobby.

Today, August 8, 2008, an agreement was signed, putting behind us the turmoil and uncertainty that accompanied this legal conflict. We are now and forever the Shelby American Automobile Club.

This is the result of some very hard work by people from both organizations. Rick and Ken, as well as efforts by Dave Mathews, Ron Richards and Dave Winkler at SAAC... and Amy Boylan and Carroll Shelby at CSL and Shelby Autos.

... all worked through the negotiations that settled any and all disagreements and put us all on the same page... where we can all get back to enjoying the cars and the history of Shelby American.

Much more detail to follow over the next few weeks, but, now more than ever:
..... don't miss the celebration at SAAC-33...

We'll be there...Team Shelby will be there... this is what it's all about.

Spread the word......It's over.

For more information, please check out the following sites:

Aug 8, 2008

Mustang Truck!

We are sorry that the pictures are not any better, but we thought that we would post them anyway. One of our customers just sent these pictures of his 1966 Mustang 6 Cylinder Coupe that he modified. As you can see from the pictures, the rear part of the car was modified to make a pick-up truck bed.

Aug 6, 2008

Customer Car-1968 Mustang Coupe

A big thank you to Darren and Michelle Brill for sending a picture and information about their beautiful 1968 Mustang Coupe. We would love to see more of our customer cars here. Keep them coming!

Here is a picture of our 1968 Mustang Coupe. I found this car about two years ago,and tried to buy from the owner, but he would not sell it at that time. This car sat in his garage for four years. It was in need of a lot of work. Two years later, I made him another offer. He had put his house up for sale and wanted to move to North Carolina. He accepted my offer, and now the car is ours. I wanted a 1968 because that is the year I was born (good year). The car was in the body shop for about 3 1/2 months at Miller's Fabrications. All parts and accessories were bought from VIRGINIA CLASSIC MUSTANG. The staff there was very helpful. I will definitely do business with you in the future. It is still an on going project. Our car has been in 5 shows this summer so far, and has won four of the five. The picture that I am sending was a second place winner in its class. The car is painted Royal Maroon and has a 289 cubic inch 2V engine.

Thank You,
Darren & Michelle Brill

Aug 4, 2008

Shelby and Boss Cruise In

I've always said that the fun aspect of our cars are the people. Some of my best friends were made from my passion for '65-66 Shelbys.

Well, Larry Boyd thinks like I do. He decided to put on a Cruise In near Richmond this past Saturday with "no registration, no dash plaques, and no trophies." His idea was just a fun day looking at and talking about unique cars. Even though some thunderstorms in the western part of the state kept some folks from attending, it was still a successful event. Unfortunately, no one from here at Virginia Mustang was able to attend; but Larry sent us some pictures that we will share here. He is already looking towards planning next year's event. I'm sure it will be bigger and better. It is always really cool to get that many original Shelbys and Bosses together for a somewhat informal event. We hope to have some more pictures later.

Aug 1, 2008

Customer Car Feature-1966 Mustang GT Coupe

We want to thank Glenn and Cindy Costa for sending us the pictures of Cindy's 1966 Mustang GT Coupe. Glenn sent us the story:

"I bought this 66 GT mustang "A" Code for my wife last year when she was diagnosed with lung cancer. As she has been going thru all the chemo and radiation treatments, I was restoring this dream car for her. It has taken about 9 months to complete. 90% of all the parts were bought at Virginia Mustang. Cindy and I would like to thank you guys for the great service and availability of all the parts we purchased from your company. Thanks again Cindy & Glenn Costa"
Again, we encourage our customers to send stories and pictures of their Mustangs to be featured here in our Blog. Just click here to ask how!