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Aug 11, 2008

SAAC vs. Shelby-It's Over!

In case you did not know, there has been a conflict and lawsuits between Carroll Shelby and the Shelby American Automobile Club (SAAC.) I never mentioned it here on our Blog, because I just did not want any negativity here.

Without going into a lot of detail about the conflict, I just wanted to post here that it has been resolved.

I have been a member of the Shelby American Automobile for almost 30 years. I found the whole situation to be very disappointing. I'm certainly glad that it is over.

This is what is listed on the SAAC web site:

The Shelby American Automobile Club has reached an agreement with Carroll Shelby and his companies to end the legal battles and return to the normal life of having fun and enjoying the people and the cars of our hobby.

Today, August 8, 2008, an agreement was signed, putting behind us the turmoil and uncertainty that accompanied this legal conflict. We are now and forever the Shelby American Automobile Club.

This is the result of some very hard work by people from both organizations. Rick and Ken, as well as efforts by Dave Mathews, Ron Richards and Dave Winkler at SAAC... and Amy Boylan and Carroll Shelby at CSL and Shelby Autos.

... all worked through the negotiations that settled any and all disagreements and put us all on the same page... where we can all get back to enjoying the cars and the history of Shelby American.

Much more detail to follow over the next few weeks, but, now more than ever:
..... don't miss the celebration at SAAC-33...

We'll be there...Team Shelby will be there... this is what it's all about.

Spread the word......It's over.

For more information, please check out the following sites:

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