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Jan 29, 2010

65-66 Mustang Trunk Rear Trim Screw Protector Cap Set

Here is another detail part that I'm glad to see reproduced. The 65-66 Mustang Fastback rear trim was originally attached by some rather long chrome trim screws. The sharp points of these screws protrude into the tight trunk area on the Fastback.

Ford used plastic protector caps to screw on the pointy ends of these screws in order to protect any cargo that was stowed in the trunk.

Now the gray ones are available as our Part Number IN6861.

There are a total of 5 in the set. Below is a picture showing the installation of 3 of them in a '65 Fastback.

Jan 27, 2010

1964 1/2-Early 65 Mustang Radiator Cap

When restoring any car, the little details count! The SMCO (Stant Manufacturing Company) radiator cap has long been accepted as the "correct" radiator cap for most all of the 65 and 66 Mustangs. I have definitely seen the SMCO cap on most all San Jose plant produced cars which, of course, include the 65 and 66 GT-350 Shelbys.

Lots of folks may not know that AC radiator caps were also used on Mustangs. Yes, AC - the brand normally associated with Chevrolets and other GM products.

I have observed a few different variations of AC radiator caps on various Mustangs, but the early Dearborn built Mustangs, usually had the RC-6 AC cap that is pictured above.

This radiator cap is now available as a very nice reproduction. If you have a 64 1/2 or fairly early 65 Mustang, particularly a Dearborn built car, this cap would be correct for your car.

It is available under our part number EG1991. It features a zinc plating like the original.

Jan 25, 2010

69-70 Mustang Aluminum Dash Insert

Last Monday we posted about our new 1969 and 1970 Mustang RH Dash Insert Chrome Bezel. We mentioned that we would have the "Mustang" Aluminum Emblem for this bezel soon.

It is now in stock. Order part number IN9051.

Jan 22, 2010

289 High Performance Mustang Convertible

Our early '65 Mustang HiPo Convertible project continues to roll along. Here are the latest pictures as Jeremy Turner at Maple Hill Restoration prepares the body for paint. Please note that those pits you see in the original trunk floors will be repaired/filled next. We will post another update when the trunk is completed.

Jan 20, 2010

Ford Shop Tips on CD's

Here a while back, we posted about our new Ford Shop Tips CD's. Check out the original post here.

Anyway, we think it is just difficult to explain the amount of valuable information included in each of these CD's, so we decided to post the Table of Contents on just one (Volumes 1 and 2) of the CD's. By the way, you can see all the Ford Shop Tip CD's by clicking here.

Table of Contents – Volume 1 and 2

Volume 1, Number. 1
1 1964 Ford Specifications
2 1964 Fairlane Specifications
3 1964 Falcon Specifications
4 1964 Thunderbird Specifications
5 1964 Econoline Specifications
6 Ford Truck 100-350 and P Series Specifications
7 Excessive Brake Pedal Travel-All Car Lines with Self-Adjusting Brakes
8 Automatic Choke Connector Hose Installation-All Eight Cylinder Engines
9 Hot Starting and Hot Idle Improvements 1963 Ford & Fairlane-8 cyl. (221/260)
10 Starter Solenoid Damage During Tune-Up All Car Lines
11 Hot Engine Idle Stall-1963 Ford Single Venturi Carburetor-144, 170, 223, 262 Engines
12 Inoperative Front Lamps-1963 Falcon
13 Front Suspension Alignment-1962-1963 Fairlane
14 Disposable (Spin-On) One Piece Type Oil Filter-F-100-250 Trucks with 223-292 CID Engines
15 Turn Signal Lever Loose-All Car Lines
16 Two-Speed Wiper Motor Jammed in Park 1963 Falcon, Fairlane, Ranchero
17 Stoplamp Switch Terminal Corrosion All 1963 Car Lines
18 Hard Operating Key Cylinders-1963 All Models
19 Tire Air Pressure-1963 Falcon Sedans,Hardtops and Convertibles
20 Drag Link Ball Stud Dust Seal-1961-63 F-100-250 Trucks (including 4 x 4)

Volume 1, Number 2
1 Engine Oil Warning System-Vehicles Equipped with 427 C.I.D. Engines 2
2 Complete List of 1964 Power Options . .2
3 Ford 427 High Performance Engine Specifications 3
4 Ford 427 High Performance Engine Service Parts 4
5 Miscellaneous High Performance Accessories 6
6 Lightweight Body Components 6
7 Generator Failure from Road Splash-1963 F-100-250-350 Trucks 7
8 Vinyl Trim Cleaning Materials 7
9 Steering Linkage Service Requirements on 1963 Thunderbird and Falcon 7
10 Disc Wheel Nut Loosening Ford 500 Through 800 Series Trucks 7
11 Revisions in Rear Axle Bolt Torque Specifications-1963 Vehicles 8
12 Exhaust System Clearance-1963 Falcon with V-8 Engine 8
13 Distributor Modification for Improved Low End Acceleration and Fuel Economy and Carburetor Modification for Improved Fuel Economy - 1963 Ford with 352 Engine and 2V Carburetor 8
14 Increased Engine Idle Speed – 1963 144-170 Passenger Car Engines with Automatic Transmissions 10
15 Hydraulic Tappet Noise-Diagnosis and Testing .... 10
16 New Cylinder Head Gasket, Head Bolt Washers and Head Bolt Specifications -1958 Through 1963-401, 477, 534 Engines 10
17 Surging or Hesitation-1963 Econoline with 144 or 170 Engine 10
18 Clutch Snap Ring Failure-Fordomatic Two-Speed Transmissions 11
19 Clutch Snap Ring Failure-1961 Through 1963 Cruise-O-Matic Transmissions 11
20 Carburetor Percolation or Excessive Pressure Build-Up in Fuel Line-1954-62 Cars .... 12
21 Spark Plug Flashover During CompressionTest on Spark Plug Testers 12
22 Spark Plug Replacement-1962 and 1963 Fairlane with 221 and 260 C.I.D. Engines 12
23 Distributor Testing of Transistor Ignition‑427 High Performance and Super Duty Truck Engines-1963 13
24 Service Replacement Radio Speakers‑Ford Cars and Trucks 13
25 Instrument Panel Gauge Readings‑1963 Vehicles with AM-FM Radio .... 13
26 Radio Control Breakage-Tone, Volume, On-Off Switches-1963 Vehicles 13
27 Loose Tachometer Head‑1963 Falcon Sprint 14
28 Tachometer Installation on Standard Ignition Engines 14
29 Tachometer Application to Transistorized Ignition System 14
30 Turn Signal Switch Not Cancelling‑1963 Ford with Automatic Transmission 15
31 Seat Belts (Metal to Metal Type)‑Proper Threading-1963 All Car Lines . 15
32 Fuel Line Vibration (Fuel Pump to Carburetor) 1963-221, 260 and 289 C.I.D. Engines.. 15
33 Improved Automatic Choke Operation and Fuel Economy on Short Trip Stop and Go Type Driving-221, 260, 352, 390 C.I.D. Engines 16

Volume 1 Number 3
1 1964 Series 500-800 Truck Specifications 2
2 1964 Series 850- 1 100 Truck Specifications 4
3 Using Tach-Dwell Meters with Ford Transistorized Ignition 6
4 Loose Window Regulator Knobs - 1963 Ford Cars 6
5 Thunderbird Wire Wheel Installation on Other Than Thunderbirds Not Recommended 6
6 Dashpot Adjustment - 1963 Ford Single Barrel 144, 170 and 223 C.I.D. 6-Cylinder Engines 6
7 New Accelerator Pump Cavity Filler - 1958 1963 8-Cylinder Car and Truck Ford Carburetors 6
8 Inoperative Headlamps - 1963 Falcons 7
9 Kinked Heater Hose - All Car Lines 7
10 New Piston Pin and Retainer - 1963 (223-262 C.I.D.) 6-Cylinder and (292 C.I.D.) 8-Cylinder Car and Truck Engines 7
11 Ignition Switch Bezel - All 1963 Car Lines 7
12 Spongy Brake Pedal Feel - 1964 Ford (Without Power Brakes) 7
13 Interior Paint Repairs - All Car Lines 7
14 Reset Type Cigar Lighter Circuit Breaker – All 1963-64 Car Lines 8
15 Damage to Transistor Radios - All Car Lines 8
16 Cooling System Fluid Level - All 1964 Car Lines 8
17 Turn Signal Lever Removal - All Car Lines 8
18 Oil Filter Installation - All Car Lines 8
19 Cylinder Head Gasket Replacement - All 1963 Ford Car & Truck Engines 8
20 Collapsed Air Cleaner Cover - 1963 Ford 6-Cylinder 8

Volume 2, Number 1
1. Heater Core-1962-63 Fairlane, 221, 260 and 289 C.I.D. Engines 2
2. Improper Servicing of Distributor to Spark Plug Wires 2
3. Service Opportunities with the Positive Crankcase Ventilation System 2
4. Composite-Design Front Brake Drums-1963 F-250-350 Series Trucks 4
5. Water Contamination of Front Wheel Bearings‑1960-63 Falcon 4
6. Rough Engine Idle-1963 Thunderbird 6 -Venturi Carburetor 4
7. Revised Main Metering Jet Specifications-1960-63 352 C.I.D. Engine with Two-Barrel Carburetor 4
8. Cold Engine Hard Starting-Choke Cable Interference‑All 1963 Vehicles with Six Cylinder Engines and Manual Choke 4
9. Steering Gear Housing Bushings and Bearings-All Car Lines 5
10. New Camshaft Thrust Button-352, 390 and 406 C.I.D. Eight Cylinder Car Engines 5
11. New Connecting Rod-1963 170 C.I.D. Falcon and Fairlane Engines 5
12. New Valve Stem Seals-1960-63 144 and 170 C.I.D. Falcon, Fairlane and Econoline Engines 5
13. New Cylinder Head Gaskets-1954-63, 239, 256, 272, 292 and 312 C.I.D. Passenger Car and Truck Engines 5
14. Correct Application of Engine Temperature Indicator Bulb and Coolant Thermostat-1960-62 Passenger Car Engines 5
15. Intake Manifold to Cylinder Block Seal-332, 352, 390 and 406 C.I.D. Engines 5
16. Cylinder Block Replacement-1958-62 352, 390 and 406 C.I.D. Eight Cylinder Engines 5
17. Flexible Fuel Hose Premature Wear and Fuel Starvation‑1963 Fairlane and Falcon 6
18. Steering Gear Shaft and Column Alignment-1961-63 Econoline Trucks and 1962-63 Falcon Bus 6
19. Air Brake Slack Adjuster Lubrication-1963 Ford Trucks 7
20. Engine Rear Support Leaf Spring Noise-1963 Falcon V-8 with Four-Speed Transmission 7
21. Steering Stop Metallic Rattle or Crunch Noise‑1963-64 All Car Lines 7
22. Rear Engine Support Bracket-1962-63 Fairlane 7
23. Radio Antenna Mounting Location-1963-64 Fairlane 7
24. Vacuum Brake Booster Air Cleaner Maintenance‑C Series Trucks 7
25. Improved Gears for Four Speed Transmissions-1963 Ford 390 High Performance , 406 and 427 Engines 8
26. Instrument Panel Light Fuses-1963 Falcon, Fairlane, Ford and Econolines 8

Volume 2, Number 2
1. New "Cobra Kits"-for 221, 260 and 289 C.I.D. Engines 2, 3
2. New Ford 4V 289 C.I.D. High Performance V-8 Engine-Specifications-Settings and
3. Service Parts List 4, 5
4. Quick Service-Engine Diagnosis 6-9
5. Transistor Ignition System Operation and Testing 10, 11
6. Erratic or Inoperative Electric Windshield Wipers-1963 Falcon 12
7. Engine Noises in Passenger Compartment 1960-63 Ford
8. with 8 Cylinder Engine and Automatic Transmission 12
9. Fuel Gauge Reading Full at All Times-1963 Fairlane Station Wagon 12
10. Water Pump Failure-1963 Ford and Thunderbird
11. with 352 and 390 C.I.D. Engines 12
12. Off Idle Engine Knock-1963-64 352 and 390 C.I.D. Engines 13
13. Accelerator Linkage-Damage When Raising or Jacking Up
14. Engine-1963 Falcon with Eight Cylinder Engine 13
15. Rear Axle Noise-1962-63 Fairlane, All Models 13
16. New Carburetor Spacer and Gasket Assembly-1964 352-4V
17. and 390-4V C.I.D. Engines. 13
18. Alleged Speedometer Noise-1963 Ford 13
19. Intermittent Parking Lamp Operation-Poor Ground-1964
20. Fairlane-All Models 13
21. Sealer For Vinyl Tops 13
22. Brake Pedal Height-1963 F-100-250 Trucks. 13
23. Turn Signals Not Cancelling and/or High Operating Effort
24. s-All 1963 and 1964 Vehicles 14
25. Brake Pedal Bind and/or Hang-Up-1963 Ford Without Power Brakes 14
26. Brake Line Looseness or Rattle-Rear Axle Housing Area-1963
27. Ford 6 & 8 Cylinder and Falcon 8 Cylinder 14
20. Steering Gear Housing Replacement-Sector Shaft Bushing
28. Failure-1961-63 Thunderbird Steering Gears 14
29. For You From Ford-Quick Reference Catalog and Body
30. and Collision Parts Catalog 15

Volume 2, Number 3
1 Parts Identification-All Car and Truck Lines. 2
2 Brake Pedal Interference with Low and Reverse Gear Shift Lever-1961-64 Econoline Trucks, Falcon Bus and Club Wagons 4
3 High Oil Consumption-All 1962-64 Passenger Car Engines 4
4 Ignition Switch Diagnosis-All 1963-64 Car Lines 4
5 Auxiliary Leaf Springs-Econoline and F-100 Trucks 4
6 Uneven Rear Wheel Brake Lining Wear-1962-63 Thunderbird 5
7 Speedometer Cable Pumping Transmission Lubricant Into Instrument Panel-All 1962-64 Car Lines (Except Thunderbird) .. 5
8 Premature Front Wheel Bearing Failure-All Medium, Heavy and Extra Heavy Duty Trucks 5
9 New Parking Brake Handle-1961-64 Econoline, Falcon Station Bus and
10 Club Wagons 5
11 Shift Lever and Socket Wear and Breakage-1961-63 F 100-250 Trucks with Three-Speed Standard Transmission.. 5
12 Inoperative Horn Resulting From The Steering Column Slipping Down -1962-63 F 100-250 Trucks 5
13 Gasoline Leakage Into Vehicle from Fuel Filler Pipe Attachment-1963 Fairlane Wagon 5
14 Poor Cold Engine Starting-260 and 289 C.I.D. 2V Engines-1964 6
15 Miniature Bulbs and Turn Signal Flasher Usage-1963-64 All Vehicles 6
16 Loose Gas Tank Caps-Fuel Spillage 1964 Thunderbird-All Models 6
17 Get In On Ford's Big Spring Deal On Genuine FoMoCo Distributor Point Sets.... 7
18 Another Handy Reference Guide from Ford.. 8

Volume 2, Number 4
1 Ford Mustang Specifications 2
2 Inside The Mustang-Engines‑Transmissions and Clutches 4
3 Inside The Mustang-Driveshaft, Axle and Exhaust System-Steering and Suspension 5
4 Inside The Mustang-Brakes, Wheels and Tires-Soft Trim and Interior Hardware 6
5 Mustang Performance-Mustang Economy 7
6 Backbone of The Mustang-Platform Construction-Body Construction .. .. 8
7 Power Options-The Ford Mustang vs. The 1957 Thunderbird 9
8 Mustang Quality Accessories 10

Volume 2, Number 5
1. General Clutch Diagnosis And Service Procedure 2
2. Quick Service-Shock Absorbers 6
3. Ford's Studiosonic Sound System-Operation, Diagnosis And Service Notes 8
4. Acrylic Enamels-Major And Minor Repairs 10
5. Changing A Wheel On The Ford Mustang 11
6. Proper Installation Of Ford Authorized Reconditioned Generators 11
7. Ford Dealer Warranty On New FoMoCo And Rotunda Parts And Accessories 12

Volume 2, Number 6
1. Modifying Ford 221, 260 and 289 CID V-8's for High Performance 2
2. 1964½ Special Order High Performance Parts 6
3. More Mustang Specifications 8
4. Mustang Towing and Hoisting Procedures 11
5. Recommended Mounting Procedures for Tractor Fifth Wheels 12
6. Detonation-Its Causes and Effects 13
7. Engine Identification Tag 14
8. Radio System Diagnosis 1 4
9. Specifications for Front Wheel Alignment -1964 Falcon, Fairlane, Ford and Thunderbird 15
10. Ford Offers You 12 Rotunda Oil Filters For The Price Of 11 During July and August 15
11. Revised Battery Testing Procedure for All Car Lines 16

Volume 2, Number 7
1 1965 Ford Specifications
2 1965 Ford Fairlane Specifications
3 1965 Ford Falcon Specifications
4 1965 Ford Thunderbird Specifications
5 1965 Ford Mustang Specifications
6 1965 Engines
170 CID Six
200 CID Six
240 CID Six
289 CID 2-V, V-8
289 CID 4-V, V-8
289 CID High Performance V-8
352, 390, 427 CID V-8's
7 1965 Transmissions
8 1965 Rear Axles
9 1965 Power Teams

Volume 2, Number 8
1 1965 Econoline and Falcon, 2
2 Club Wagon Specifications, 3
3 1965 Ford Truck Specifications , 4
4 1965 Ford Heavy Truck Specifications, 7
Series 100 through 350, and P Series
Series 500 through 1100
5 Ford Heavy Truck Improvements
6 Ford Light and Medium Truck Improvements

Volume 2, Number 9
1 Distributor Adjustment and Light Repair, 2
2 Ignition Specifications, 10
3 Revised Recommended Battery Diagnosis and Test Procedure , 12
4 Pushing and Towing 1965 Ford Cars and Trucks, 14
5 Ford Dealers Spotlight Special

Volume 2, Number 10
1 Front Wheel Disc Brakes 2
2 Truck Transistor Ignition System 10
3 Positive Crankcase Ventilation Systems 13
4 Distributor Cam Lubricant 1 6
5 Correct Method Of Raising The Econoline Front End 16
6 Converting Non-Adjustable Type Mustang Seat 16
7 New Cylinder Head Gasket‑1954-64 Car and Truck Engines 16
8 Hesitation and Rough Idle16
9 Excessive Brake Pedal Travel‑ Cars With Self-Adjusting Brakes 1 6
10 Hesitation On Acceleration .16

Jan 18, 2010

1969-70 Mustang Dash Emblem Bezel

Another new part!! This is the chrome bezel that mounts on the passenger side dash on a 1969 and 1970 Mustang. It holds the "Mustang," "Mach 1," or "Grande" emblem. This emblem features very nice chrome and includes the fasteners. Our part number is IN9052.
We also currently handle the Mach 1 emblem that goes in this bezel. The regular "Mustang" emblem will be available in the near future. This emblem is our part number IN905.

Keep checking our Virginia Classic Mustang Blog for more new parts and information!!

Jan 15, 2010

1964 1/2 Mustang Coupe

Our Virginia Classic Mustang 2006 Catalog Cover featured a very nicely restored 1964 1/2 Mustang Coupe. This is a one owner car. Yes, the guy purchased it way back in 1964 and still owns it. It was completely restored by Maple Hill Restoration here in Broadway, VA.

Check out some of the details...

Jan 13, 2010

1968 Mustang Convertible Top Switch Assembly

Now in Stock! We just got these really nice 68 Mustang Convertible Top Switches in.

They have been reproduced using the original Ford Blue Prints. They feature the correct wiring pigtail, bracket and knob with the "Top Control" lettering.

Order part number ST4631.

Jan 11, 2010

Autolite Sta-Ful Battery

There is a new battery in town! Yes, it looks the same, but it is different. Very soon, we will also have these in stock, rather than drop shipping them.

Here are the details (biggest being no batteries inside a battery-this is the real deal):

These Autolite script batteries are made using the original case and cover molds. They are authentic reproductions of the original Autolite Sta-Ful Batteries, but they are now maintenance free AGM. No more acid mess. These batteries utilize the latest AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology and never require adding acid or water filling. They come fully charged and ready for installation. The electrolyte is trapped in the separators so the battery cannot leak, even if the case is broken.

These are new reproductions and are nicer than the others available in that they are not generic batteries inside a case. As mentioned above, they are full true AGM batteries. They are also made in the USA.

These will now be in stock at our store (very soon) rather than drop shipping them (depending on manufacturer supplies, of course), but there should be no problems supplying them.

The batteries carry a 90 day free replacement warranty, and a 4 year pro-rated warranty that begins at the end of the 90 days.

Please note that fill type batteries are not available.

Jan 8, 2010

45th Anniversary of the GT350 Mustang

2010 is the 45th Anniversary of the GT350 Mustang. Here's a cool video from Shelby American that we thought that you may enjoy.

Jan 6, 2010

1965-66 Mustang HiPo / GT350 Fan Spacers

We now have a very limited supply of new reproduction 65-66 Mustang HiPo / GT350 Shelby Fan Spacers. We will be getting our larger stock in around the first part of February. We never advertise something like this before we have a large stock, but this part is so exciting that we wanted to offer it on this "pre-order" basis. As of this post, we do have a few remaining from the first small run, so you might be able to get one now. If not, you may place an order now to receive it as soon as more arrive in February.

I think that they turned out nice. They are the correct size (2.36" total / 2 1/16" not counting alignment pilot dowel) with the FoMoCo Logo (Ford Licensed.) They also feature the "blocked out" casting number and the "winged" logo with the casting cavity number "3." I've seen some with "4" also. I'm guessing "1" and "2" may exist also.

The '65-66 289 High Performance Mustangs are my favorite cars, and can tell you that this is one of the most difficult, unique "K Code" pieces that there is to find. When you do find them, the original aluminum casting is usually very pitted. The originals can also be very expensive. The last one that I saw on EBay brought $300.00!!

Price is $49.95, and you can order by clicking here - Part number is EG6445.

Jan 4, 2010

65-66 Accelerator Linkage Rod Assembly

Here is another new part. This is the Throttle (or some may call it Accelerator) Rod Linkage Assembly for the 65-66 Mustang equipped with the 6 Cylinder Engine. It is now in stock.

That's it for today. Sorry for the short post, but keep reading for more very interesting and exciting new items coming soon.

Oh, and don't forget, we would love to see pictures and stories about your Mustang!! Click here to email us, and we will tell you how to send the information.