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Sep 30, 2009

NEW! 65 Mustang Rally-Pacs!

We have handled the Rally-Pacs for quite a while, and they are very nice. They are one of the coolest "factory" accessories that you can add to your Mustang. In case you don't know, the Rally-Pac features a tach and a clock. It mounts on the steering column. All Mustang underdash harnesses are equipped to add on this accessory, and all additional wiring (plug in) is included in the kit.

The 1965 Mustangs used the "High Profile" Rally-Pac when used in conjuction with the long style speedometer. This Rally-Pac has the "hoods" over the tach and clock.

Above is the picture of our new version of this part. It features all chrome hoods. The original Rally-Pacs had both wrinkle black painted hoods and bodies.

If you don't have to have the "exact, correct" piece, these Pacs with the chrome hoods are really cool looking! We still have the original styles, of course.

Click here to see our complete selection of Rally-Pacs.

Sep 28, 2009

Mustang Speedometer Cable Clip

Here is another interesting detail item that is now available. This is the clip for the speedometer cable. I have seen them on all 65-66 4 speed transmission equipped Mustangs. This clip was also used on other applications. It is interesting to note that the clip is made to hold two different sized lines, but it was used on the passenger's side to hold the 4 Spd. Speedometer cable to the firewall area.

The image below shows an original clip on a 1965 Mustang that has never been been removed.

Our part number is IN7512. Don't forget about our IN7511 clip that fits on the crossmember also.

Also don't forget about our complete selection of speedometer cables with the correct grommets.

Sep 25, 2009

1965 Mustang High Performance Convertible Project

We have not had an update in a while on our project car, so here are some pictures for today's post. Almost all of the welding is done, and the Hi-Po is off the rotisserie. Everything is being fitted for alignment, so the body work can begin. If it looks like a lot of work and trouble, you are right - it is!

600 pounds of glass beads have been loaded in the car to simulate a complete car. This way the panel alignment will be more accurate.

This is the last panel to be welded in. Keep watching our Blog for more updates. There is still a ton of work to be done.
And, remember, we would love to see your projects or completed cars. Just contact us to ask how!

Sep 23, 2009

64 1/2 Mustang Door Lock Knobs

The door lock knobs on most of the '64 1/2 Mustangs (probably up through early July production) were larger knobs that were color-keyed to the interior. These often need replacing due to discoloration or just simply because they are missing.

They are now available in Red, White, Black and Blue. Click on IN5251 to order.

Sep 21, 2009

NEW! Mustang Suspension Upper Control Arms

Last week, we posted about our new Scott Drake built Lower Suspension Control Arms for your Mustang. We also have the Upper Control Arms. The 65-66 units use a riveted in 4 rivet ball joint, and the 67-73 units have a 3 rivet ball joint. They are both complete units with the shaft kit, of course, already installed.

These control arms also feature a two-tone black and natural paint scheme like the new lower control arm we now have. They are imported, but are produced using Scott Drake's strict specifications.

We still have the USA component upper arms and the cheap imports. Please note that we do not recommend the cheaply priced imports. We only handle these for customers that are into only "price shopping."

These new Scott Drake units are a very nice alternative and much cheaper than the USA component arms.

You can see our entire line of upper control arms by clicking here.

Sep 18, 2009

64 1/2-66 Mustang Shock Tower Brace Wiring Clips

Here is another one of those little detail parts for a 64 1/2-66 Mustang. These are the clips that attach to the passenger's side shock tower brace. They hold part of the gauge feed wiring. We list them as part number PE4801 and are sold as a set of two.

Please note that 64 1/2-66 Mustang Convertibles with the Power Top Option use a total of 4 of these clips. The extra two are for the power top feed. This particular example is a very low mileage, original '65 Mustang Convertible.

Sep 16, 2009

New! Mustang Lower Control Arms

We now have a quality-built Front Suspension Lower Control Arm for your Mustang that is made more like the original unit. These control arms are Scott Drake brand parts. They are imported, but they have been produced using Drake's strict specifications.

These control arms feature a "two-tone" paint scheme similar to the original arms. While the originals were natural and just dipped in paint, these are painted black and natural.

Both the 65-66 and 67 styles feature the jacking tabs like the originals. The 68-73 styles do not have this feature.

Please note that we still have our MOOG brand control arms. These are USA made and are absolutely fantastic units but do not feature the original details mentioned above.

See all of the lower control arms available by clicking here.

Oh, one more thing...we now have the same version of the Upper Control Arms in stock. We will post more about those on Monday. If you can't wait, check them out by clicking here.

Sep 14, 2009

Car Covers for your Mustang!

When the company that supplied our Noah™ Car Covers went out of business, we were not happy. That particular car cover has always been our most popular cover.

It did not take long for us to find a replacement though. This new one is not only a replacement, it is a slight improvement! This new material for our Mustang car covers is called Mosom Plus™. It is a strange name, but it is a great car cover!

Mosom Plus™ is a four layer material. The outer two layers are Spunbond Polypropylene, the middle layer is a special micro-porus film and the inside layer is super-soft fabric. The middle layer is an excellent rain barrier, while allowing for vapors to pass through. The special cotton flock inner layer pampers the most delicate paint finish. It is a great choice for all-around car cover use, suggested for most conditions except extreme sun, snow or ice. Mosom Plus™ is a non-woven material, so in the unlikely event a rip occurs in the material, it will not run.

We also have our "budget" Triguard™ Car Covers, the CoverBond 4™ Car Covers for the next step up, and our "high end" new Stormproof™ Car Covers.

We have all of these covers for most all Mustang bodystyles from 64 1/2 to 73. CLICK HERE to see them all.

Sep 11, 2009

Early 65 289 High Performance Mustang Fastback

We always love it when customers send in photos of their Mustangs. Hey, they don't even have to be finished.

Today, we have a particularly interesting fastback. I'm a big fan of the 289 K HiPo Mustangs, and this is a cool one. It is an early fastback with a scheduled production date around October of 1964.

The first image above shows the car before it was restored. Someone had painted it a different color and performed a few Shelby modifications.

This Mustang has the original 289 High Performance engine. Of course, it is somewhat rare for the original engine to still be in one of these cars. This one is even stamped with the Vehicle Identification Number and has the "HP" marking in orange that is often seen on untouched blocks.

Just like our own August '64 HiPo convertible, this fastback is a Dearborn produced Mustang with lettering on the radiator support showing some data plate information such as the standard interior fastback body code of "63A", the "A" code for exterior color black, and "D6" for white interior with black appointments.

This marking is really cool. It is "HP" and is located in front of where the gas tank mounts. I've never seen this marking on a High Performance Mustang.

Another shot of the car on the rotisserie during restoration.

Here is one more shot of the car right after it was painted. We cannot wait to see the finished product!

If you have some pictures of your car that you would like to share click here to contact us and find out how.

Sep 9, 2009

Aluminum Mustang Radiators IN STOCK AGAIN!

Yeah, I'm kind of "repeating" a previous post, but it has been a while, and this one is worth mentioning again. When we got in the aluminum radiators in April of 2008, they proved to be very popular. Later, we were able to really negotiate with the manufacturer in order to bring you a substantially lower price. Well, then the demand went through the roof!

Unfortunately, during this time, the manufacturer ran out of the radiators. We have been anxiously awaiting a new shipment, and they arrived today. We have a good stock, but these radiators go out fast; so if you have been thinking about one, you may want to order it today.

Here is a quick recap of the post detailing some of the features of the radiator:

These radiators should take care of any of your cooling problems. They feature extra large one inch tubes for 4 row efficiency but with 5-7 lbs. less weight. The size of the tubes in a row are really more important than the number of rows, and these are big! These aluminum radiators also have a baffle at the top (see picture below) to help evenly distribute the flow of hot water across the upper part of the radiator. Many radiators have a real problem distribuing the hot water to the far left side of the radiator. The design of this radiator has been tested and significant changes have been recorded in the temperatures across the radiator's cooling tubes. These aluminum radiators are also manufactured for specific models, so they will bolt right in just like the original!

Please click here to see our current listing of Aluminum Radiators for the various Mustang models and years.

Sep 7, 2009

65-66 Mustang Red Center Cap for Styled Steel Wheels

We have been selling Styled Steel Wheel Center Caps for the Mustang Styled Steel Wheel since we first started selling parts 30 or so years ago.

The first ones that we sold were the ones that, at the time, were still available from Ford. You are probably saying, wow...I would love to get some of those! Well, wouldn't. You see those featured a very "unique" design that had the chrome bezel and center crimped to the backing plate. The backing plate often stayed on the wheel, while the red center and chrome bezel just flew off at the closest turn!

Anyway, the attachment design has slowly improved over the years, and now we have the best design that I have ever seen. The backing plate and design of the cap make for a very nice and secure fit. This new backing plate also allows easy fitment on Magnum 500 wheels.

Keep in mind that the SS wheel centers are made by several suppliers. We only handle the Scott Drake brand. The red center is beautiful, and, of course, they are the only ones that feature this nice backing plate.

Order part number HB14. Click here or on the part number or above image.

Also keep in mind that we only handle the Scott Drake brand styled steel wheels. We have done previous blog posts about the quality of these wheels, and they are, in our opinion, easily the best on the market.

Click here to see our older posts about the styled steel wheels:

Sep 4, 2009

Mustang (and other Fords too!) Radiator Overflow Hose

Here is a neat item that just arrived. It is the Radiator Overflow Rubber Hose. This hose is used on Mustangs, of course, and tons of other older Ford cars. It is made just like the original with the thick wall and the ribs. It's just a really cool little detail part.
We have two different part numbers for this. The only difference between the two numbers is the length of the hose that you receive.

EG2591 is listed for the 65-66 Mustang. With this kit, you receive 29 inches of hose. You actually need about 28 1/4 inches. Click here or on the part number to order.

EG2592 is listed for the 67-70 Mustang. This kit has 36 inches of hose. There were several different radiators in this range of years, so the extra length here may be needed. Click here or on the part number to order.

Sep 2, 2009

1965-70 Mustang Convertible Trunk Brace

The Rear Trunk Brace where the back edge of the gas tank rests on is a bit different on the Mustang Convertibles vs. the Coupes and Fastbacks. The Convertibles have an extra boxed reinforcement piece.

This part is now available as an assembly. Our part number is SM1351 (click on the part number to order.)

This assembly includes our SM135A Convertible Rear Trunk Brace Reinforcement, SM135 Rear Trunk Brace, and the SM134AR and SM135AL end pieces. All of these pieces listed are still available separately if that works better for your project.

Above two pictures show close up detail of the Complete Convertible Trunk Brace Assembly.