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Sep 11, 2009

Early 65 289 High Performance Mustang Fastback

We always love it when customers send in photos of their Mustangs. Hey, they don't even have to be finished.

Today, we have a particularly interesting fastback. I'm a big fan of the 289 K HiPo Mustangs, and this is a cool one. It is an early fastback with a scheduled production date around October of 1964.

The first image above shows the car before it was restored. Someone had painted it a different color and performed a few Shelby modifications.

This Mustang has the original 289 High Performance engine. Of course, it is somewhat rare for the original engine to still be in one of these cars. This one is even stamped with the Vehicle Identification Number and has the "HP" marking in orange that is often seen on untouched blocks.

Just like our own August '64 HiPo convertible, this fastback is a Dearborn produced Mustang with lettering on the radiator support showing some data plate information such as the standard interior fastback body code of "63A", the "A" code for exterior color black, and "D6" for white interior with black appointments.

This marking is really cool. It is "HP" and is located in front of where the gas tank mounts. I've never seen this marking on a High Performance Mustang.

Another shot of the car on the rotisserie during restoration.

Here is one more shot of the car right after it was painted. We cannot wait to see the finished product!

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