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Apr 30, 2010

1965 289 High Performance Mustang Convertible

Thanks to everyone that commented on our last post about the images of the restoration of our 1965 Mustang Convertible. Since everyone enjoyed those pictures, we thought that we would post some more today.

We had some questions from a few of you about the paint. We used a base coat/clear coat. In some of these pictures, you can see the steps of the application of the seam sealer, the white sealer coat, the color base code, and the clear coat.

The next step will be sanding and buffing the paint. We should have more on this in a post next week.

Oh, again, keep in mind that these are just quick snapshots, so the lighting really plays games with that Poppy Red color. It really is all the same color!!


Anonymous said...

Looks nice. I am in roughly the same staage of a restoration. Can you tell me what you used for the sound deadening inside the quarters and also the seam sealer in the trunk areas. I have heard that LORD Fusor 804 and 805 work well for duplicating the factory materials.

Virginia Classic Mustang said...

Thanks for the comment and checking out our Blog. For the sound deadening you see in the pictures, we used 3M brand Sprayable Seam Sealer #8374.