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Feb 28, 2014

Special Deal on Mustang Front Disc Brake Rotors

1965-66 Mustang Slotted Front Disc Brake Rotors.

We just received a limited quantity of Mustang Front Disc Brake Rotors that are being offered for a special deal.

We have a few pair of Raybestos brand 1965 and 1966 Mustang Slotted Front Disc Brake Rotors.  They are being sold as a pair and are only $99.95 for the pair!  Part Number is BK-295B.  

We also have a few pair of Made in USA Wagner brand 1970-73 Mustang Front Disc Brake Rotors. These are the super nice two piece design rotors and are priced at only $79.95 for the pair (that's for 2 rotors)!!!  Part number is BK-240B.

Again, both of these are available in very limited quantities.  Click on the picture on the part number links to order.

1970-73 Mustang  Front Disc Brake Rotors.  Two Piece Design.  Made in USA!

Feb 26, 2014

1965 and 1966 Mustang Coupe and Convertible Trunk Lid Torsion Rod Set - New Part!

1965 and 1966 Mustang Coupe and Convertible Trunk Lid Torsion Rod / Spring Set - Pair
We now have the torsion rods that hold up the trunk lid on the 65-66 Mustang Coupe and Convertible. These rods kind of act like springs in holding the weight of the trunk lid so it stays in an upright position when open.  Order part number SM-9101.

We also have the rubber sleeve for these (part number WS-24).  It mounts on one of the rods to keep metal to metal from rubbing together.

Keep in mind that these trunk torsion rods are available for other years and body styles listed below:

SM-9102   65-66 Mustang Fastback Trunk Lid Torsion Rod / Spring (only one used on a fastback)

SM-9571  67-68 Mustang Coupe and Convertible Torsion Rod / Spring Set of 2

Feb 24, 2014

1965 and 1966 Mustang Convertible Top Motor Mounting Bracket

1965 and 1966 Mustang Convertible Top Motor Mounting Bracket
Here's the latest new part.  It's the mounting bracket for the convertible top motor on a 65-66 Mustang Convertible.  It mounts behind the rear seat and is made just like the original.

Order our part number ST-16471.

We also have our new convertible top motor itself along with all the switches, wiring and cylinders to convert your manual top Mustang convertible to one with a power top.

Look for a technical article from Mustang Monthly Magazine very soon with this exact subject.  The entire conversion was made using parts from Virginia Classic Mustang.

Feb 21, 2014

Mustang Museum

This was posted on our Facebook page by Jim Smart, long time Mustang writer, fan, editor and all around good guy.

Time to begin a national conversation.  The Mustang Museum.  No long and involved marketing studies, mult-city visits/studies, expensive advertising agencies, or large egos.  Just a grass roots movement with rock solid accountability that puts The Mustang Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.  Okay hardcore Mustang buffs.  We have abundant energy and enthusiasm.  Time to heal the wounds of the original failed Mustang Experience effort and put it behind us.

Are you with me?  Time for everyone and anyone in the Mustang industry to get on board-Ford Motor Company, its suppliers, parts businesses, car clubs, editorial types, and certainly the Mustang Club of America.  This must be a global effort - every Mustang enthusiast from around the world.

It must be in Dearborn, Michigan.  And when it opens - we call it The Mustang Homecoming...Detroit needs a huge shot in the arm.  So does Dearborn where MUSTANG was born.  Let's get focused and make this happen.  No more excuses.  No more delays.

Let's get this thing open by the Mustang's 60th Anniversary.  Write to me at

Feb 19, 2014

1965-73 Mustang High Performance Spring Perch

1965-73 Mustang High Performance Spring Perch with a synthetic elastomer bushing.
When you are checking out and/or restoring the front suspension on a 1965-73 Mustang (or other Ford for that matter), one of the most common parts to replace is the spring perch.  This is also referred to as the spring seat and bushing assembly.

We now offer three versions of this part:

SU-129   This is the stock 65-73 Mustang Spring Perch with the rubber bushing

SU-1291   This is the 65-73 Mustang Spring Perch with the roller bearing.  These are sold as a pair and are absolutely the ultimate spring perch for street or track.

The roller bearing perches are a bit pricey at $199.95 a pair, so now we have another alternative from Scott Drake Mustang Parts.  It is our part number SU-1292.  It is a Mustang High Performance Spring Perch with a synthetic elastomer bushing.  It's like polyurethane but will not squeak, and it's only priced at $59.95 each.  This bushing also rotates a full 360 degrees for ease of movement and installation.  A grease zerk fitting is fitted at the bottom center of the bushing also.

Feb 17, 2014

Just the Details...1966 Shelby Mustang GT350

The original 289 HiPo engine had never been out of this 1966 Shelby.  Here you can see the original orange paint markings and "HP" marking.
If you have been reading our Blog, you are familiar with our green 1966 GT350 Shelby Mustang.  It's a fairly original car that we have chosen to clean up and keep as a "driver".  The original engine has never been out. We decided to remove it for cleaning and painting.  The last owner painted the block and heads black, and we wanted to restore it back to the original blue.

The under hood area and fender aprons will be only cleaned and not painted, again, trying to keep an original look.  Here are some pictures of the engine removal along with some clean up of a few parts.  Take a look at the captions for more information.

Everything is ready to come out!

The original 289 HiPo engine had never been out of this 1966 Shelby.  Here you can see the original orange paint markings and "HP" marking.

This image shows the assembly date on the T10 transmission in the 1966 Shelby.  "C" in March - "1" is the day - "6" is 1966.  The last "2" is probably the shift.

Engine bay in the Shelby before any clean up.

Original 289 HiPo Clutch Equalizer Bar.  The original finish is fantastic.

Original 289 HiPo Fan Spacer with the original bolts.

Original 289 HiPo Fan with a January 1966 date.

The hood hinges were cleaned to reveal their original finish.  The camera flash makes them appear a bit light in this image.

The hood hinges were cleaned to reveal their original finish.  The camera flash makes them appear a bit light in this image.

Original date stamping on the '66 Shelby horn.

Original date stamping on the '66 Shelby horn.

Original finish on the hood latch from the Shelby.
Detail on the original 289 High Performance engine fan spacer.

Feb 14, 2014

1965 Mustang GT Fastback For Sale - 289 HiPo / K Code

  • This was posted on our Virginia Classic Mustang Facebook page.  We have no affiliation with this Mustang, but it is an interesting car and thought that we would share it here.  We don't have any information on the Mustang other than the owner's description listed below.  Contact the owner with any questions and click on his link below for more pictures. 

  • This is a true 1965 Mustang Fastback GT K code with origina (NOTE:  Looks like a Boss 302 engine)l drive train original interior and paint. It’s been sitting un-ran for 20 yrs and only garaged for the last 15 years. It did sit outside at some point, hence the acorns which are no additional charge. Of the 77,000 Mustang Fastbacks produced in 1965 only 512 were K code Raven Black. This is 1 of 512 produced and possibly the only one of its kind.
    Body - 
    - All glass is intact although windows are stiff but do go up and down.
    - Needs rear quarter lower patch panels
    - Needs hood – Comes with a new one
    - Cowl and firewall solid and ok
    - Needs tail panel - dented in some
    - 2 - 25cm dents from a basketball on roof. Easily to pull out
    - Doors are squeaky and rigid. Passenger door won’t latch close correctly
    - Floors and frame are in amazing condition very solid somehow with no patch work. Some surface rust but no holes
    - Rocker panels in good shape - no rust through
    - Bottom of door lips and trunk channel all solid. Minor surface corrosion
    -Front frame beneath battery solid
    - Rear frame at leaf springs solid
    - Shock Towers solid
    - New tires
    - Missing the 289 High Performance badges and were replaced with regular 289 Badges. You can see where the other badge mounted.
    -Trunk drop downs are all solid.
    - Probably could use new front fenders although not horrible.
    - Inner fenders are all solid
    - All wheel wells all solid.

    -It's all there and original.
    - Seats dirty and faded some but no rips.
    - No carpet
    - Back seat in good shape
    - Door panels in fair condition
    - Windows go up and down, but a little stiff
    - Gauges and dash - are original and need gone through

    Suspension and brakes - 
    - No brakes pedal is hard
    - Has front disc brakes
    - Steers and rolls easily
    - Front end looks to have been rebuilt at some point

    - Assume motor is locked from sitting 20 years. But its all there. And may free up if you pull the plugs and soak the cylinders with oil.
    Car comes with:
    - New hood
    - New front and back bumpers although 10 yrs old and may need polished maybe even 
    re-chromed, but they are FORD bumpers not aftermarket,
    - New front and rear Valances.
    - New rear tail light bezels
    - New reverse lights which mount in rear valance.

    It’s a super rare car.. 1 of 512 is what my research showed.
    Original Raven black red interior. See the Buck tag

    The car is located near Annapolis, MD. Buyer will pay all shipping.
    The car is in my name. The car is sold “As is, where is, no refunds, no warranties
    No guarantees”. 
    443-496-0701 – Please serious inquires only.

Feb 12, 2014

Ford Mustang License Plate Screw Set with Correct Triangle Head Markings - NEW!

Mustang (and other Ford) License Plate Screw Kit with Correct Triangle Head Markings.
We now have the correct triangle head marking screws to mount the license plates on your Mustang or other Ford.  This style of screw originally came on most 1968-73 Mustangs (and '68-70 Shelbys), but can be used on all years.  Before these exact reproductions became available, these screws sold for over $75.00 per set (and more!) on Ebay.  Now the set of four with plastic inserts is only $5.00.

You can order them by clicking here.  The part number is ST-1971.

Feb 10, 2014

Virginia Classic Mustang February Newsletter

Virginia Classic Mustang Newsletter

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We have been providing the Mustang hobby with great parts for
1964 1/2-73 Mustangs for over 30 years.  Give us a call or visit
our web site today.  We take great pride in providing quality parts along with great customer service.

Is your Mustang's rear sagging?

It might be time for new rear leaf springs. We've sold thousands of these!  They feature the correct rounded leafs just like the originals and the front bushing already installed and will have your Pony standing proud again!  Click on the picture or click here to also see related installation parts like shackle kits and U-bolts.

Check out our 50th Anniversary Items!

We have hats, t-shirts, key fobs, license plates, and decals.
Show Quality Rear End Vent Hose Kit
  • 1965-70 Mustang Rear End Vent Hose Kit.  
  • Fits on rear end vent screw in nipple to the floor pan.
  • Hose, clamp, rubber grommet, and screw included.
  • Show (Concours) quality kit with all correct pieces including ribbed hose like the original.
  • See our SU-55 for our economically priced standard kit.

65-68 Mustang Windshield Weatherstrip

Windshield Weatherstripping - Made in the USA!!!
2 year warranty.
Only $23.95!!!

Click here to order.

e also have the import version for only $15.95.

Are you Ready for the 50th Anniversary?

This book is back in stock!
Author:  Donald Farr 
Forward:  Edsel Ford 

Hardcover Book-256 pages-10 x 12.25 inches
200 Color and 200 Black and White Images
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Feb 7, 2014

65-73 Mustang Convertible Top Trim - New Parts!

65-73 Mustang Convertible Rear Top Bow Trim wire on.  Concours correct.

We now have "show correct" / concours convertible top rear bow molding in both black and white.  This trim is commonly referred to as "wire on".

Originally, this trim was a plastic channel with a plastic slide in insert.  The larger plastic trim is stapled to the bow and the smaller inner trim piece slides in the larger piece.  Our parts come in a 5 foot length, which is enough to do one car.  It is available in black or white.  It is made in the USA.  

This trim is exactly like the original part used on all 1965-73 Mustang convertibles.  It is not included in any convertible top kits.  All replacement tops use the vinyl wrapped replacement style pieces.

This original trim is wider than the replacement style trim and requires wider stainless steel end tips.  We have the exact correct tips also.  

Here is a summary of all of the parts with numbers.  Click on any of them to visit our web site showing the specific part.

65-73 Mustang Convertible Rear Top Bow Trim wire on.  Concours correct.

65-66 Mustang Convertible Rear Top Bow Trim SS End Tips.  Concours correct.

66-73 Mustang Convertible Rear Top Bow Trim SS End Tips.  Concours correct.

Feb 5, 2014

Enter for a Chance to Win a Mustang VIP Experience

The Henry Ford has announced a road tour featuring Mustang Serial Number One and the Mustang I Concept Car.  Along with this tour, they are offering a chance to win a VIP experience for four in Dearborn at the Henry Ford along with other perks.

Check out their web site:

THF OnWheels Mustang #1 Fantasy Sweepstakes

One Grand Prize

A once-in-a-lifetime fantasy experience for four with the original Mustang Serial Number One and Mustang I Concept Caincluding a behind-the-scenes photo shoot, tours, 2015 North America International Auto Show preview and more.

100 First Prizes

A copy of the visually stunning Driving America book, featuring the automotive collections of The Henry Ford.