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Jan 10, 2014

Just the Details...1966 GT350 Shelby Mustang

The back tail light panel area of the 66 Shelby Mustang is almost back together.

We have been posting about our recently acquired 1966 GT350 Shelby.  If you missed the first post, you can click here to read it.  Here is a link to the second post.   We usually post here about cars that are receiving full blown restorations. This one is going to be a bit different. 

Since this is a nice, original 80K mile car, we have decided just to clean some things up and use it as a "driver".  In doing so, we are using most all of the original parts in their present, but cleaned up, condition. 

Jeremy at Maple Hill Restoration ( is handling the job and carefully cleaning the original parts.  The back tail light panel area is now back together.  The floor has been cleaned.  Next the fenders, front valance, front bumper, and grill were removed.  All of these parts and areas are being cleaned and carefully reassembled.

We checked out the engine by performing a compression test and a leak down test.  The results were great even though I don't believe the engine has ever really been apart.  We also checked out the valve stem seals and found the originals with the FoMoCo logos!!!  Obviously, those needed replacement.  

The original 622 (2nd week of Feb. 1966) was rebuilt.  The car really runs great.  It does need a clutch and pressure plate replacement, so that's next up on the mechanical check list.

Check out the pictures below.  We have some images of the original rear leaf spring markings, the black out on the rocker pinch welds, the read end casting date, pink markings on the rear u-bolts, the original grommet/plug in the apron for a no radio Mustang, and more.

Be sure to read the caption under each image for additional information.

Careful cleaning revealed the original yellow paint marking on the rear leaf springs on the 66 Shelby Mustang.

Here's a shot of the original black out paint on the rocker pinch weld.  I found it a bit unusual that a dark green car would have the black out treatment.

Here is the casting date on the original Shelby rear end center section.  6=1966    C=March   8=8th day of the month
Here is a shot of the floor as it is being cleaned.

Here is another shot of the floor completely cleaned.

From brand new, the brake cooling ducts were not sealed to the wheel house.  The rivets were also never properly tightened.  Consequently, dirt come in around this area.  It has been cleaned up here.

The fenders have been removed for careful cleaning.

Check out these original dual exhaust muffler hangers from the Shelby.  The rubber used came from sidewalls of old tires.  These have been cleaned and will be used as is.
Here is the original Shelby VIN stamping that Shelby American stamped on the RH fender apron.  Although the size and style of the font varied over the period, the VIN was stamped here on all of the '65 and '66 GT350 Mustangs.

In keeping with our theme of keeping all of the original parts, the original tail light lenses were carefully polished by Jeremy at Maple Hill Restoration.

This is the original rubber plug/grommet that was used in the antenna cable hole on a Mustang with no radio.  This is the panel in front of the door hinges behind the RH fender.  This is the exact same grommet that I have seen used in the firewall for the HiPo choke cable on Mustangs and Shelbys.

Here's a shot of one of the horns.  It is date stamped inside.

Here is the trunk floor all cleaned up.

Another shot of the rocker pinch weld area black out.

Here is the back side of the original front fender showing the sound deadening treatment.

Here is a shot of the original pink paint markings on one of the rear end U-bolts.

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