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Jul 30, 2010

More Mustang Dash Emblems!

DDonDon'tWe IN-9053 1969-70 Grande RH Aluminum Dash Emblem Insert

We had  previous posts about new 1969 and 1970 Mustang Dash Emblems.  You can take a look at them by clicking here.

We now have two new ones in stock.  We have our part number IN-9053 - the 1969-70 Mustang Grande RH Aluminum Dash Emblem Insert pictured above.

IN-9057 1971-73 Mustang Aluminum Dash Emblem
We also now have the 1971-73 Mustang Aluminum Dash Emblems - Part number IN-9057.

IN-9052 1969-70 Mustang Dash Emblem Chrome Bezel

Don't forget about the new IN-9052 Dash Emblem Chrome Bezel for the 1969 and 1970 Mustangs that we have now!

Jul 28, 2010

1965 Mustang 289 HiPo Convertible Update

We are still working on the 65 K Code / 289 High Performance Mustang Convertible project.  We hope you have been following along with the progress here on the Blog.  You can click here for previous posts.

In today's post, we've got a new "twist."  We just got a new little Flip Video Camera to shoot some videos that you may see in the future here on our Blog.  Don't expect great editing or cinematography though!!!  We wanted something easy and simple.  The Flip Share software that is on the camera is just that...easy and simple.

Here you go.  We hope you enjoy it!

Jul 26, 2010

Mustang Emergency Flasher Switch

We just received another awesome, new part!  The four way flasher or emergency flasher switch on 1965 and 1966 Mustangs were located in the glove box compartment.  Normally, you will not find these on the 65's, but it was standard equipment on all of the 66 Mustangs.

They were available years ago from Ford, and we used to always sell a ton of them.  They have not been available for a long time, but now we have this switch available again as a very nice quality reproduction.  This switch is an exact reproduction of the original made from NOS samples and original blue prints.

Please keep in mind that this is this particular version is the later version and was used from March 1, 1966. It is the style with blade terminals on the back. The original wiring harness plugs into these terminals. The early version of this switch had a different wiring harness that was hard wired to the switch. This one will work on the earlier Mustangs by soldering or crimping the ends of the original harness to this switch. 

Jul 23, 2010

Mustang Metal Drain Hole Covers

We have had the 65-67 Metal Floor Pan Drain Hole Covers for the Mustang available for quite some time. They are technically correct for just the 65-67 Mustangs, but most owners always used them for any year from 1965 to 1973. They will fit and function perfectly in any of those models.

We now have the correct ones though. The 68-70 Drain plugs are shaped differently from the 65-67 ones. Now they are available as part number SM-1112.

1968 Mustangs use 4 per car. 1969-70 Mustangs use 2 per car, and vehicles equipped with staggered shocks require an addition 1 for the trunk reinforcement. 1971-73 Mustangs use 2. (Please note that these covers are not the 100% correct shape for 1971-73 model years, but they are very close.)

Jul 21, 2010

65-66 Mustang Hood Molding-Made in Original Ford Tooling!!!

One of the most common requests that we get is for a nice, quality 1965 - 1966 Mustang Hood Molding. Of course, the imported reproduction molding is available for only $14.95. Hey, it is okay for the price, but it is not like having an NOS Ford Hood Molding.

Well, we will finally have a really a super nice Hood Molding. This 65-66 hood moulding is made in the Original Ford Tooling!!! It looks and fits like the original. We just got some today.

They are much heavier than the repro. Hood Molding and the original anodized finish looks great! We just fitted one to a hood, and it fits like a glove! We are pretty excited about this part.

Jul 19, 2010

Floyd Garrett Muscle Car Museum

While many of the pictures in this slideshow do not feature Mustangs, or even Fords for that matter, we wanted to post them. These are from the Floyd Garrett Muscle Car Museum in Sevierville, TN. If you ever get down that way, it is definitely worth a visit.

Jul 16, 2010

1969-70 Mustang Windshield Washer Reservoir

Time to time, we may feature a part here so we can show a few more details about the particular item. This one is a really popular part. This is an excellent reproduction of the 1969-70 Windshield Washer Reservoir for the Mustang. We have included two extra pictures showing the Ford engineering number and the Ford Logo on the cap. The tooling was made using the original Ford blueprints and nice original patterns. The one that is or was available from Ford is a replacement that will work, but is not like the original part like this item. It is, of course, Ford Licensed. Order part number EG316.

Jul 14, 2010

Pixar's cars: Studio's car show is one of the best and most exclusive

This is just a really cool car show! It is even better when you are a big Disney and Pixar fan. Not to mention having seen the movie CARS enough times to probably recite much of it! Check out the video and click one of the links above or below for the article.

Pixar's cars: Studio's car show is one of the best and most exclusive

Jul 12, 2010

Mustang Sway Bars

One of the original modifications made to the 65-66 Shelby GT350 Mustangs was the addition of a one inch front sway bar. This is one of the best modifications that you can make to your Classic Mustang.
The stock front sway bar on a standard '65-66 Mustang was a small 5/8 inch size. This one inch kit will greatly improve your Mustang's handling abilities. The kit comes complete with frame brackets with insulators and end kits. The bushings are all made of a thermoplastic rubber. This material performs and lasts like polyurethane, but without the annoying squeaks.
We have Front Sway Bar kits for the following models:
We also have Mustang Rear Sway Bar Kits for the following models:

Jul 9, 2010

65-66 Mustang Chrome Tail Light Bezels

One of the parts that always needs replacing during the restoration of a 1965-66 Mustang are the Chrome Tail Light Doors. Through the years there have been a few reproductions available-some better than others. The ones from Ford are obsolete, but there are some NOS bezels floating around out there for a price!

Even on a super, high end restoration, we would recommend our USA made Chrome 65-66 Tail Light Bezels. These are very, very nice parts and actually superior to the NOS Ford Service Part. Our part number is ER-3512, and they are only $49.95 for a pair.

If you are doing a budget restoration, we have imported Tail Light Bezels also for only $14.95 each. The part number is ER-35.

Jul 7, 2010

1965 K Code Convertible Restoration

Here is a little slide show of the latest images from the early '65 HiPo Mustang Convertible restoration. We will have more soon!

Jul 5, 2010

Mustang Gas Tank - 1970 with no Drain Plug

There are a few brands of fuel tanks on the market, but the ones made in Canada are the only ones that you should consider for your Mustang. We handle these, and they are really nice.

Believe or not, the 1970 Mustang gas tanks did not come with drain plugs. If you have a super detailed, show car and want all of the correct details; we now have the correct 1970 Mustang fuel tank without the drain plug. We have gotten lots of phone calls about these, so we are happy to announce that they are now in stock. This tank is just a really nice "finishing touch" for your Boss 302, 428 Cobra Jet, Boss 429 or any 70 Mustang.

If you are not into the final details like that, we have gas tanks with the drain plugs too!

Here is the list (click to see each gas tank):

ER-258 65-68 Mustang Gas Tank with Drain Plug

ER-290 69 Mustang Gas Tank with Drain Plug

ER-565 70 Mustang Gas Tank with Drain Plug

ER-5651 70 Mustang Gas Tank without Drain Plug as described above

ER-549 71-73 Mustang Gas Tank

Jul 2, 2010

How to Restore Your Mustang Book

Here is a brand new book that we just got in stock. Strangely enough, it shares the title with the other super popular How to Restore Your Mustang book (our part number LT-18) that was written by Larry Dobbs and Donald Farr way back in the 1980's, I believe.

Anyway, this is a totally different book, but another really helpful one. It is our part number LT-181.

Here is the description:

How to Restore Your Mustang 1964 1/2-1973 is a hands-on how-to guide to restoring you Mustang. While many previous restoration books have focused on authenticity and mostly overlooked the actual procedures for restoring a Mustang, this book breaks new ground by detailing how to actually restore each mjor component group - chassis / suspension, brakes, steering, body, interior and engine / drivetrain / differential. It provides all the relevant challenges, expenses, drawbacks, and benefits a restorer will encounter, so the owner / restorer can decide whether to do the restoration work on his or her own to have it professionally done. The latest techniques and best restoration products for each system are revealed and discussed. The book also specifies how to make sensible upgrades that improve safety, performance, and convenience while not adversely affecting collector value. 192 pages and over 500 color photos. Written by Frank Bohanan.