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Jul 5, 2010

Mustang Gas Tank - 1970 with no Drain Plug

There are a few brands of fuel tanks on the market, but the ones made in Canada are the only ones that you should consider for your Mustang. We handle these, and they are really nice.

Believe or not, the 1970 Mustang gas tanks did not come with drain plugs. If you have a super detailed, show car and want all of the correct details; we now have the correct 1970 Mustang fuel tank without the drain plug. We have gotten lots of phone calls about these, so we are happy to announce that they are now in stock. This tank is just a really nice "finishing touch" for your Boss 302, 428 Cobra Jet, Boss 429 or any 70 Mustang.

If you are not into the final details like that, we have gas tanks with the drain plugs too!

Here is the list (click to see each gas tank):

ER-258 65-68 Mustang Gas Tank with Drain Plug

ER-290 69 Mustang Gas Tank with Drain Plug

ER-565 70 Mustang Gas Tank with Drain Plug

ER-5651 70 Mustang Gas Tank without Drain Plug as described above

ER-549 71-73 Mustang Gas Tank


Engine Drain Plug said...

So any idea why the manufactuers (i.e. Ford) decided not to include a drain plug in the original piece? Seems kind of strange...

Virginia Classic Mustang Inc said...

Honestly, I really don't know. Maybe it was a supplier issue or possibly a cost-cutting measure, but I'm just speculating.