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Nov 29, 2010

69-70 Mustang Heater Hose Firewall Grommets - Set of 2

Here is another one of those cool detail items that probably every single 1969 and 1970 Mustang needs.  These are the 1969 and 1970 Mustang rubber heater hose grommets that fit at the firewall. These grommets were originally installed on Mustangs in the firewall holes to seal against the heater hoses. They also protect the hoses from damage or cutting from the metal.

These grommets are made exactly like the originals using the original Ford Blue Prints.

Sold as set of 2 for one car.  Our Part Number is IN-5531 - Click here to order.

Nov 26, 2010

1965 Mustang 289 High Performance Convertible Restoration Project Update

Today, we have a quick post about windshield installation in our 65 HiPo Mustang Project.

We sell lots of windshield rubber weatherstrips, but we are often asked about proper installation.  While this is certainly not the most detailed article about 65-68 Mustang Windshield installation, it may give you an idea as to what is involved.

ST-46 Bedding and Glazing Compound Sealer bead is applied to the body on the windshield "frame" area.

Sealer is also applied between the glass at the windhield weatherstrip.

Winshield Weatherstrip Rubber is "pulled in" with a rope.  Actually a small string was used so most of the sealer stayed in place.  Yes, it is still somewhat of a mess.

The very first thing to keep in mind when installing a Mustang Windshield in a 1965-68 Mustang is the fact that the rubber or weatherstrip must be sealed between the glass and the weatherstrip and between the weatherstrip and the body of the car.  If this is not done, and done well, it will leak.  Always keep in mind that job of the rubber weatherstrip is to hold the glass in.  It actually does not do the sealing.

The product that works best for this sealing is 3M Bedding and Glazing Compound.  We sell it, and our part number is ST46.

Windshield is installed and the exterior stainless steel molding is ready for installation next.

Dash Pad is in place!

Nov 25, 2010

Mustang Fuel Sending Unit Brass Float

Here is another new part that just arrived.  It is the correct brass float with original style construction. Lasts longer than  plastic float.   Will fit all 65-73 Mustang Gas Tank Sending Units along with most all other Fords.  Our part number is ER-2675.

We have a complete line of Gas Tank Sending Units and Parts.  Just click here to see them all.

Nov 22, 2010

1968 and 1969 Mustang Rear Parking Brake Cable

We just received a shipment of reproduction rear emergency brake cables for 68-69 Mustangs.  These cables have the correct metal covering rather than the generic replacements with the plastic covering.

The LH Rear Parking Brake Cable is for both 1968 and 1969 Mustangs.  It is 31  5/8 inches long.  Our part number is BK-2262.

The RH Rear Parking Brake Cable is for the 1968 Mustang.  It measures 136  5/8" long.  Our part number is BK-2263.

Nov 19, 2010

67 and 68 Mustang and Cougar Cowl to Hood Brass Radio Ground Strap

This is just a cool little detail part. It is the radio supression brass strap that is mounted on the cowl on the 1967 and 1968 Mustangs. These original straps are often missing, bent or discolored. It is often very difficult to find a good, used one. Now you can buy this brand new part that is an exact reproduction of the original. It also comes with the correct mounting screw. Ford calls it a Hood Bonding Radio Receiver Strap. The original Ford part number is C5AA-18870-A. This strap was also installed on some Cougar models.

Click here to order.  It is our part number WG-801.

Nov 15, 2010

Mustang Fuel Tanks

In case you did not know, there are a few reproductions of Mustang Gas Tanks on the market. We handle the ones that are made in Canada. These are by far the best ones available. I'm not sure how much cheaper the others are, but it really is not worth looking. We just got another huge shipment of the "nice ones" in.

Many years ago, I can remember cutting the drain plugs out of original tanks and gluing them to Ford tanks (the Ford service replacement tank did not have a drain plug) in my cars for that "original look." Well, with these tanks, you no longer have to bother doing something like that. In fact, the two cars that I still own that had those Ford tanks, now have these correct reproductions in them.

We have them for all of the years:

1969 Mustang Gas Tank

Nov 12, 2010

Customer Car - 1969 Mustang Grande

We always love to feature customer cars.  This is Steve Roadcap's latest Mustang.  Steve has been a long time customer and seems to always have a project going.  This 69 Mustang Coupe was purchased in Florida, and he just completed the restoration.  He's now ready to enjoy the car!

We would love to hear from more customers.  Just send as a few pictures and some information about your Mustang.  We don't even care if it is still undergoing restoration!

To find out where to send your pictures and story, please contact us by clicking here.

Nov 10, 2010

Next Restoration Project

We will continue to provide updates on our 1965 HiPo Mustang Convertible project, but we wanted to give you a "sneak peak" at our next project.  It is an early 1966 carryover GT350 Shelby.  The first 252 cars were actually 1965 model Mustang that were given 1966 Shelby serial numbers.  I'll write more about that "story" later.  For now, here a a few pictures of the GT350.

More later...

Nov 8, 2010

1965 Mustang High Performance Convertible Project Update

We are working on our early '65 HiPo Mustang Convertible again.  Today we will look specifically at the restoration of the radiator.

We handle and sell lots of Mustang Radiators.  We have the Aluminum Radiators and the regular, stock style brass/copper radiators.  These radiators are great, but if you just have to have one exactly like the original, like we did, you have to restore an original.

Radiator styles originally were different depending upon the particular plant where the Mustang was built.  Our HiPo Convertible is a Dearborn production Mustang.

The Dearborn radiators had the side rails stamped with the part number and the date, as opposed to the San Jose radiators which were date stamped on the top tank.  The top tank "straps" were squared off instead of rounded.  We were lucky to find a restorable piece and had it carefully recored to match an original radiator.  Jeremy at Maple Hill Restoration (540-896-9024) then prepared and painted the radiator.

Jeremy continues to work on the Mustang, and we will have more updates soon.

Here is our radiator.  It has been properly recored and prepared for paint.
Black paint applied.

Notice the "squared off" top straps on the Dearborn production Mustang radiator.  Our radiator guy did a great job soldering the straps to leave the detail like the "X" in the top tank.

Side strap with stamped part number and date.

Close up of the "4GB" date.  This translates to July 1964 - 2nd Week.

This tag was soldered to the top tank of the radiator.  This is the assembly date of the radiator. 

Nov 5, 2010

70-73 Mustang 4 Spd Hurst Back Up Light Switch

Just arrived!  We now have the Back Up (Reverse Light) Light Switch for 1970-73 with the factory installed Hurst Shifter on the 4 speed transmission.  This switch is a super reproduction that was made by patterns from original switches and factory Ford blue prints.

This switch will also fit other Fords with the factory equipped Hurst Shifters.

Order part number IN-6157 by clicking here.

We also have the little retainer for this part.  It is also made from original Ford blue prints.  It is zinc plated to a great original look.

Order part number IN-6158 by clicking here.

Nov 3, 2010

1971-73 Mustang Automatic Transmission Kick Down Cable Retracting Spring

We never like to leave you 71-73 Mustang fans out when it comes to new parts!  This is a little one, but we now have it in stock.

It's the tiny 71-73 Auto. Transmission Kick Down Cable Retracting Spring for Mustangs with the V8 engine.  Our part number IN-5815.

Nov 1, 2010

4 x 4 Mustang

Here are some pictures that we want to share of a 1970 Mustang Mach 1 4 x 4!  Thanks to one of our customers for sending these pictures of this unique Mustang.