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Jul 30, 2012

Just the Details...1966 GT350 Shelby Mustang Restoration Project

1966 GT350 Shelby Mustang with Trunk Lid installed.

As our 1966 GT350 Shelby Mustang project continues, Jeremy at Maple Hill Restoration has stripped, prepped, primed and fit the trunk lid.  All parts for the car will be completed in this manner, and then the final body work will begin.  Stay tuned for many more posts about this project.

Check out the pictures and captions for more information.

It is interesting to note that this trunk lid originally had all of the drain holes covered with seam sealer.

66 Shelby trunk lid stripped of all paint and primer.

Underside of stripped Shelby trunk lid.  You will note this is a '65 style.  We will do a little post on the differences later.

Working the dents out of the trunk lid.

Working the dents out of the trunk lid.

Working the dents out of the trunk lid.

Working the dents out of the trunk lid.

Ready to prime.

This is a shot of the inside of the trunk lid.

Mustang trunk lid hinges and quarter panel extensions after priming.

66 Shelby Trunk Lid after priming.

Jul 27, 2012

Photos from MCA Ocean State Mustang Nationals

We want to thank Deborah Monbeck for these great pictures from the Mustang Club of America (MCA) show held July 20-22, 2012 in Warwick, RI.  Enjoy!

Please note:  If you received this Blog post via email, please go directly to the Blog post to view the slideshow images.  This is a Flash based slide show, so it cannot be viewed on an iPad.

Jul 25, 2012

Just the Details...Mustang Quarter Panel Extensions

1964 1/2 - 65 Mustang Quarter Panel Extension End Cap without groove for rubber seal.

Quarter Panel Extensions shown installed on Mustang.

There were tons of production changes on the '64 1/2-66 model (and later) Mustangs.  One of them involved the quarter panel extension end caps.  Starting sometime in late '65 production, these quarter extensions were made with a groove in them to accommodate a rubber seal.  The earlier cars simply did not have this groove and did not use the rubber piece.

We can only assume that this change was made perhaps due to some time of problem with this piece fitting right against the quarter panel.  San Jose produced Mustangs that I have seen have these "early" quarter extensions right through June of '65 production.  I don't think it is usual to even find one early and one late originally installed on the same Mustang in this production time period.

Keep in mind that even though the later cars use the seal, the seal is not seen once the quarter extension is installed on the Mustang.

Late '65 Mustang Quarter Panel Extension with groove for rubber seal.
Rubber Seal shown being installed on Mustang Quarter Panel Extension.

Jul 23, 2012

Mustang Radiator Tags - San Jose Plant

C4ZE G2 Radiator Tag for late '65 and '66 dated San Jose Radiators.
We have gotten quite a few requests from the 1966 GT350 Shelby guys about the radiator tags.  We now keep these in stock.  Our part number is EG-2596.

These tags are for the V8 radiators originally installed in Mustangs built at the San Jose Ford plant.  The "G2" number is always found on the 4 speed equipped GT350's, and it is possible that those designated radiators may have been used in some other manual transmission equipped Mustangs.

It is also interesting to note that this tag was not used on radiators until around the 10 65 date stamped ones. Ones stamped before this time had the C4ZE G2 number stamped into the tank itself as shown in the picture below.

San Jose Mustang radiator with 3 65 (March 1965) date stamping.  This earlier dated radiator did not use the separate tag as shown above.  The C4ZE G2 part number was stamped into the tank itself.

Jul 20, 2012

Weave Pattern Mustang Windlace - Now Available!

Correct Basketweave style Mustang Windlace.
The 1964 1/2 and 1965 Mustangs used sort of a "smooth" or Sierra grained windlace.  On most '66 Mustangs, you will find that the windlace was of a different design or texture.  I've always called it a "basketweave" design, but if you look closely, it is just a unique pattern.

Anyway, this windlace has never been available in an exact reproduction before now.  It is certainly a very nice detail to add to any '66.  With my personal interest in the early '65-66 GT350 Shelby Mustangs, I almost always see restored '66 Shelbys with the incorrect windlace.

I'm looking for any feedback from 1967 and up Mustang owners, because this style of windlace was probably used in these models, depending on the production plant and production time.

This windlace features a steel core for easy installation, just like the original.  There are 16 feet required on Fastback and Coupe Mustangs and 8 feet for Convertibles.  It is currently available only in Black.  Our part number is ST-410BLK.

Jul 18, 2012

65-70 Mustang Front Bucket Seat Track Adjuster

65-70 Mustang Seat Track Adjuster

This is a cool part that just arrived to our store.  This is the seat track adjuster for the 1965-70 Mustang Front Seat.  There is one of these per front seat.  If you have ever had a damaged or missing one of these, you know how difficult it can be to find one.  Now you can order brand new ones!!

ST-2891  65-70 Mustang Seat Track Adjuster

Jul 16, 2012

Maple Hill Restoration

Maple Hill Restoration - Broadway, VA

If you are a regular reader of our Blog, you know that the beautiful work done on our cars featured here is performed by Jeremy Turner at Maple Hill Restoration.  Jeremy has been working on a web site showcasing some of his services and his shop.  The site is finally up and is now available for viewing.  Take a look, when you get a chance!

Jul 13, 2012

Mustang Rear Spring / Shock Mounting Plates

1965 and 1966 Rear Shock Mounting Plate.

We have seen so many of the Mustang rear leaf spring / rear shock mounting plates that are heavily pitted, bent, or cut.  We have great looking reproductions of these plates for both the 65-66 model Mustangs and the 67-70 Mustangs.

They are very heavy stamped steel parts like the originals.  Here are the part numbers with links:

ER-241L  1965-66 Mustang LH Rear Shock Mounting Plate

ER-241R  1965-66 Mustang RH Rear Shock Mounting Plate

ER-52L    1967-70 Mustang LH Rear Shock Mounting Plate

ER-52R   1967-70 Mustang RH Rear Shock Mounting Plate

1967-70 Rear Shock Mounting Plate.

Jul 9, 2012

Just the Details...65-66 Mustang Six Cylinder Rear End Housing

65 Mustang Six Cylinder Rear End Housing

Everyone always posts pictures of V8 Mustang Rear End Housings and Center Sections being restored.  Today, we have one out of a 1965 Mustang Six Cylinder Model.  This is from a Mustang convertible that Jeremy Turner at Maple Hill Restoration is restoring.  It is his own personal car and will be quite unique with a 4 Speed Dagenham Transmission, Air Conditioning and Rally Pac.  Jeremy's web site is still being built and refined, but you can now learn more about his restoration work at his new site -

65 Mustang Six Cylinder Rear End Housing

65 Mustang Six Cylinder Rear End Housing

Anyway, the rear end housing here is far from complete, but I definitely thought it was worth a look so far.  I think it looks great!  The level of detail here is seldom seen, particularly on a six cylinder Mustang.  I'll have a follow-up post once it is completely together.  There were lots of original paint markings on this particular piece that will also be duplicated.

65 Mustang Six Cylinder Rear End Housing

65 Mustang Six Cylinder Rear End Housing

Jul 6, 2012

Just the Details...1966 GT350 Shelby Mustang Restoration Project

1966 GT350 Shelby Mustang  Restoration Project.

We have made some previous posts about our next project.  It is a 1966 "Carryover" GT350 Shelby Mustang.  This is an early car-SFM6S033.  The first 252 GT350's that were titled as '66 models were actually '65 Mustangs with '65 Ford VIN's.  To read more about the Carryover GT350's, please visit

This project has been on the back burner since we started preparing our '65 GT350 for the Concours Show at SAAC-37 in Watkins Glen.  Now that is over, we are starting again on this project.  All work is being performed by Jeremy Turner at Maple Hill Restoration.  Jeremy did the work on the '65 and also the HiPo convertible that was featured here in lots of posts.  Jeremy expects to have a web site of his own soon, and we will let you know when that is completed.

In this post, we are going to show you the work on the RH door as the body is prepared.

Dent in the RH '66 GT350 Mustang Door that needs repair.

Dent repair on '66 GT350 Mustang Door.
'66 GT350 Mustang Door (inside shot) has been stripped and glass beaded.
'66 GT350 Mustang Door dents have been removed and  is ready for  epoxy primer.

'66 GT350 Mustang Door is epoxy primed.

Black primer is applied to the interior painted surface.

Outside of the Mustang door is epoxy primed.
Inside of door is epoxy primed in the original red color.

White overspray is applied over the original red primer color.

Our goal with the entire car, just as it is with all our projects, is to restore the car authentically, and to go that
"extra mile" by extensively preparing the body and parts under the final finish.  The door here is a good example.

White overspray is applied over the original red primer color.

We were lucky to have a rust free, original door.  It was not perfect though, and Jeremy first stripped it inside and out by glass beading it.  He then fixed the minor dents.  The inside was epoxy primed to duplicate the original red primer.  After the outside and interior part was also epoxy primed, the black interior surface was also primed in black.  Then the white overspray, like original, was applied to the area under the door panel and the inside of the door.

Interior painted surface of door is masked like original and black epoxy primer is applied.
The entire door was loaded with parts for alignment to the car before this process, and it will be done again before the final overall fitment for the final bodywork on the entire car.  Watch our Blog for lots more information on this project as it progresses.

Door is ready to be fit back on the '66 Shelby.

Door is ready to be fit back on the '66 Shelby.

Inside shot of door.
Door is ready to be fit back on the '66 Shelby.

Jul 4, 2012

Customer Cars: 73 Mustang Mach 1 and 66 Mustang Convertible

1973 Mustang Mach 1
We always love to feature customer cars here on our Virginia Classic Mustang Blog.  Today, we have a couple of cars owned by Geary Hoover.  The '73 Mach 1 features the 351C Ram Air Engine option.  It was originally purchased by Vic Edelbrock.
1973 Mustang Mach 1
1973 Mustang Mach 1
1966 Mustang Convertible

Geary's 1966 Convertible is a six cylinder model with the rare 4 speed transmission.  It has been featured in some calendars, poster and magazine.
1966 Mustang Convertible
1966 Mustang Convertible

We would like to thank Geary for taking the time to share the photos of his great Mustangs, and we encourage anyone who would like to share their cars here on the blog to send us some images!