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Apr 29, 2011

1965-66 Mustang Battery Tray

Autolite Battery.  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc
Unless you purchase one of our exact reproduction Autolite Batteries for your Mustang, the replacement battery will not have the "ledge" on the lower side of the case as shown . This "ledge" is necessary to secure your battery using the original tray and holddown clamp. If you don't have the proper battery; the original clamp does not secure it properly, and it simply is not very safe.

1965-66 Mustang Battery Tray with Top Hold Down Clamp.  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

Our special 65-66 Battery Tray Kit has been a very popular part for good reason. It consists of a special battery tray that accepts the 67-70 style top holddown and bolts. I can remember many, many years ago welding tabs on an original tray in a 1966 GT350 Shelby just so we could use this type of set up. Now it is much easier. This is really a great idea and super product.

Apr 27, 2011

Early 1965 Mustang 289 HiPo Convertible Update

The sealer has now been applied to the front area on our 65 K code Mustang convertible.  We are very pleased with the results.

We used 3M™ Ultrapro™ Sprayable Seam Sealer.  It is 3M™ part number 8374.  This sealer is only available in a gray color, but we chose to use it not only because of its texture, but also due to its great durability.  It provides great adhesion.  After the splash shields, outer shock tower covers and other parts were installed, the area was prepared by sanding and cleaning.

Front Fender Area Sealer on 1965 Mustang convertible.  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

Front Fender Area Sealer on 1965 Mustang convertible.  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

The sprayable seam sealer must be applied with the special spray gun which is also available from 3M™.  This seam sealer can and should be top coated, so after drying, we applied 3M™ No Cleanup Waterbased Undercoating.  This is also used with a spray gun.  You don't use the special spray gun like the one for the sealer, but it is not an aerosol.   We chose this product after spraying test panels to achieve the "look" and texture that we thought best duplicated the original sealer.  Since durability and quality are also very important goals in our Mustang restorations, we have done our own little tests in this area too.  We have found that this product holds up extremely well.

Front Fender Area Sealer on 1965 Mustang convertible.  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

Keep in mind that different spray patterns were used on the Mustangs between the various plants.  For example, most San Jose produced Mustangs will not have the sealer sprayed over the outer shock tower covers.  They were installed later after the sealer was applied.

The 289 High Performance Mustang here is an August 1964 production Dearborn produced car.

Front Fender Area Sealer on 1965 Mustang convertible.  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

Front Fender Area Sealer on 1965 Mustang convertible.  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc
As always, thanks to Jeremy Turner at Maple Hill Restoration for supplying all of the technical information,  doing the research, and performing the beautiful work on this Mustang.

Apr 25, 2011

Autolite Battery for your Mustang

Autolite Sta Ful Battery.  Image ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

Our customers have been very pleased with the reproduction of the Autolite Battery that we now handle.  As Mustang car show season approaches, these Autolite Batteries have been extremely popular.

We keep them in stock and ready for shipment.  They are available in both the more common Group 24 size and the larger Group 27 size.

Here is the description:

These Autolite script batteries are made using the original case and cover molds. They are authentic reproductions of the original Autolite Sta-Ful Batteries, but they are now maintenance free AGM. No more acid mess. These batteries utilize the latest AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology and never require adding acid or water filling. They come fully charged and ready for installation. The electrolyte is trapped in the separators so the battery cannot leak, even if the case is broken.

These are new reproductions and are nicer than the others available in that they are not generic batteries inside a case.  As mentioned above, they are full true AGM batteries.  They are also made in the USA.

These will now be in stock at our store rather than drop shipping them (depending on manufacturer supplies, of course), but there should be no problems supplying them.

The batteries carry a 90 day free replacement warranty, and a 4 year pro-rated warranty that begins at the end of the 90 days. 

Crank Amps @ 32 degrees F = 690
Cold Crank Amps @ 0 degrees F = 550

Apr 22, 2011

1966 GT350 Mustang Restoration Project

Thanks for all of the great feedback concerning our 1965 289 HiPo Mustang Project!  Hopefully, you are excited as we are to read the postings about our next project:  a Carryover 1966 GT350 Shelby Mustang.

We've given you a few sneak peaks at this project, and here is another one today.

The Shelby has been completely disassembled.  Here is at least some of the car.   All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

Here are some more parts from the Shelby.  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

Small parts storage for the GT350.  This is some great use of bins/drawers originally used in a chicken hatchery.   All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

Apr 20, 2011

Early 1965 Mustang 289 HiPo Convertible Update

Our K Code Mustang Convertible project continues to progress.  The front bumper and trim are now installed along with the grill!  We even have the hubcaps on the car!

1965 Mustang 289 High Performance Convertible.  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

These '65 Mustang Spinner Hubcaps are just so "sixites" looking!  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

'65 HiPo Mustang Convertible.  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

The Grill, Pony and Corral, and Grill Molding have all been installed.  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

Here is some of the detail in the front grill area of the Mustang.  Hey, don't pay any attention to that stainless steel fender bolt!  It's just temporary!!  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

More grill area detail.  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

Here is a shot from the area behind the front valance and in front of the front tire.  Please note that the sealer has not yet been applied to the front splash shield area.  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

One last shot from the undercarriage in the front of the Mustang.  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

Apr 18, 2011

1968 Mustang Coupe - Customer Car

1968 Mustang Coupe.  All images ©James Gilbody

 We want to thank James and Linda Gilbody for sending us some pictures of Linda's nearly completed 68 Mustang Coupe.
1968 Mustang Coupe.  All images ©James Gilbody

It is always fun to hear about a Mustang that is still in the possession of the original owner.  
Linda bought the car in September of 1968.  She had ordered a 1969 Mustang, but this 1968 model was located at another dealership in Pennsylvania.  They brought the car to her dealership, and she loved it.  It helped that it was also a lower price.  

1968 Mustang Coupe.  All images ©James Gilbody

This Mustang is equipped with a 289-2V, automatic transmission, standard parchment interior with headrests, and "dog dish" hubcaps.

1968 Mustang Coupe.  All images ©James Gilbody
All of those years in Pennsylvania winters of salt roads took its toll, but James collected parts for over 15 years before the restoration even began.  

"Thanks to Virginia Mustang for shipping all the other items and quality reproduction parts to California."

...and we wanted to thank the Gilbody's for the images and story!

1968 Mustang Coupe.  All images ©James Gilbody

Apr 15, 2011

Mustang Cowl Covers

For years, we have handled the "Cowl Covers" for the 65-66 and 67-68 Mustangs.  These covers fit over the cowl vents in order to keep out water and debris and designed to be quickly installed and easily removed.  They are an incredibly popular item, and we always have customers asking for a version for the 1969 and 1970 Mustang.
Mustang Cowl Cover keeps water, dirt and leaves from entering the cowl area.  This one is for the 69-70 Mustang.  They are also available for 65-66 and 67-68 Mustangs.  See them all at

We now have the 69-70 Mustang Cowl Cover in stock.  It is our part number IN-5351.

Here is the description from our web site:

With Scott Drake's Classic Mustang Cowl Covers, you can eliminate water, dirt, and leaves from entering through the cowl vent. The use of Poly Methyl Methacrylate plastic (PMMA) helps prevent rusty cowls and soggy carpet that can lead to rusty floors. New Drake low-profile design easily installed or removed with only a coin.

Apr 13, 2011

Early 1965 Mustang 289 HiPo Convertible Update

We now have the front sheet metal on our 65 K Code Mustang Convertible!  Check out the pictures.  We will have more pictures soon.

The Fenders, Hood and Front Sheet Metal are on the 65 High Performance Mustang Convertible.  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

We decided to go with the Cobra emblems on the front fenders.  These would have originally been included with the Ford 3 x 2 Carburetor Set Up.  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc
Here is a shot from under the Mustang's front fender.  This area has been sanded and prepped for the factory style sealer that will soon be applied.  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc
We are ready for the chrome and grill to be installed on the Mustang Convertible.  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

Another shot of the Mustang Convertible's front end area.  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

The early production 1965 Mustangs had black painted hood hinges.  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

Here is an image showing the original markings that were originally applied to the front radiator support on this particular Mustang.  These markings were applied before the final black paint.  The "76A" is the code for the Convertible Body Style, the "3" is the paint code for Poppy Red, the "D6" is White Interior with Black Appointments, the star was apparently drawn by a creative assembly line worker.  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

1965 289 High Performance Mustang Convertible.  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc
1965 289 High Performance Mustang Convertible Engine Compartment with the 3 x 2 Induction System.  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc
This Mustang's front fender is stamped with an August 7th date.  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

Apr 11, 2011

Mustang Suspension Ball Stud Rubber Seal

65-70 Mustang Front Suspension Ball Stud Rubber Seal.  Our part number is SU1651.  All Images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

Here is a really nice, detail part that just became available.  It is the Rubber Seal that fits on the Ball Studs of the Mustang Front Suspension.  Specifically, it fits 65-70 Mustangs with Manual Steering.

65-66 Mustangs require two per car-one for the center link stud and one for the idler arm ball stud.
67-70 Mustangs require only one at the pitman arm ball stud.

This seal is made exactly like the original with special rubber for use with grease.  Our part number is SU-1651.

Apr 8, 2011

Cast on a Broken Hand - Mustang Related???

Here is what happens when our six year old gets a fracture in a bone in his hand.

Running Horse Emblem on Cast.  Image ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

Apr 6, 2011

69-70 Mustang Printed Circuit Board for Instruments

1969 and 1970 Printed Circuit Board for Instrument Cluster equipped with Factory Tach.  Part number IN-8944.  Image ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

We get asked all of the time for the Instrument Cluster Printed Circuit Board that fits 1969 and 1970 Mustangs equipped with a factory Tach.  We finally have them in stock, and they are even made in the U.S.A.

Order part number IN-8944.

We still have the Circuit Boards for the 69-70 Mustang without Tachometer too.  Part number is IN-8943.

Apr 4, 2011

Customer Mustang

We love feedback from our customers, and we especially love seeing our customers' Mustangs.  Here is one of a 1966 Mustang Coupe that we just received.

"Thank you all at Virginia Mustang. I’m obviously not finished yet; but my 66 coupe is already loaded with your parts. I really do honestly appreciate the friendly service I’ve received and wanted to share my progress. This photo was taken last Friday just after three coats of 1966 Ford Candy Apple Red base coat. It will have LeMans  stripes; then we’ll clear coat it. Just wanted you to see where all the parts you sold me are going! Thanks again!"

Thanks, Larry!!

If you would like to see your car here, please contact us by clicking here.

Apr 1, 2011

NEW! 67 Mustang Emergency Flasher Bezel

IN-7861 1967 Mustang Emergency Flasher Bezel - fits on steering column.  Available at Virginia Classic Mustang Inc.
We now have this new, much-needed part!  This is the 1967 Mustang 4 way / Emergency Flasher Bezel.  This bezel fits the non-tilt (fixed) steering column.  It is commonly broken and needs replacement.

Using ABS plastic construction, this part is made from Ford's original print for exact detail.  Another great quality part from Scott Drake Mustang Parts.  Our part number is IN-7681.

1967 Mustang Emergency Flasher Chrome Knob.  Our part number is IN-768.  Available at Virginia Classic Mustang Inc.

Don't forget that we also have the 67 Mustang Emergency Flasher Knob.  Our part number is IN-768.