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Apr 18, 2011

1968 Mustang Coupe - Customer Car

1968 Mustang Coupe.  All images ©James Gilbody

 We want to thank James and Linda Gilbody for sending us some pictures of Linda's nearly completed 68 Mustang Coupe.
1968 Mustang Coupe.  All images ©James Gilbody

It is always fun to hear about a Mustang that is still in the possession of the original owner.  
Linda bought the car in September of 1968.  She had ordered a 1969 Mustang, but this 1968 model was located at another dealership in Pennsylvania.  They brought the car to her dealership, and she loved it.  It helped that it was also a lower price.  

1968 Mustang Coupe.  All images ©James Gilbody

This Mustang is equipped with a 289-2V, automatic transmission, standard parchment interior with headrests, and "dog dish" hubcaps.

1968 Mustang Coupe.  All images ©James Gilbody
All of those years in Pennsylvania winters of salt roads took its toll, but James collected parts for over 15 years before the restoration even began.  

"Thanks to Virginia Mustang for shipping all the other items and quality reproduction parts to California."

...and we wanted to thank the Gilbody's for the images and story!

1968 Mustang Coupe.  All images ©James Gilbody

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