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Jan 30, 2009

Customer Cars-Not a Mustang, but...

We know that it is not a Mustang, but we thought that we would post the pictures and story anyway. These were sent to us by Steve Boeh at Eastgate Motorcars.
This is the note that Steve sent to us:

Here are a few pictures of the Cougar that I told you about. There are a ton of parts on this car that came from Virginia Classic Mustang. You have the best Mustang parts place around. Thanks, Steve Boeh-Eastgate Motorcars.

It is a 1972 Cougar XR7 Convertible. 351 Cobra Jet, C6 Automatic, Air, AM/FM stereo, tilt wheel, console. The car originally came from Oakland, CA and spent it's entire life out west. The 2nd owner was driving the car to college in Florida and ran out of money in Cincinnati, OH. He advertised it in the local paper, and I immediately bought it. It underwent an extensive restoration over the next 2 years. In 2006, I decided to "re-restore" it and that is how I discovered your company. As you know many Mustang parts interchange with Cougars. What I could not find NOS on e-bay, I looked for on your web site. I am just putting the finishing touch on the job which consisted of: new convertible top, all new glass, new white leather interior, carpet, door panels etc., new dash pad, new plastic-chrome on the dash bezel, complete restoration of the engine compartment with either NOS parts or high quality reproductions, complete new suspension front and rear, new wheels, tires, exhaust, drive shaft, etc., all exterior bright trim re-chromed including bumpers. I bought a ton of concours correct fasteners from you.

Jan 28, 2009

1964 1/2-Early 65 Mustang Brake Pedal Pads

Not too long ago, we introduced the 1964 1/2-early 65 Brake and Clutch Pedal Pads for the early model Mustangs. These are part numbers BK1651 and BK1701. Now we also have the same style early pad available for automatic transmission equipped Mustangs. The part number is BK1641.

You may be thinking, what makes the early ones different? Well, these early pedal pads did not have the groove around the outside for the stainless steel trim that was used on the deluxe (Pony) interior equipped cars.

As Mustang restorations get more and more "correct," these pads become an important detail in putting together a really nice car. Before these parts were introduced, it was just extremely difficult to find used early pedal pads that were not cracked, worn, hard and just not usable.

Jan 26, 2009

SAAC Publication-The Shelby American

The Shelby American Automobile Club (SAAC) has announced that their club magazine, The Shelby American, will now be published online only.

For now, everyone can view the current issue at Later, the site will allow only members to log in.

Related sites that you may also want to check out include

Jan 23, 2009

65 Mustang Convertible-Poppy Red with RED Interior!

Here are some cool pictures of a customer car. It's a 1964 1/2 Mustang Convertible with a scheduled build date of May 1, 1964. It is an extremely original, rust-free, California car. What makes it really usual is the color combination. It is Poppy Red with red interior! If you did not see the pictures or did not know what color Poppy Red is (it's orange!), the combination would not sound so weird.

We have another long time customer with another early Poppy Red Convertible. He is the original owner and ordered the car in early 1964 before actually seeing the colors. He originally ordered Poppy Red with red interior. A representative from Ford called the dealer after receiving the order and suggested that he go with a different interior color. The customer decided on white interior with black appointments. He still has this Mustang. It still sports the original paint. We will have to get some pictures of that one too. It was featured on our 1991 Catalog.

Yeah, that is Poppy Red with red interior!

Original "black out" on the pinch weld. This one looks as if it may have been originally brushed on.

Codes on the original data plate showing the original color combination. VIN has been distorted in the image to protect the privacy of the owner.

Wow! An original Convertible Top with the original dated rear plastic window. You don't see that very often. This one is dated 4 - 64. Pretty cool!

Jan 21, 2009

1970 Mustang Mach 1-Customer Car

Here is a picture that Miguel Rosario from Puerto Rico sent us of his completed 1970 Mustang Mach 1. Thanks, Miguel. That is a great looking car!
We want to remind all of our customers that we would love to see pictures of your Mustang here (finished or not) along with your story.

If you would like to send some pictures and a story about your Mustang. Please click here and send us a message. We will reply with information on how to send your information

Jan 19, 2009

New Mustang Radiator Supports

Radiator Support
Lower Crossmember Attached

1967-68 Radiator Support

These new radiator supports just arrived. While we have not gotten any feedback yet on fit, they appear to be much nicer than the "standard" and cheaper radiator supports that we have. These supports include the lower front frame/crossmember piece attached. They are also made from new tooling. The metal is heavier and the stamping is much nicer than the others also.

Click on the links below for pricing:

Jan 16, 2009

1964 1/2 Mustang Coupe-2006 Catalog Cover Car

We were looking through some pictures and realized that we never posted any of the 2006 Virginia Classic Mustang cover car. This is a 1964 1/2 Mustang Coupe that is still in the possession of the original owner! The car was brought to Jeremy at Maple Hill Restoration, which is right down the road from our shop. The original owner wanted to restore it back to original condition (although it was better than original when it left Jeremy's shop!) It's equipped with a 260 engine and a 3 speed transmission. It's an early car with the generator, all of the 64 1/2 stuff, and those cool spinner hubcaps!

Enjoy the slideshow!

Jan 14, 2009

Mustang Complete Inner and Outer Rocker Panels

There has been lots of interest in sheet metal for those winter Mustang projects. Here is a brand new part: 1965-66 Convertible Complete Inner and Outer Rocker Panel Assembly. Just as the description says, this is the complete inner and outer rocker welded together.

It is sold as part number SM1123R and SM1123L.

We also have the 1967-68 versions of this part: SM1121R and SM1121L.

1967-68 Coupe and Fastback Complete Rocker Panel Assemblies are also available as part number SM1122R and SM1122L. Of course, the Coupes and Fastbacks do not have inner rocker panels like convertibles.

Jan 12, 2009

Mustang Distributor Rebuilds

Today's post is a plug for one of our long time customers, Chuck Barbero in California at Distributor Dynamics. Chuck does an absolutely fantastic job of rebuilding Ford distributors. You actually would not believe the difference a properly rebuilt distributor will make in your Mustang. He can rebuild your Ford distributor and set it up with points as original or install a Pertronix Ignitor.

Here are a few pictures of a distributor that Chuck recently rebuilt for us.

You call give him a call at Distributor Dynamics - 530-675-2522 (pacific time)

Jan 9, 2009

289 HiPo Mustang Convertible Restoration

Our little slideshows of the restoration of our 1965 Mustang Convertible have been pretty popular, so we are posting another one. This one includes pictures of the driveshaft, steering box and various front suspension components.

By the way, you can click on the picture for larger views.

Jan 7, 2009

65 Mustang Parking Brake Set-Up

We have lots of customers ask about the emergency brake hook up on Mustangs. We happened to have a nice picture a 1964 1/2 Coupe, so we just labeled it showing the various parts.

Here is the listing of the parts shown on the picture:

BK7 Parking Brake Cable Equalizer

BK10 Exact Front Parking Brake Cable

BK8A Parking Brake Lever Return Spring

BK9 Parking Brake Adjusting Bolt

BK5 Parking Brake Cable Equalizer

Exact Rear 65 Parking Brake Cables BK2247

Replacement Rear 65 Parking Brake Cables *not available at this time*

Jan 2, 2009

Another Cobra Oil Pan

OK-I'm on a "Cobra Oil Pan Kick." Since I posted the slideshow Wednesday about the restored pan, I thought that I would post some images of a "used and abused" Cobra Oil Pan. This is what one looks like after years of hard use and an engine coming apart. That original engine block happens to still be hanging around and will be put back into the car during the restoration. The oil pan is being restored now. I'll post some pictures when it is done.