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Oct 30, 2009

1969 Mustang 4 Speed Back Up Light Switch

If you have a 69 Mustang equipped with a Four Speed Transmission and need a Back-Up Light Switch, up until now, it was tough to find one. I said up until now...we have them IN STOCK! These are just like the originals and will work only if you have the original, factory 4 spd. shifter.

They were made from NOS patterns and the original Ford Blue Prints. Our part number is IN6151.

And don't forget the wiring feed for this switch. It's part number IN615.

Oct 28, 2009

Another Vintage TV Commercial-1969 Mustang Mach 1

We posted a vintage 1965 Mustang TV Commercial last week. We got a lot of comments about the post, so we thought that we would post another one. This one is for the 1969 Mustang Mach 1 and was sent in by one of our readers.

Oct 26, 2009

Correct Mustang Exhaust Clamps

We recently had some discussion about the correct exhaust clamps to use on your Mustang. Please keep in mind that this post concerns 65-66 GT, High Performance and factory dual exhaust equipped cars with the more common 65-66 Factory GT Exhaust System as pictured above. The reason I mention this is because there were earlier style High Performance Dual Exhaust Systems on the 289 High Performance Mustangs before the GT package was introduced in the early spring of 1965. The clamp pictured above is our part number EH261. This "band" style clamp is used to attach the rear tail pipe/tip to the rear hanger assembly.
The above clamp is a very nice detail for an authentic Mustang restoration. It is the clamp that originally attached the H-Pipe to the intermediate pipe. It, of course, can be used in other areas also. This is our part number EH931. As you can see, this clamp has the nice "FoMoCo" stamping detail along with the unique, original shape and design.

This last clamp is quite unique. This is the clamp that attaches the GT Exhaust Tip or turn down tip (in the case of a not-GT 289 High Performance Mustang or 66 GT350) to the tail pipe. Our part number on this clamp is EH53.

Oct 23, 2009


Just ran across some photos from the Shelby American Automobile Club (SAAC) Convention that was held at Virginia International Raceway (VIR) in the summer of 2006. Here are a few of them for you to enjoy!

Oct 21, 2009

Mustang TV Commercial

This is an actual TV commercial from 1965 for the Mustang. I think stuff like this is really cool. I hope you enjoy it.

Boy...things have changed since 1965, huh?

Oct 19, 2009

Mustang Seat Belt Bolts

Little details always "make" the restoration. I always hate to see a beautifully restored Mustang with seat belt bolts that look out of place. Sure, a regular hex head bolt will do the job, but the correct bolt looks much, much better.

Over 25 years ago, I used to collect all of the good, original seat belt bolts that I could find. Honestly, a lot of them, even back then, were not in the best shape.

Anyway, you do not have to do that any more. We have the correct seat belt bolt sets for most all Mustang applications from 65-73. Click here to see them all. We also just posted new photos of each Mustang Seat Belt Bolt Set.

Before you ask though, we currently do not have any of the early style eye bolts for the 64 1/2 Mustangs. When and if we get some, you will read about it here.

Oct 16, 2009

Mustang Wheel and Tire Packages

Way back in 1996, we fitted one of our own Mustangs with 205/70 x 14 B.F. Goodrich Radial TA Raised White Letter Tires mounted on
our 14 x 7 Styled Steel Wheels.

When this 1966 Mustang GT Fastback appeared on our 1997 Catalog Cover, we got a whole lot of phone calls about those wheels and tires.

After that time, we decided to put together our wheel and tire packages. These packages are offered with our Mustang Styled Steel Wheels, American Racing Torq-Thrust Wheels, and Magnum 500 Wheels. A package includes four wheels, 20 chrome lug nuts, and proper centers for the particular wheels ordered. They come to your door mounted and balanced and ready to bolt on your Mustang.

Unfortunately, these tires are produced at certain times, and it is sometimes difficult to get them. There was a recent production run, and we now have a good stock of all the sizes.

We recommend and sell 205/70 x 14 size tires for mounting on 14 inch wheels. Despite what you may have read about 225/60 x 15 size tires, we use 215/60 x 15's for the 15 inch wheels. The 225's are too big, particularly on the 65-66 Mustangs. We also have the 235/60 x 15's which work well on the 69-70 and 71-73 Mustangs.

For a complete look at our wheel and tire packages, please click here.

Oct 14, 2009

65-66 Mustang Fan Shrouds

We now have two versions of the original style 65-66 Mustang Fan Shroud. Fan Shrouds were originally installed on V8 equipped 65-66 Mustangs with Air Conditioning. They were also installed on the 289 "K" High Performance equipped models.

Acccording to the Mustang Assembly Manual, Fan Shrouds were also installed on early '65 models with the 6 Cylinder Engine and Air Conditioning. There is currently no reproduction of this 6 Cylinder Fan Shroud.
The EG209 Fan Shroud is our "standard version." This version is very similar to the last Shroud that Ford serviced and we sold years ago.

The new "deluxe version" is our part number EG2091. It is a bit wider in places and is made from a heavier gauge of metal. It also has a rubber pad stapled to the battery side like is found on many original shrouds.

Both of them, of course, require brackets for installation-just like the originals.

Oct 12, 2009

1965 Mustang Chrome Quarter Panel Ornaments

A lot of times we offer two different "versions" of the same part. It is usually a case where one version is the economy version and the other is the show quality version. Obviously, the show quality version is more expensive. The question becomes "is it worth it?"

Well, in most cases (if not all), yes, it is worth it.

We posted about the show quality 66 Mustang Chrome Quarter Panel Ornaments before. Now we have the 65 Mustang Chrome Quarter Panel Ornaments. Our economy version is our part number ER85. The show quality version from Scott Drake is our part number ER8511.

By the way, here are the links for the 1966 Quarter Ornaments:

Oct 9, 2009

Ford Shop Tips on CD

Some of you may not be familiar with the Ford Shop Tips that were published for Ford Cars and Trucks (including Mustangs, of course!) back in the sixties and early seventies. They were a collection of technical parts and service information published by Ford Motor Company to assist service technicians. I think that it is just difficult to explain the interesting tidbits that you find in these publications. Shortcuts, tips, or tricks...whatever they are called, these articles provide invaluable information to mechanics to make repairs fast and easy. Articles are written in plain, straight-to-the-point fashion and provide simple solutions to common problems. Most of this information cannot be found anywhere else because it was developed after the publication of the shop and parts manuals. I have always collected paper copies but have never been able to find all the ones that I wanted.

Now you can get them all on a CD, just like our popular Mustang Colorized Wiring Diagrams, Mustang Shop Manuals, Ford Master Parts Catalogs, and Mustang Parts and Illustration Manuals.

Like these great CD's, our Shop Tip CD's have the following features:
Printable - Print only the pages you need.
Searchable - Search the entire set of magazines in seconds.
Zoom - Zoom in to over 1200% to see the exact details.
Licensed - Our products are approved and licensed by Ford Motor Company. Bookmarked - PDF is extensively bookmarked to locate articles in seconds.
Money Back Guarantee - We stand behind the quality of our products.
Product Security and Restrictions: Encrypted PDF - PDF file is encrypted and can only be viewed when activated.
Activation Required - Product may be activated on three (3) computers
Printing - Printing must be to a printer physically connected to the computer via a printer port (cannot print to a wireless, network or a virtual printer driver).

We have all the Volumes available from October of 1963 to August of 1973. Click here to see all of the Ford Shop Tips CD's that are available.

Just to give you an idea of what is included, here is the complete Table of Contents from the Volume 3 CD:

Table of Contents - Volume 3

Number 1
1965 Ford Headlight Alignment 9
AE-60 Acrylic Enamels For Paint Repairs 10
1965 Ford Truck Front Wheel Alignment Specifications 10
Interior Bulbs Removal & Installation 12
Equa-Lock Service Identification Tag 12
Fairlane Headlight Removal & Installation 12
Floor Safety Stand Placement 12

Number 2
Installation of Ford's Auxiliary Air Spring Kit 2
Servicing The 1965 Thunderbird Sequential Turn Signals 12
Dynamically Balancing Wheels And Tire Assemblies On Vehicles With Disc Brakes
Distributor Specifications (240 CID Engine) 15
Bullet Terminal Removal From Turn Signal Switch Multiple Connector 15

Number 3
Servicing Ford Single Barrel Carburetors
1965 Ford Windshield Glass Replacement 10
1965 Ford Towing Specifications 12
Loctite For Your Service Operation 14
New Recommended Tire Pressures 14
Correcting Carburetor Icing On 1963-64 N Series Trucks ... 15
Obtaining a Firm Brake Pedal After Servicing Vehicles With Disc Brakes 15
Ford Wire Wheel Cover Installation 1

Number 4
Air Conditioner Diagnosis And Servicing Spark Plugs-Removal, Cleaning,
Inspection and Installation . Wheel Bearing End Play Adjustment
On Vehicles With Disc Brakes Special D.S.O. Identification Tag
On Heavy Duty Trucks
May-June Spotlight Special Features FoMoCo Brake Cylinder Repair Kits New Mustang GT Performance Group

Number 5
Positive Crankcase Ventilation Maintenance 12
Servicing Ford's Low Fuel Level Warning System 13
Speedometer System Diagnosis 14
Technical Service Briefs 15
July-August Spotlight Features
Rotunda Oil Filter 16

Number 6
1966 FORD
Specifications And Model Identification 4-5
Service Procedures 22-25
Maintenance Schedule 30-31
Specifications And Model Identification 6-7
Service Procedures 22-25
Maintenance Schedule 30-31
Specifications And Model Identification 8-9
Service Procedures 22-25
Maintenance Schedule 30-31
Specifications And Model Identification 10-11
Service Procedures 22-25
Maintenance Schedule 30-31
Specifications And Model Identification 12-13
Service Procedures 22-25
Maintenance Schedule 30-31
Specifications And Model Identification 14-15
Service Procedures 22-25
Maintenance Schedule 32
Specifications And Model Identification 16-17
Service Procedures 22-25
Maintenance Schedule 33
1966 FORD LIGHT TRUCK (F-100 through 350)
Specifications And Model Identification 18-19
Service Procedures 26-29
Maintenance Schedule 34-36
1966 FORD HEAVY TRUCK (Series 500 through 1000)
Specifications And Model Identification 20-21
Service Procedures 26-29
Maintenance Schedule 37-39

Number 7
Introduction To The New Bronco-Equipment Specifications, Chassis and Power Train 2-3
Bronco 4-Wheel Drive-Operation and Service Tips 4-6
New Service Features for 1966 Passenger Cars-Brakes, Steering
and Suspension, Rear Axles, Automatic Transmissions, Engine and Fuel, Electrical 8-13
Hood Latch Service Procedures 14
Technical Service Briefs 15
Emergency Warning Flashers 15
September-October Spotlight Special 16

Number 8
1966 Revised Passenger Car and Truck Specifications 2
The 1966 Fairlane GTA Sports-Shift and C-6 Transmission 3-8
1966 Ford Drive Shafts 9
The 1966 Thermactor Exhaust Emission Control System 10-11
1966 Dual-Action Tailgate-All Station Wagons 12
1966 Ford Light Truck Reference and Selection Chart 13
Technical Service Briefs 14-15
Spotlight Special For November-December 16

Number 9
1966 Car Identification Plate, 3
1965 Car Identification Plate, 4
1964 Car Identification Plate, 5
1963 Car Identification Plate, 6
1962 Car Identification Plate, 7
1960-61 Car Identification Plates, 8
1957-58-59 Car Identification Plates, 9
1966 Bronco Identification Plate, 10
1966 Falcon Club Wagon and Econoline Identification Plates, 10
1963-64-65 Falcon Club Wagon and Econoline Identification Plates, 11
1961-62 Falcon Club Wagon and Econoline Identification Plates, 12
1957-66 General Truck Identification, 12
Typical Truck Identification Plate (1966), 13
1957-66 Truck Engine Codes, 14
1957-66 Truck Transmission Codes, 15
1957-66 Truck Rear Axle Identification, 16
...and this is just one of the CD's!!!

Oct 7, 2009

Quick Order on new Web Site

The launch of our new web site with our online catalog has gone very well. We just added a new feature a few weeks ago for those of you who like to "shop" using the print edition of our Mustang Catalog.

You will find the "Quick Order" Tab near the top of our web page. Just click on this tab. It will take you to a screen that allows you to enter our part numbers.

Once you enter your part numbers, just click on the red button that says "Get Products to Add to Basket." The products then will be shown below.

Be sure to enter your quantities before clicking "Add These Products to Basket."

We are constantly adding new products for your 64 1/2-73 Mustangs. If you have not checked out our new site, please click here.

Oct 5, 2009

67-70 Big Block Clutch Retracting Spring

We used to have these springs quite some time ago. Now they are back! This is the clutch lever retracting spring for 67-70 Mustangs equipped with the 390 or 428 big block engines. This spring is made from the original Ford Blue Prints to the exact specifications of the originals. Painted the exact blue color that was matched from an original spring.

Order Part Number BK235.

Oct 2, 2009

Central Virginia Mustang Club Show

We always like to help out with show sponsorship, particularly with the clubs in our state, and we have had a great relationship over the years with the Central Virginia Mustang Club in the Richmond area.
They hold their large, annual show every September, and the latest one was on September 19th.
One of the members sent us the link to a photo album showing some absolutely great pictures and some fantastic looking cars! I posted just a few here, but please take the time to check them all out by click on the link below:

You can visit the club web site at