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Jun 29, 2009

July 3rd Store Hours

Just a real quick post about our hours this Friday and Saturday.

We will be open Friday, July 3rd from 8:00 AM-1:00 PM.

We will be closed all day Saturday, July 4th. Have a Happy 4th of July!

Jun 26, 2009

Lower Prices on Dash Pads and Related Items

Very seldom do we get to announce lower prices on items, but here are some good ones! These price changes are on some of our dash pads, arm rest pads, 67-68 pads above the glove box, and 67-68 windshield pillar pads.Our 69-70 Mustang Dash Pads have decreased in price from $384.95 to only $319.95! The are the ones made in the Original Ford Tooling!!!! Check them out here by clicking on the part numbers: ST64 and ST65.

Other great Mustang Dash Pad deals with price drops are the 1965 reproductions, the 1966 reproductions and the 1967-68 reproductions. Click on the years to check them out:

1965 Reproduction Dash Pads

1966 Reproduction Dash Pads

1967-68 Reproduction Dash Pads

We also are rolling out price decreases on the following:

69-70 Black LH Standard Interior Mustang Arm Rest Pad
69-70 Black RH Standard Interior Mustang Arm Rest Pad

71-73 all colors LH Standard Interior Mustang Arm Rest Pads
71-73 all colors RH Standard Interior Mustang Arm Rest Pads

67-68 Mustang Pad above Glove Box in Black
67-68 Mustang Pad above Glove Box in Maroon
67-68 Mustang Pad above Glove Box in Blue
67-68 Mustang Pad above Glove Box in Ivy Gold

67-68 Mustang LH Windshield Pillar Post Pad in Black
67-68 Mustang RH Windshield Pillar Post Pad in Black

67-68 Mustang LH Windshield Pillar Post Pad in Maroon
67-68 Mustang RH Windshield Pillar Post Pad in Maroon

67-68 Mustang LH Windshield Pillar Post Pad in Blue
67-68 Mustang RH Windshield Pillar Post Pad in Blue

67-68 Mustang LH Windshield Pillar Post Pad in Ivy Gold
67-68 Mustang RH Windshield Pillar Post Pad in Ivy Gold

Jun 24, 2009

70 Mustang Chrome Tail Light Bezels

We now have a more affordable alternative to the Original Ford Tooling 70 Chrome Tail Light Doors. These brand new reproductions are very, very nice. Originally, there was a specific part for the RH and LH side. There is only a minor difference between the original LH and RH bezels, so we slightly changed the corner radius to be the same for LH and RH. The difference is unnoticeable. These feature beautiful chrome plating with black and silver painted accents exactly like the originals. They also include mounting studs and nuts.

The Original Ford Tooling Bezels are still available as ER40R and ER40L.

These new reproductions are part number ER4099.

Jun 19, 2009

1965 289 High Performance Fastback Engine Project

Our friend, Jim Smart from Mustang Monthly Magazine is currently working on a project involving the engine detailing on a nice 1965 HiPo Mustang Fastback. The car recently appeared in the magazine, and the engine detailing article will appear later. We supplied many of the parts for the project including brake lines, valve covers, air cleaner, decals and tags, wiring, etc. Here are some quick photos. We post updates on this project later.

Jun 17, 2009

67-70 Power Steering Hoses-Exact Style

We now have the exact style 67-70 Mustang Short Power Steering Hoses. These are the hoses that fit from the power steering cylinder to the control valve. These are really nice. Each hose has unique bends on the end of each hose. Each hose is also a different length like the original. These will fit much better than the previous "replacement style" hoses that used to be the only ones available. Please keep in mind that the replacement style hoses are still available and are cheaper if you would rather purchase them. Please order Part Number SU1231.

Click on the below links for pricing or to order:

Jun 15, 2009

67-68 Mustang Clock

Just time for a quick post today. We just got a very limited number of 67-68 Mustang In Dash Clocks. These are brand new items, and we should be receiving more soon. Many of the 67-68 Mustangs did not even have a factory clock, so this is a cool "stock" item that can be added. The ones that did come with clocks often no longer work.
This clock is made from all new tooling and features the correct colors and numbers.

You will probably need the Clock Knob with the set screw also. This is available as part number IN868.

Jun 12, 2009

1968-70 390/428 Ford Aluminum Water Neck (Thermostat Housing)

Wow, there are so many new, cool Mustang parts coming out, that it is difficult to blog about them all!

Here is one of the latest. It's the 68-70 Aluminum Water Neck for the Big Block 390 and 428 models. This is a nice part that was reproduced from New Old Stock (NOS) samples and Ford's original blue prints. It is pressure cast from A356 aluminum and is a very high quality casting. It will also fit pre-68 cars, but you must plug the emission control port. It also features the original Ford Engineering Part Number that is cast into the part.

Jun 10, 2009

1964 World's Fair Mustang-Part 2

I posted Monday about one of the 1964 World's Fair Magic Skyway Mustangs. I just wanted to share some of the "detail" photos today. I did not get that many, but there are some interesting ones.

Here are three pictures showing some of the remnants of steel brackets welded to the car to attach it to the ride system:

I will share one story that I read a while back about the development of the Magic Skyway. There was somewhat of a "battle" between the Ford engineers and the Disney folks as to how the ride system should be engineered and developed. The Disney design won out when the Ford ideas did not work.

The original trunk mat was still in the Mustang!

The original carpet was really interesting in that it was sewn to fit, rather than molded, like all Mustangs that I have ever seen.

The "smooth" seams in the door jambs and trunk area may have been just for a "show car" treatment for the World's Fair cars or maybe it was done on many of the very early Mustangs.

I've always been very interested in learning more about the history involving the 1964 World's Fair, and, of course, Ford's Magic Skyway, but there are only so many hours in the day...

Jun 8, 2009

1964 World's Fair Mustang-Part 1

Friday, I visited the Ford Carlisle Event. It was raining, but there was a very interesting Mustang on display inside a building. I'll apologize for the images, because I just had a point and shoot camera since it was nasty and raining.

Anyway, the Ford Mustang made it's debut at the 1964 World's Fair in New York. There is a ton of information about this World's Fair, and I just know a little bit about it. I know more about the involvement of the Walt Disney Company. One of the attractions that Disney created was Ford's Magic Skyway. I could go on and on about the history and development of this pavilion, but I want to just share the general information and pictures of this particular Mustang.

The ride featured new Ford vehicles (including some Mustangs) on a "ride through" attraction. One of these Mustangs is pictured here. It is actually serial number 4! After I got home, I realized that I was so excited to see the details of this car that I did not actually get a photo of the entire outside of the car!

Jun 5, 2009

Early 1965 Mustang Convertible Restoration Project

There has been lots of interest in our 1965 Mustang HiPo Convertible project, so I'll try to post an update at least once a week while it is being worked on.

This photo shows the view after the "reinforcement pan," found only on convertibles has been removed. What you see here is the floor pan under the front seat riser pan.

Here is the front torque box with the bottom plate removed. The box was not too bad, so it was cleaned and the bottom plate was replaced on one side and repaired on the other.

This image shows the convertible inner rocker panel rust. It is really not that bad. We will be able to leave the original rocker panels in place by repairing the rust.
Here is the rusty area cut out and ready to clean and repair.

Below are some of the torque box repair images.

This shows the reinforcement pan and floor pan removed. You are looking at the bottom of the front seat riser pan. It is interesting to note that this area was never painted. It was just bare metal.

Here is the reinforcement pan that has been removed. This part was also originally bare metal inside. Both sides will be reused.
Another shot of "inside" of one of the front convertible torque boxes

Jun 3, 2009

FoMoCo Logo Twist-On Chrome Oil Cap

We try to go into a bit more detail or show more pictures of a particular part here on the Blog than we can show on our web site. Anyway, here is an example of that-this is another new Oil Cap that we just got in stock.

This cap fits valve covers that take twist-on oil caps. This cap is a reproduction of the original cap that was found on 1967 models with 390 and 289 High Performance engines. It also can be used on the 68-up Mustangs where a closed emmission oil cap is desired for that "cleaner" look. This part features a really nice chrome finish along with a crisp FoMoCo stamping. Take a look:

This oil cap fits any valve cover that requires a twist-on oil cap.

Logo stamping detail.

Detail showing bottom of oil cap.

Jun 1, 2009

Mustang Parts and Body Illustrations on CD

Customers have loved our Shop Manuals and Wiring Diagrams on CD along with our Master Ford Parts Catalog on DVD. All of these are just so easy to search, print, zoom, etc.

We have a new addition to the mix. We now have the Mustang Parts and Body Illustrations Manuals on CD. These are available for all model years from 1965 to 1973. Each manual is a comprehensive collection of detailed part and body illustrations that are extremely useful for any restoration project. For example, part illustrations are “exploded” to show not only the parts of a component, but can be used to identify the basic part number of virtually every nut, washer, etc. The exploded body illustrations show the locations of trim pieces, mouldings, weatherstriping, how sheet metal was assembled, etc. All illustrations are from an original Ford Motor Company publications so you can be assured of its accuracy. With extensive bookmarks and indexes, finding the illustration you need is easy. If you want to make your restoration project a lot easier, this is the manual you should have!

Key Features

- 200+ total pages of information

- Adobe PDF format

- Printable pages

- Indexes, both alphabetical and numerical (to find illustrations easily)

- Keyword Searchable

- Bookmarked for easy navigation

- Zoom-In feature

- High Resolution illustrations

Here are the links to order each of the model years: