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Jul 31, 2009

1970 Mach 1 Mustang Hood Paint Stencil and Stripe Kits

More new items!

We now have the stripe/stencil kits for the 1970 Mustang hoods. The "straight" stripes are for non-shaker equipped Dearborn built cars. The stripe that curves around is for the shaker equipped Mustangs.

These stripes were originally painted on, but the kits are available as stripes or paint stencils. The engine designation was originally a decal and is available separately also.

Here is what is available:

ER-9311 70 Mach 1 Hood Stencil Kit for use with Shaker Hood Scoop (No Engine Designation/Solid Stripe)

ER-9312 70 Mach 1 Black Hood Stripe Kit for use with Shaker Hood Scoop (No Engine Designation/Solid Stripe)

ER-9313 70 Mach 1 351 Hood Stencil Kit for use with Shaker Hood Scoop

ER-9314 70 Mach 1 Black 351 Hood Stripe Kit for use with Shaker Hood Scoop

ER-9315 70 Mach 1 428 Hood Stencil Kit for use with Shaker Hood Scoop

ER-9316 70 Mach 1 Black 428 Hood Stripe Kit for use with Shaker Hood Scoop

ER-9321 70 Mach 1 Hood Stencil Kit for use with Bolt On Hood Scoop (Dearborn Built) (No Engine Designation/Solid Stripe)

ER-9322 70 Mach 1 Black Hood Stripe Kit for use with Bolt On Hood Scoop (Dearborn Built) (No Engine Designation/Solid Stripe)

ER-9323 70 Mach 1 351 Hood Stencil Kit for use with Bolt On Hood Scoop (Dearborn Built)

ER-9324 70 Mach 1 Black 351 Hood Stripe Kit for use with Bolt On Hood Scoop (Dearborn Built)

ER-9325 70 Mach 1 428 Hood Stencil Kit for use with Bolt On Hood Scoop (Dearborn Built)

ER-9326 70 Mach 1 Black 428 Hood Stripe Kit for use with Bolt On Hood Scoop (Dearborn Built)

Jul 29, 2009

Mustang Clutch Release Rods

OK-here's another one of those quick, but important, new product posts.

On the 1965 Mustang, the lower clutch release rod (clutch equalizer bar to the clutch lever at bellhousing) was nonadjustable. This was due to the fact that the top rod that runs from the equalizer bar to the pedal was adjustable. This nonadjustable rod was made obsolete from Ford quite a while back, so lots of folks just used the '66 adjustable one.

The 1966 Mustang had an adjustable lower rod because the upper rod to the pedal was nonadjustable.

Got all of that?

Anyway, the 1965 style nonadjustable one is available again. The adjustable '66 style is still available, of course, also.

Here are the part numbers:

Jul 27, 2009

1966 GT350 Shelby American Step Plate Labels

Here is a cool item that we got in a few weeks ago. It has already been an extremely popular part.

They are the step plate (or sill plate) labels for the 1966 GT350 Shelby. These labels can, of course, be used on any step plate. Detail is very important on a part like this, and these labels are very, very nice. They feature the correct raised borders and "CS" logos just like the originals.

These particular labels were originally used on most 1966 GT350 Shelbys except for the later serial numbers. Those later cars had the two line label with Shelby American and Los Angeles, CA."

Order part number IN6721 (sold as a pair.)

Check out the below pictures of the actual labels along with a picture of some originals. Please note that the color variation of the labels in the below pictures are due to lighting and do not accurately reflect the actual color. The actual color of these aluminum labels is just like the original.

Jul 24, 2009

1965-66 6 Cylinder Tie Rod Dust Boot

This is a little part, but it is still a nice detail item. It is the correct tie rod end dust boot for 1965-66 6 Cylinder Model Mustangs. This boot features the correct metal ring and was made from the original Ford blue prints and NOS patterns.

Order part number SU581.

We also have these boots available:

SU58 65-66 w/Metal Ring-V8

SU239 65-66 w/o Metal Ring-V8

SU60 70-73

SU610 67-69 w/Metal Ring

Jul 22, 2009

1966 Mustang Clutch Equalizer Bar

We now have the Clutch Equalizer Bar, commonly referred to as the "Z-Bar," specifically for the V-8 equipped 1966 Mustang. Previously, the Equalizer Bar was available only for a 1965 under our part number BK351. Really, the only different between the two is the fact that the 1965 has the top block for the adjustable rod that connects to the pedal. In 1966, the block was removed and a non-adjustable bar to pedal rod was used.

Please keep in mind that we still have the unique Equalizer Bar specifically for the 289 High Performance Model. It is part number BK191, and the block just needs to be removed for the 1966 model.

Jul 20, 2009

Clutch Pedal Bumpers

Here are a couple of other little detail items that are now in stock. These are the rubber bumpers for the clutch pedal that fit on the brake/clutch pedal support on the Mustang. They are made using the original Ford blueprints.

Jul 17, 2009

Grand Sport Mustang?

Here is what I think is an interesting little piece of Mustang history. I recently picked up this emblem. It is made exactly like a 65-66 style GT Badge, yet, as you can see, it says "Grand Sport." This came from someone who worked for the company that made these prototype badges for the Mustangs.

There is a book called "Mustang: The Complete History of America's Pioneer Ponycar" that was published in 1979. It is written by Gary L. Witzenburg. This emblem is pictured on page 64 of this book along with some other prototype emblems. It is the only other place that I have heard of this particular emblem. Apparently, "Grand Sport" was just one of many names that were considered for a particular option package before the Mustang was built .

Here is a picture of an original production '65 Mustang GT Badge that most all readers are probably familiar with.

Anyway, if someone has any more information about this unique emblem, I would love to hear from you.

Jul 15, 2009

Powering Steering Hose Protector Sleeve

Here is another neat detail part. This is the oil resistant sponge rubber sleeve that fits over the power steering hose to protect it from rubbing against other components.

It can be used on any Mustang power steering hose to prevent damage from rubbing. Original equipment on 1969-71 Mustangs with the following engines: Boss 302, 429 and 428CJ and all Ford cars with a power steering oil cooler.

These are exact reproductions of the original.The 20 inch length is enough to do all cars. Cut to fit as different lengths were used on each model in different locations.

Order part number SU1181.

Jul 13, 2009

New! Car Cover

We just got together with our car cover manufacturer to put together a unique cover. It is available in many colors, including this special model with twin Lemans stripes.
This car cover is made for vehicles parked indoors, and for owners who want nothing but the best for their vehicle. The material has Lycra fibers for stretch in both directions, hugging and mirroring every perfect contour of your vehicle. The inner liner is the softest fleece we've been able to find - specially designed not to rub off on convertible tops.
Colors available include Black, Tan, Red, Yellow (Gold), Gray, Dark Green, Off White and Dark Blue. We can do the stripes in any combination.
We usually don't do the "special order" thing, but this cover is just that. With all of the different combinations, it is "made to order." Because of this, please call us at 540-896-2695 to order this car cover.
The design with the twin Lemans stripes is $274.95. The solid color cover is $249.95.
We also have the new Stormproof outdoor covers. We will post about those soon. They are now the ultimate in outdoor covers.

Jul 10, 2009

Chrome Nut for 68-69 Mustang Shift Knob

This is a really nice detail part that just arrived. It is the correct "jamb" nut for the 68-69 Four Speed Shift Knob on the Mustang. It is the correct size and shape and features a beautiful chrome finish.

Order part number IN7261.

Of course, we also have the shift knob itself. It is part number IN726.

Jul 8, 2009

Jul 6, 2009

69-70 and 71-73 Mustang Deluxe Door Panel Molding Trim

We now have the stainless steel molding that fits on top of the carpet on the 69-70 and 71-73 Mustang Deluxe Door Panels. The molding is available as a pair (right and left) for the 69-70 Mustang and each for the 71-73 Mustang.

Click below to order:

ST2221 69-70 Mustang SS Trim for Deluxe Door Panels-Pair

ST541 71-73 Mustang SS Trim for Deluxe Door Panel-Each

This shows the right and left molding trim for the 69-70 Mustang.

Back side of molding showing clips that need to be bent out to install and then bent back.

Detail of front side of molding trim.

71-73 Molding Trim is sold each (right and left is the same.) Two per car needed.

Jul 1, 2009

540,000 Mile Comet

A friend just emailed this to me this morning. I know it is not a Mustang, but this video is pretty cool. This lady is 89 years old and has driven her Comet over 540,000 miles. She is the original owner too!

I hope that I am still driving when I'm 89!