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Feb 26, 2010

66 Mustang Upper Clutch Equalizer Bar Retracting Spring

Later in 1966 Mustang production (after February 14, 1966), a different spring was used as a retracting spring on the upper part of the clutch equalizer bar on manual transmission equipped Mustangs. There should be a little bracket on the firewall that this spring attaches to. The other end attaches to the equalizer bar itself.

The spring is now in stock. It is our part number BK2081.

Feb 24, 2010

Mustang Bottom of Door Window Stop Bumper

Pictured above is the New 69 Mustang Rubber Bumper - Part number PE2611.
Pictured above is part number PE26 for the 65-68 Mustang and the 70 Mustang with the Bolt In Side Glass.

It is a small part, but an important one. The bottom of door / window stop rubber bumper fits in the bottom of the Mustang door. It keeps the window from going all the way to the bottom of the door. It is a very popular part.

Previously, we only had the bumper for the 65-68 and 70 (with bolt in glass) Mustangs. This is our part number PE26.

We now have the slightly different version for the 69 Mustang that used the glue in style side door glass. It is part number PE2611.

Feb 22, 2010

69-72 Mustang Back Up Light Switch

We now have the 3 Speed Back Up Light Switches available for 69-72 Mustangs with a production date before May 15, 1972. This switch has never been reproduced before. It features the correct bracket along with the proper wiring and plug. It was made using NOS (New Old Stock) patterns and the original Ford Blue Prints.

Order Part number IN6152.

Keep in mind, as posted previously, we also have the 1969 Mustang 4 Speed Back Up Light Switches in stock now also.

Feb 19, 2010

1965 Mustang 289 High Performance Convertible

Here is the latest update on our early '65 HiPo Mustang (K Code) Convertible project. The original trunk floors were pitted, but they were usable. The body work on these, as well as the dash, has been completed. The cowl area has been completed and is being "buttoned up." The photos show the first primer sprayed on the dash and under body area. Then the body work was completed (all dents, pits, etc. were repaired), and the final primer was applied. Whew!! That's a lot of work!! ...and we are a ways from being done, but it's nice to know that all of the body work is completed.

Below is the slideshow:

Feb 17, 2010

Mustang Heater Blower Motor Wiring

Almost all of the original heater blower motors have either broken, cut or very brittle wiring on the part shown in the above image.

We now have a fantastic solution! These wiring harnesses are made to replace the damaged original wiring coming out of your Mustang's Heater Blower Motor case. They feature the correct colors, connectors and grommets.

The earlier (production before 4/1/65) style features the orange, red and black wires for the 2 Speed (3 wire) motor. This is part number WG7591.

The later 3 Speed (two wire) style has the correct yellow and black wires for the later '65's, '66's and '67-68 Mustangs. This is part number WG7592.

We are currently restoring an early Heater Blower Motor and will post pictures as soon as they are available.

Feb 15, 2010


OK. This is not even totally Mustang related, but it is really kind of neat. If you get one of our side exhaust or FlowMaster Exhaust Kits for your V8 Mustang, you may not need this!

Thanks for one of my buddies for sending this to me!

Feb 12, 2010

My First GT350 Shelby

In the late seventies, I purchased my first GT350 Mustang. It was a late production 66 model - 6S2297 (that is number 2297 out of the total '66 production of 2378.)

I restored it and modified it to suit my tastes. It eventually featured the American 15 x 7 Torque-Thrust D Wheels, R-Model (Race Model) gauges, R-Model Roll Bar, 1966 Rear Package Tray replacing the factory fold down rear seat, Hurst Shifter, 48 IDA Weber Carburetors, and a few other items.

Many years ago, I sold it to a friend who still enjoys the car! It still looks just like it did then. I could go on and on about the friends that I have made over the years because of our shared passion for the early GT350's. It became more about the people than the cars, and I enjoy both more than ever today.

Feb 10, 2010

1965-66 Mustang Hood Latch Spring

We have a variety of Hood Latches and Hood Latch parts for your Classic Mustang. You can find them by clicking here.

On 65-66 and 67-68 Mustangs, maybe your hood latch does not work because the little spring(s) are broken or missing. If so, we now have the solution. These springs also sometimes need replacement due to rusting or overall poor shape.

Order Part Number EG3591 for the 65-66 Mustang Hood Latch Spring.

Order Part Number EG3542 for the 67-68 Mustang Hood Latch Spring.

Feb 8, 2010

1964 1/2 Mustang Door Lock Knob Grommets

Several weeks ago, we had a post about the 1964 1/2 Mustang Door Lock Knobs that we now have available and in stock. The early 64 1/2's had these unique, large style door lock knobs. While it was very nice to have these available, I was disappointed not to have the grommets for them.
Good News! We finally got the grommets in also! The inside diameter of these grommets for these early Mustang knobs are, of course, larger to accomodate the larger knobs. These grommets were originally black, and the reproductions are, of course, black also.
Below is a picture of an original 64 1/2 Mustang Door Lock Knob and Grommet from a May 1964 production convertible.

Feb 5, 2010

71 and 72-73 Front Seat Latch Chrome Handle Set

Just for you 1971-73 Mustang Fans, we now have the Chrome Seat Latch Handles available.

Now you can replace those tarnished or missing handles on your seats with our new bright chrome pieces. Our handles are pressure die cast zinc with a durable polished chrome finish.These fit at the middle bottom of the front seat. Sold as a pair for one car. Includes set screws for installation.

Order Part Number ST7512 for 1971 Mustangs.

Order Part Number ST7513 for 1972-73 Mustangs.

Feb 3, 2010

65 and 66 Mustang Heater Blower Switches

Early 2 Speed (before 4/1/65) Heater Blower Motor Switch

There were two different Heater Blower Switches used for 65-66 Mustangs. The 64 1/2 and early 65 Mustangs that were built before 4/1/65 had two speed blower motors that used a different switch. This particular switch has the "off" position in the center. Up until now, these switches were difficult to find. We now have them available. Order part number IN5601.

Late 3 Speed (after 4/1/65) Heater Blower Motor Switch

Of course, we still have the later style 3 speed switches for your Mustangs if it was produced after 4/1/65 also. This switch has always been a very popular part. Order part number IN561.

Feb 1, 2010

Mustang and Ford Model Cars

Just a fun post today...

A friend sent some pictures of some cool model cars that he built over the years. I've posted a few of these, but here are a few more here, and I thought they were worth another look anyway.