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Feb 12, 2010

My First GT350 Shelby

In the late seventies, I purchased my first GT350 Mustang. It was a late production 66 model - 6S2297 (that is number 2297 out of the total '66 production of 2378.)

I restored it and modified it to suit my tastes. It eventually featured the American 15 x 7 Torque-Thrust D Wheels, R-Model (Race Model) gauges, R-Model Roll Bar, 1966 Rear Package Tray replacing the factory fold down rear seat, Hurst Shifter, 48 IDA Weber Carburetors, and a few other items.

Many years ago, I sold it to a friend who still enjoys the car! It still looks just like it did then. I could go on and on about the friends that I have made over the years because of our shared passion for the early GT350's. It became more about the people than the cars, and I enjoy both more than ever today.


Dave said...

Brant, Definitely true about all of the people we have met over the years thru these cars. Interesting that a lot of us got our 65-66s when we were real young and still have them today (25+ yrs). Too bad prices now are such that there are almost no owners in the 18-30 Yrs old range today. Dave R


I like that you modified it to your taste. It's a nice ride.

Virginia Classic Mustang said...


You are 100% correct. I could not have stated it better.