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Jul 20, 2012

Weave Pattern Mustang Windlace - Now Available!

Correct Basketweave style Mustang Windlace.
The 1964 1/2 and 1965 Mustangs used sort of a "smooth" or Sierra grained windlace.  On most '66 Mustangs, you will find that the windlace was of a different design or texture.  I've always called it a "basketweave" design, but if you look closely, it is just a unique pattern.

Anyway, this windlace has never been available in an exact reproduction before now.  It is certainly a very nice detail to add to any '66.  With my personal interest in the early '65-66 GT350 Shelby Mustangs, I almost always see restored '66 Shelbys with the incorrect windlace.

I'm looking for any feedback from 1967 and up Mustang owners, because this style of windlace was probably used in these models, depending on the production plant and production time.

This windlace features a steel core for easy installation, just like the original.  There are 16 feet required on Fastback and Coupe Mustangs and 8 feet for Convertibles.  It is currently available only in Black.  Our part number is ST-410BLK.

1 comment:

Rod said...

Interesting stuff! I'm forwarding you a picture of windlace from a 67 Dearborn Mustang.

Thanks for helping to provide the most correct parts possible.