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Nov 8, 2010

1965 Mustang High Performance Convertible Project Update

We are working on our early '65 HiPo Mustang Convertible again.  Today we will look specifically at the restoration of the radiator.

We handle and sell lots of Mustang Radiators.  We have the Aluminum Radiators and the regular, stock style brass/copper radiators.  These radiators are great, but if you just have to have one exactly like the original, like we did, you have to restore an original.

Radiator styles originally were different depending upon the particular plant where the Mustang was built.  Our HiPo Convertible is a Dearborn production Mustang.

The Dearborn radiators had the side rails stamped with the part number and the date, as opposed to the San Jose radiators which were date stamped on the top tank.  The top tank "straps" were squared off instead of rounded.  We were lucky to find a restorable piece and had it carefully recored to match an original radiator.  Jeremy at Maple Hill Restoration (540-896-9024) then prepared and painted the radiator.

Jeremy continues to work on the Mustang, and we will have more updates soon.

Here is our radiator.  It has been properly recored and prepared for paint.
Black paint applied.

Notice the "squared off" top straps on the Dearborn production Mustang radiator.  Our radiator guy did a great job soldering the straps to leave the detail like the "X" in the top tank.

Side strap with stamped part number and date.

Close up of the "4GB" date.  This translates to July 1964 - 2nd Week.

This tag was soldered to the top tank of the radiator.  This is the assembly date of the radiator. 


Rod said...

What is the significance of the 'Y1' stamping?

I have a similar 5CD date code radiator with an 'M1' preceding the date code.


Virginia Classic Mustang said...


I believe that the "Y1" signifies a manual transmission radiator (perhaps a V-8 also?), but I am not 100% sure.

Is your "M1" stamped radiator for an automatic transmission?

Rod said...

Yes it is. 65 A-Code Auto. I've heard of Z1 and Z2 stampings too and have a 68 NJ car with an S1. I just don't recall seeing these numbers decoded anywhere before?