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Dec 27, 2013

Just the Details...1966 GT350 Shelby Mustang

6S1732 - 1966 GT350 - Green - 4 spd. - Painted Magnum 500 wheels.
Last month, we posted about our recently acquired 1966 GT350 Shelby.  If you missed the post, you can click here to read it.  We usually post here about cars that are receiving full blown restorations. This one is going to be a bit different.

Since this is a nice, original 80K mile car, we have decided just to clean some things up and use it as a "driver".  In doing so, we are using most all of the original parts in their present, but cleaned up, condition.  Of course, there are several parts that we will be replacing like the gas tank.  The previous owner installed an imported reproduction gas tank.  We are replacing this with one of our concours quality gas tanks.

We will also be installing an older Ford NOS dual exhaust system, new brake lines and hoses, new front to rear gas lines, and other items as needed.

Jeremy at Maple Hill Restoration ( is handling the job and carefully cleaning the original parts.  He's also buffing the paint.  Some of it is original, but the majority appears to have been re-sprayed with lacquer in the late sixties.

Here are some pictures showing some "geeky details" on the car like the dates on the rear bumper and license light, the DSO marking on the tail light panel, original Ray Brown seat belts, and the brake cooling ducts.

Original Ray Brown Seat Belts from the '66 Shelby hanging to dry after clean up.

LH Door Latch on the 66 Shelby before cleaning.  That's just black dirt-not paint.

LH Door Latch on the 66 Shelby after cleaning.  What a difference.  That's original paint in the door area.

Original "DSO 290" marking on the rear tail light panel of the Shelby.  Also note the original rear valance screws with the flat one under the bumper guard.  We have seen this on other cars.

That's just dirt that has come in around the brake cooling duct over the years.  The duct appears to have never been originally sealed.  Also when it was originally riveted, it didn't get tight.

Original rear trunk latch with "6B" (February 1966) date stamp.

Original rear bumper with "2 24 M6" (February 24, 1966) date stamp.

Original rear license light assembly with "C6" (March 1966) date stamp.

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