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Feb 20, 2008

Mustang Styled Steel Wheels-Repro. vs. Original

For you detail freaks, we will give you a quick look at the reproduction vs. original styled steel wheel. We were lucky enough to borrow an original from Jeremy Turner at Maple Hill Restoration. He is also performing the restoration work on our Poppy Red Hi-Po Convertible (you'll see posts on that car later.) First, it is interesting to point out that the original wheel is dated. This particular example's month date is hidden by the rivet, but you can see the year. You will also find the Kelsey Hayes (the original manufacturer) stamp.

The center of the Scott Drake Styled Steel Wheel is flattened like the original. The stamping detail is also very, very close.These photos show the back of the wheels. The original was riveted together. The reproduction has "simulated" rivets and is welded to meet today's standards.
The back stamping and configuration is virtually identical. If you have any questions on these wheels, please give us a call.


Anonymous said...

I have a '66, but may want to run a bigger tire. Will a '66 trim ring fit over the chrome '65 wheels? Will it damage the chrome?

Virginia Classic Mustang said...


The widest Styled Steel Wheel available with a black rim to use with a trim ring is a '67 wheel with a 5.5 inch width. You can get a pretty good sized tire on this wheel.

Now, of course, we have the 6 and 7 inch wide wheels, but they have the chrome rim. You could use a trim ring, but most all rings install in a way that would scratch the chrome. If you want to use the 6 or 7 inch wide wheel, just don't use a trim ring. The wider chrome rim looks great!

Anonymous said...

I am in the process of building a Pro-street 66 Mustang Coupe. I am back halfing/tubbing the car to include the widest street tires I can put there. I am very interested in keeping the outside of the car as stock as possible. I would like to use the 66 GT wheel (15 inch), but would require a 12-15 inch width. Are you aware of any company that can take the GT wheels and re-rim them to my specifications?? I have not had much luck locating a company to do this.


Virginia Classic Mustang said...

Sorry, we can't help with the 12-15 inch wide wheels.