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Feb 19, 2008

1969-70 Monte Carlo Bars-New Parts!!

Monte Carlo Bars are a great upgrade for any Mustang. For years, customers have been using the 65-66 ones that are very close to fitting the 69-70 models. Now we have ones made specifically for the 69-70.

Monte Carlo Bars were originally installed on '65-66 GT350's. They were developed to stop shock tower flex and maintain proper wheel alignment during hard cornering. This extra support also helps prevent shock tower stress cracks. Copied from the original design, our bars feature a new thicker diameter tube and improved fender brackets. We have also stamped square holes in the top of each fender bracket to allow for the use of lower profile carriage bolts.

These are available in

Straight Powder Coated Black
Straight Chrome
Curved Power Coated Black
Curved Chrome

We, of course, have 65-66 and 67-68 models only in Black, Chrome and now Polished Stainless Steel!! Just search "monte carlo bar."

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Becky Halterman said...

The air cleaner will be close on the straight bars, but that is the way they were originally. If you have an oval air cleaner like in a dress-up kit, make sure you order the curved one.