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Feb 21, 2008

Better Brakes 101

People often ask me what I recommend to improve the safety and drivability of the Classic Mustang. The best area for upgrade is the braking system. Brakes work by using friction, the contact of shoe to drum or pad to rotor, to convert motion into heat. The heat is then carried away by the air around the wheel. The brakes must cool in order to work again. Disc brakes do this job much better than drums. They do not make the car pull to one side if they get wet. The rotors can take and hold more heat than drums, and they get rid of the heat faster. This means you can stop again more quickly. Remember, hot brakes are fading brakes! On cars equipped with four wheel drums I highly recommend a front disc upgrade.

This will improve the safety and drivability of the car and make all your cruises more fun.

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