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Apr 15, 2009

Aluminum Radiator for 65-66 Mustang with later model engine

OK, you've got a '70 or later 302 engine or maybe a late model 5.0 engine in your 1965 or 1966 Mustang. You want to cool it with a nice radiator. The outlets on the original 65-66 radiator are both on the passenger's side. With the later engines, the bottom outlet is on the driver's side.

We just got these new aluminum radiators in that will solve the problem. These are just like our other very popular aluminum radiators.

Here is the description:

This radiator has the top outlet on the passenger's side and the bottom outlet on the driver's side for 65-66 model car with a later (70-up) 302 engine. It also has a automatic transmission cooler in bottom tank, but can be used on manual transmission car by plugging the holes.
Features extra large one inch tubes for 4 row efficiency but with 5-7 lbs. less weight. We also added a baffle at the top to help evenly distribute the flow of hot water across the upper part of the radiator. The original radiators had a real problem distributing the hot water to the far left side of the radiator. We have tested our design and recorded significant changes in the temperatures across the radiator's cooling tubes.
This radiator will bolt in just like the original.

Order part number EG259AL or just click on the picture.

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