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Mar 24, 2014

Mustang Chrome Air Cleaner Assemblies

Our show quality Mustang open element chrome air cleaner assemblies feature a correct chrome lid, correct reproduction air filer and correct base.

Our Chrome Air Cleaner Assemblies are very popular items, and we often get several questions about these parts.  The questions often involve the bases, so we wanted to take a closer look at these today.  We will be talking specifically about the Exact Reproductions.  These are our part numbers EG-124 and EG-145.  These air cleaners were originally installed on all of the 65-66 HiPo Mustangs and GT350.  They were also part of the Engine Dress Up Kits that were available as over-the-counter accessories at Ford dealers.

The base on our EG-124 Mustang chrome air cleaner assembly.
Close up shot of the original style air filter.

Both of these styles come with a very nice chrome plated top lid that is very, very close in configuration to the original air cleaner lid.  These assemblies also include the reproduction of the original air filter.  The difference in the two parts is the base.

Our EG-124 Chrome Air Cleaner has the blue base with the nipple for the hose the runs to the oil filler cap.  This emission system with the oil cap and hose was used on cars built for delivery to California, including all GT350 Shelbys.  Most of the 65 models and early 66's had a gold painted base, so if you have one of these cars, you will have to repaint the blue base with the gold paint.  This nipple was sometimes originally capped off for Mustangs that may have not used this system.

The base on our EG-145 Mustang chrome air cleaner assembly does not have the nipple for the oil cap hose.

Our EG-145 Chrome Air Cleaner, of course, features the same great quality, chrome lid and air filter, but the base is painted gold and does not include the nipple for the oil cap/emissions hose.

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