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Feb 24, 2012

Just the Details...64 1/2 Mustang Door Hinge Pillar Area

64 1/2 Mustang early door hinge pillar with "flat" area at door jamb switch.

"Pad" mounted to door on a '64 1/2 Mustang in order for the plunger of the door jamb switch to contact the door.

We have gotten a lot of nice response from our "Just the Details..." series of Blog posts about geeky little details on the '65-66 Mustangs and GT350's.  We appreciate the feedback and everyone reading, and welcome your comments, so we can all continue to learn about these cool cars.

With the purchase of our June '64 production HiPo Coupe, soon you will see a few posts some of these little details on '64 1/2 Mustangs.

Today, I have some pictures of the door hinge pillar area.  Specifically, this is the area where the door jamb switch mounts.  As you can see, the area around the hole on the early Mustangs is just flat.  Apparently, this was a mistake, because the plunger in the switch would not contact the door itself.  To remedy this problem, Ford installed a "pad" on the door.
A design change was made on the Mustangs to incorporate a raised area around the door jamb switch to allow the plunger to contact the door.

As you can see, this door hinge pillar area was redesigned to be raised in this area, which eliminated the need for the pad to be attached to the door.  This change apparently occurred somewhere in late June or July of 1964.  Our August '64 Dearborn convertible features the later design change.

The pictures of the early design are from our June '64 HiPo Mustang Coupe.

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