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Dec 20, 2010

Mustang Car Covers

We just got in a large shipment of Mustang Car Covers.  We have Car Covers for just about every application and budget.

Our TriGuard™ Car Covers are our most economical Car Covers for your Classic Mustang.  A 3-layer custom car cover material suited for light weather conditions (perfect for occasional use or Mustangs stored under a carport). Triguard™ is fairly soft and very compact. Do not use Triguard™ in harsh weather or sun. Triguard™ is also not suited in areas with industrial fall out (acid rain). Good protection at an affordable price.

The next step up is our 4 Layer Car Covers.  Four layers make Coverbond 4™ a very thick Custom Car Cover. The fabric provides breathability, protection, water resistance, and UV protection. The extra bulk helps to guard against minor nicks and dings, and even helps in light hail. Coverbond 4™ is suggested for moderate weather or indoor use.

Our most popular Car Cover is our Mosum Plus™ Car Cover.  Mosom Plus™ is a four-layer material that is a great choice for your Classic Mustang. The outer two layers are Spunbond Polypropylene, the middle layer is a special micro-porus film and the inside layer is super-soft fabric. The middle layer is an excellent rain barrier, while allowing vapors to pass through. The special cotton flock inner layer pampers the most delicate paint finish.  It is for all-around car cover use, suggested for most conditions except extreme sun, snow or ice. Mosom Plus™ is a non-woven material, so in the unlikely event a rip occurs in the material, it will not run.  This cover replaces our Noah Car Cover. The Mosum material is slightly better than the Noah material.

If you are looking for the best outdoor Car Cover for your Mustang, we recommend our StormProof Car Cover.  This is the ultimate outdoor car cover! The Stormproof™ provides the best protection for your Classic Mustang against rain and sun. It is also extremely compact making it easy to roll up and store. Like all of our covers, it will not scratch even the finest paint finishes.  The material is made of microscopic yarns that make up the advance micro-fiber material. It is important to note that this is an UNCOATED and UNTREATED material. That means that after months or years of use, it will still retain its original water resistant properties. This also makes the cover the most BREATHABLE cover available.  Gray color. Call for other colors that are available by special order.

Finally, available as a special order, is our soft, satin stretch Car Cover with custom Lemans Stripes.  This car cover is made for the Classic Mustang that is parked indoors, and for owners who want nothing but the best for their vehicle. The material has Lycra fibers for stretch in all directions, hugging and mirroring every perfect contour of your car. The inner liner is the softest fleece we've been able to find - specially designed not to rub off on convertible tops.  This cover is specially made in White with Dark Blue Lemans Stripes. Other colors are available.

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