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Dec 6, 2010

1965 Mustang High Performance Convertible Restoration Project

Here's another update on the 65 HiPo Mustang Convertible Project.  Once we put together a few more pieces for the fuel system and the front suspension, we should be ready to install the engine and transmission.  They will be installed before the front end sheet metal goes back on.

The engine is just about ready to go in.  We have installed most all the parts for a photo shoot that we will be doing soon before the final installation.  Image ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

Here is a look at the detailed alternator.  Image ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

Original HiPo Fan Spacer Bolts with the "flag" logo.  These bolts have been replated with clear zinc plating as original.  All of the original HiPo Fan Spacer Bolts that I have ever observed have had this logoImage ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

We were lucky to have the original HiPo Fan still on this convertible.  Scheduled build date on the car is August 10, 1964 and the fan is date stamped "G64" - July 1964.  This stamp is really deep and clear.  I have seen a few others that have been lightly stamped and difficult to see.  Image ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

Here are a few more shots of the alternator detail.  I will have to get a shot of the alternator pulley later.   Image ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

I've got more posts and pictures coming up soon!!!   ...stay tuned!

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James Bondo said...

Looks amazing! Great work and detail!