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Dec 3, 2010

1965-66 Mustang Disc Brake Proportioning Valves

NOS Ford 65-66 Mustang Disc Brake Proportioning Valve.  Image ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc.
If you are really into the detail end of the 65-66 Mustang and Shelbys, you may find this post interesting.  A Kelsey Hayes disc brake proportioning valve was originally installed on the 65-66 Mustangs with factory front disc brakes.

Rather than discuss the function of this part, this post is more about the detail and restoration.  There seems to be a widely held thought that this valve was originally a bluish-gray color.  All of the New Old Stock / Ford Service parts that I have seen are certainly this color, and perhaps some of the ones originally installed on the assembly line were also this color.

Original Black Paint Finish shown on Disc Brake Proportioning Valve from a June '65 Production San Jose Mustang (Early '66 GT350)     Image ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc
Original Black Paint Finish shown on Disc Brake Proportioning Valve from a very late Production San Jose Mustang (Very Late Production '66 GT350).  Image ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc
I do have evidence though, that at least some of these valves were originally finished in black paint.  I have seen several other original examples that were black, including the one on an early '66 GT350 (SFM6S033).  This GT350 will be featured here on our Virginia Classic Mustang Blog soon.  I have also seen a black one on a much later production '66 GT350 (near the very end of the '66 GT350 production.)

The "end discs" on these valves are dated. The numbers indicate the day of the year along with the year.

End Disc stamped "81-5."  This is the 81st day of 1965, which is March 22, 1965.  This disc was clear zinc plated for restoration.  Image ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

Disassembled Proportioning Valve with Zinc DiChromate Plated Nut and Clear Zinc Plated Adjusting Stud and End Disc.  Image ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

Valve has been Cleaned, Glass Beaded and then Epoxy Primed before sending out for Brass Sleeving and Rebuild.  Image ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

Rebuilt valve reassembled with the newly plated original parts and  refinished with black paint.  Image ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc
Jeremy at Maple Hill Restoration did the paint work on this.  He also does the restoration work on the 1965 Mustang 289 HiPo convertible that is featured on our Blog.  He will soon start on our Carryover 1966 GT350 Shelby.  You can contact Jeremy here.

 Image ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

Dated end disc.  Image ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc


Unknown said...

Your comments re: the 65-66 Mustang DBP valve are very interesting. At 86 & after
having many early Mustangs, some I wish I still had. (66GT FB Pony, 66A Code CP Pony & a 66GT350 Green Shelby FB)I still have some used & NOS parts left. I found 1 item, a KH DBP valve #56653 in blue base color. 42-0 on the end. Is still in the sealed clear plastic bag, never opened, some parts I used & some I still have. Most of my cars were 1 owners from the middle 70's. All needing something. Thus the trips to local Ford dealer & the local junk yards. My wife & our 3 boys all had some of my more rare Mustangs to drive while in HS. I even got published in one of the very early & small Mustang Monthly mags. Well Thanks for listening. My DBP valve will be for sale soon. Regards, John

Unknown said...

Does anyone know where I can get the heavy spring in the 65-66 Kelsy-Hayes proportioning valve? 1970 may be the same except needing shortened. I really need one. Jim Thomas
913-638-7600. Thanks

Unknown said...

I just removed one from my 66 GT A-code . unmolested car from Dearborn plant , family owned since 1968 .It is the bluish - grey color

Virginia Classic Mustang Inc said...

Depending upon the production plant and production time, you may see black or the blue/gray color on these. Thank you for the comments!

Anonymous said...

This would fit on 1966 Lincoln continental coupe