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Aug 4, 2010

65 Mustang Tail Light Wiring Harness

We have had nice tail light wiring harnesses for most year Mustangs for quite some time, but here is something new.

Back up lights were an option on the 1965 Mustang.  For some reason, the Mustangs that were not equipped with this option actually received a different tail light wiring harness from the ones equipped with back up lights.

Correct plugs to plug into under dash wiring harness
On the cars without the lights, there was no wiring put in the harness for the back up lights.  With more folks wanting to really get the correct details on their restoration, we decided to make a limited run of harnesses exclusively for us that are correct.  We are really pleased with this wiring harness.  It includes all of the correct little details along with the properly integrated plugs to plug into the tail light bodies like the factory assembly line harness.

Correct Tail Light Socket Plug
The first one will be installed in our early 65 HiPo K Convertible project that you can read about right here on our Blog. 

Little details like this really make a restoration.

Correct Gas Tank Sending Unit Wiring Lead with proper covering, plug and grommet
Again, this wiring harness is correct for all alternator equipped Mustangs without back up lights.  This would include all of the 65 GT350 Mustangs (Shelbys) and the early 66 GT350 Carryover cars.  None of those cars were originally equipped with back up lights.

Click on below links to order:

ER-5761  65 Mustang Coupe and Convertible Tail Light Wiring Harness without Back up Lights

ER-5771  65 Mustang Fastback Tail Light Wiring Harness without Back up Lights

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