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Aug 11, 2010

1965 Mustang High Performance Convertible Restoration Update

Here is another little update on the restoration of our 65 K Code / 289 HiPo Mustang.  Things are really starting to come together now!  We will have more updates soon!

Here is the fuse box installed.  The underdash wiring harness is in the Mustang!

Here is a shot of the dash detail.
Heater Box detailed and ready to install.

More behind the dash details.

LH Air Vent Assembly detailed and ready to install.

Firewall mat detail along with the clutch rod retainer and "seal" that was used only on the earlier Mustangs.  Later the Clutch Rod Rubber Boot was used.

NOS FoMoCo 1964 dated Mustang shocks detailed and ready to install.

Floor Pan Detail-Power top motor installed.

Idler arm detail.

Rear wheelhouse textured undercoating spray with blackout and overspray.

Metal Drain Hole Cover installed in Rear Floor Pan.

Cowl Area with "flowable" seam sealer like original.  We observed many 1964 Mustangs with this smooth, flowing seam sealer as opposed to the "brushed on" look of others that we have seen.
Here is another floor pan detail shot with the metal drain hole cover installed.


Anonymous said...

Wow, great photos of all the details! The project is looking good.

Danner said...

Looks like the restoration is going quite well.