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Jan 4, 2017

Mustang Towne Top (Hardtop)

Mustang Towne Top Hardtop

One of our first posts here on the Virginia Classic Mustang Blog way back in 2008 was about the unique and rare Mustang Towne Top. This was a hardtop made for the '65-66 Mustang by Dory Development Corporation.

Mustang Towne Top Hardtop

We recently ran across some literature about the hardtops that we had never seen.

For more about the the tops, we are re-posting much of the original Blog post from, has it really been that long!!??
Mustang Towne Top Hardtop

Below is the original post from 2008:

Again, we want to thank our friend, John Murphy for providing the great information and pictures about this Hardtop that was available for the '65-66 Mustangs. It is truly a unique accessory, and John knows more about these tops than anyone. These pictures are of the top installed on his beautiful 1966 Mustang Convertible that we have featured here in our Blog. Also check out the article about this Mustang in the January 2008 edition of Mustang Monthly.

Here's John's story:

Here are more images and information than you will probably need or
want about the Towne Top. Included you will find photos of the mounting
brackets and hardware, an instruction sheet that came with all of the tops,
a short history of these tops and details showing how different areas of the
top mate to the car. This top was made by Dory Development Co. of New York,
the design beginning shortly after the introduction of the Mustang on April
17, 1964. Mr. Moss had already made removable tops for the Corvair
convertible, and as soon as he saw his first Mustang he knew they were going
to be a popular car and wanted to supply a top for this stylish personal
sized car being sold by Ford dealers across the nation. He employed one
salesman who contacted "Ford dealers, upscale garages and trend setting auto
parts suppliers" and urged them to market the Towne Top. I have most of the
sales records for the Towne Tops showing where each was sold. At a retail
price of $289.00 they failed to attract the attention of many buyers, and
at some time the remainder of the inventory was destroyed.

As an interesting note, the Dory Development Corporation was not the
only company who designed and sold "take off" tops for the early Mustangs.
Parrish Plastics manufactured tops as well. You can see a picture of a
Parrish Plastic Company top in "Mustang Does It", a very nice hardbound book
published in 1978 by the Evergreen Press (Ray Miller, author). In 1994,
Jerry Hensley wrote an article for Mustang Monthly showing both types of
tops. The Parrish top used the rear glass from a Mustang coupe while the
Towne Top used a flat glass rear window. Both mounted pretty much the same
way, and both tops are very rare. Parrish also made tops for mid year
Corvettes (1963 - 67). At this time, we know of three of each brand of top
that are in good enough condition to be mounted on a car and used. I have
information locating several other tops but they are at this time either in
storage or "undergoing restoration"

I have driven this car with top attached at speeds in excess of 85 MPH
and can assure you that with fresh weather striping it is as quiet as a
coupe. The car is very tight and solid with the top on and also very quiet.
It is a "two man" job to install or remove, the top weighing about 85 pounds
and also too large for an ordinary sized person to grasp. The Towne Tops
came in either black or tan, and options included a stainless bar making it
look a bit like a Crown Victoria of the mid fifties, and a dome light.

1 comment:

David Fowler said...

I sent Mr. Murphy the copies of the post cards and the advertising brochure. I found them in a private collection near me. I have three of the tops and Mr. Murphy was shocked over that. I have located eight over the years, but others were too expensive or trash. Was one of those good ideas that never took off. Price was $289 so about 10% of the cost of the car.
I have one white one and two of the black ones with the crown molding.
David Fowler