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Apr 5, 2013

Just the Details...1966 Shelby Restoration 6S033

The 1966 Shelby on the rotisserie and in epoxy primer.

Today, we have some more pictures of our 1966 GT350 Mustang Shelby Restoration.  If you missed our last post about the car now being in epoxy primer, you can check it out here.

Here are some detail shots of various areas.  We also have photos posted on our Facebook Page.
The 1966 Shelby on the rotisserie and in epoxy primer.  Here is an earlier shot showing the front frame rail support being straightened.  We definitely wanted to save the original.

Here is the one of the original rails after being straightened.  These rails are almost always dented from someone using this point to jack up the Mustang.

This area in the transmission tunnel was taped off.  It is a patch of the original paint.  Here we are showing the paint that was chosen to match the original color.  It is a strange pinkish brown color.  I've seen this shade on late '65's and early '66's.  The underside color is usually a bit darker on later '66 Shelbys.

This is a close up shot of the date stamp on the seat riser pan.  It's June 17th.

Export brace reinforcement for the Shelby that was welded on the cowl area.

This photo shows a hole that was blown through the cowl when the export brace reinforcement was welded on at Ford.  This area will be eventually covered in sealer like it was originally.

Here is a close up of the rear frame rail with the exhaust hanger holes found on the factory dual exhaust equipped Mustangs.

Here you can see the original holes for the tach wiring and bracket mounting that were cut in the dash at Shelby American.
We were lucky enough to have a very nice area of original paint.  We saved this and will use it to match the original Wimbledon White paint.


Miles Sandin said...

What do you mean "Export Brace"

Virginia Classic Mustang Inc said...

The export brace was installed on all 65-66 Shelbys. It was also installed on Mustangs that were destined to be exported out of the country.

It is a triangle brace that replaced two smaller braces running from the cowl to the shock tower.

The brace provides much more support and rigidity than the stock braces.

Here is a link to a picture of an export brace on our web site:

I believe you will have to copy and paste the link.

James Bondo said...

Very nice work. Enjoying every post.