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Mar 24, 2011

Mustang Seat Foam

TMI™ brand Mustang Seat Foam.  65-66 Mustang Standard Interior Foam Set is pictured.  All Images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

When you replace your Mustang Seat Upholstery, it is always a great idea to also replace the Seat Foam.  New Mustang Seat Foam will give your seats the body and firmness that they originally had when the car was brand new.

TMI™ brand Mustang Seat Foam.  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc
We handle TMI™ brand Easy Install™ Mustang Seat Foam.  This seat foam seems to have just the correct amount of original "firmness" and is just a quality product.  Seat Listing Wires are molded in the foam channels making installation much easier.  There is also a woven backing molded into the foam on the back side of each piece for extra support.

TMI™  brand Mustang Seat Foam.  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

Also the TMI™ brand Mustang Seat Foam is the only foam specifically designed to work with our TMI™ brand Mustang Seat Upholstery sets.

We have seat foam for all Mustang models:

ST101  65-66 Mustang Standard Interior Seat Foam

ST102  65-66 Mustang Pony Interior Seat Foam (also use this when converting your standard seats to Pony / Deluxe interior seats)

ST103  67 Mustang Seat Foam

ST104  68-69 Mustang Low Back Seat Foam

ST721  69-70 Mustang Mach 1, Shelby, and all High Back Seat Foam

ST723  71-73 Mustang High Back Seat Foam

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