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Mar 4, 2011

1965 Mustang High Performance Convertible Restoration Update

Once we get the drive shaft completed, we should be ready to start our 65 HiPo Mustang Convertible!  The final details to get it ready to run are being completed now.

The exhaust has been installed.  You will note that this car uses the early style HiPo exhaust with the resonators (look like mufflers) going into the transverse muffler and then two tail pipes coming out of that muffler.

The brake and fuel lines are installed.  The brake system has been filled, bled and is ready to go.  The suspension pieces and fasteners have been checked and torqued.

We also have fabricated an accelerator linkage rod for the 3 x 2 (tri-power) induction set up.  A manual choke set up has been installed also, so we can use the stock HiPo choke cable assembly.

The radiator and all hoses have been installed also.

Take a look at the latest pictures...

1965 Mustang K Code Convertible Dual Exhaust System.  This shot shows the transverse muffler (two pipes in and two pipes out)-this was the style system originally installed on an early production 289 High Performance Mustang.  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

Clutch area, steering box, exhaust H-pipe detail on 1965 Mustang Convertible.  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc  

Exhaust System - 289 HiPo Mustang.  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc 

Under car shot showing Cobra "Roadster" Optional Aluminum Finned Oil Pan on Mustang Convertible.  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

Dual Exhaust H-Pipe.  1965 K Code Mustang Convertible.  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

Another image showing the dual exhaust resonators on the early transverse system for the 65 HiPo Mustang.  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

Intermediate pipe to muffler on the early transverse system for the 65 HiPo Mustang.  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

Rear end and leaf spring detail.  1965 K Code Mustang Convertible.  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

Original Rear End Tag showing the 3.89 rear gear ratio.  The "4HA" date indicates the first week of August 1964.  The nine inch rear was part of the High Performance Mustang option.  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

Another shot of the HiPo Mustang 9 inch rear end detail.  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

Early production Mustangs built in this time frame used screws to fasten  some of the brake and fuel clips.  The hole beside of the other hole was covered with a strip caulking.  This covered hole was later used for the push in style fasteners more commonly seen.   All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc
Manual Choke Set Up is being installed along with the original HiPo Mustang Choke Cable Assembly.  This photo shows the initial set up, which will be slightly changed and tweaked.  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

A different oval air filter was installed on the 3 x 2 carb. set up.  The first air filter was an aftermarket brand that did not fit well.  The air cleaner now seems to be at the correct level.  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

1965 Mustang Convertible front sway bar insulator and bracket.  All images ©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc


Anonymous said...

AWESOME! No fan shroud for early cars? I'm learning so much from your updates. Is this the Arvinode exhaust, or is that an altogether different setup.
Thanks for the updates!

Virginia Classic Mustang Inc said...

Thanks for the comments.
Yes, the fan shroud came on all HiPo Mustangs. It's on the car now. It just was not installed in these particular pictures.
This is the exhaust that was used on these cars until around Sept.-Oct. of 1964. The Arvinode system was used after that time.

Dave R said...

Engine compartment looks a lot busier than it did a couple of weeks ago. When we gong to line it up against my Shelby? I'll loan you a pair of slick......

James Bondo said...

Amazing work!

Anonymous said...

The best way to accomplish the manual choke conversion is to remove and turn the choke cable lever 180 degrees so it points downward. Also there should be another choke cable bracket in your choke kit. This part is curved. it will mount over the pictured bracket and with the use of a spacer for the bolt, and a small nut and bolt to hold it onto the bracket in the hole where the cable mount plate attached. Mount the cable mount plate on the outer bracket , mount your cable and you are on your way.