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Sep 10, 2010

Early 1965 Mustang 289 HiPo Convertible Update

Today, we have another photo update on our 1965 Mustang Convertible K Code Project.

Wiring, lines and other items are going together in the engine compartment.

Headlight Harness Plug in the Engine Compartment Area.

Doors are now on, and we are working on getting the parts loaded in them.

Underdash Wiring and most switches are now in the dash.

Horn Date Stamping

Horn Wires that come through radiator support have been blacked out with paint like several originals that we have observed.

Shipping Tie Down Brackets have been reinstalled.

Rear Parking Brake Cables along with asscociated brackets have also been installed.

Rear End Housing is in place along with the Pinion Snubber Bracket that is unique to the 9 inch rear in the High Performance Mustangs.

Original Rear End Center Section is dated "4F23."  This translates to June 23, 1964.  This center section is original to this car.


James Bondo said...

I like the picture with the Fastback in the background. You car is looking very sweet!

Rod said...

Outstanding!!! Thanks for the update. Hoping to have my 65 in this shape some day.

James Bondo said...

How did you figure out the code stamps for that model / year? Is there a book or website?

Really, that car is looking very sweet! Great job and I enjoy the blog updates.



Virginia Classic Mustang said...

Stampings such as the horns were copied from the originals. Rear end center section casting date is original

I think that you may be wondering how to decode the dates that are stamped on various items.
I don't believe that there is really a book or web site for that. I guess it just comes in time while researching and observing all of the cars. If you have a specific question on a date code, I'll try to help.

Thanks for the comments!

James Bondo said...

Yes I would like some help with the codes. Can you send me an email at I have a question about the color dabs on the front coil springs on my 66.