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Mar 15, 2010

Mustang HiPo Convertible Update

If you have been reading our Blog, you know that we have been posting fairly regular updates of the progress on the restoration of our 1965 K Code Mustang Convertible. The updates will soon have more cool stuff to actually look at, rather than just getting the body in shape.

The bodywork has been completed, and we now have some color!!! In case you have not been following along, this is an August 1964 production 289 High Performance equipped Mustang Converible. It was originally Poppy Red, and we are restoring it back to that original color.

The slideshow shows that the floor has been painted Poppy Red. I know, a bit overkill, but we wanted to put a top coat on the floor, rather than just primer. Besides, the interior floors were originally painted body color. This nice top coat will later be covered with sound deadener and, of course, carpet. Also shown is a shot from under the dash. The very dark red primer was matched here and in the rear in the area that the power top motor is located. You will also note an image of a partially painted hood. That's our "real world" test panel for the Poppy Red paint. It turned out good, so it is a "go!" This week, the proper interior white paint will be shot on the dash.

Look for more updates soon!

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