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Mar 17, 2010

HiPo Fan Spacers are in stock!!

A few months ago, we posted about our new 65-66 High Performance Mustang Fan Spacers. We got a few spacers in from the first small run. The response was overwhelmingly positive. This part is really a quality piece, and we were so pleased that we could get it reproduced with the proper little details.

The larger run just came in, so we will be filling all of those orders for our customers that have been patiently waiting for this part.

This unique fan spacer was originally installed on all 1965-66 K Code / 289 High Performance equipped Mustangs, which, of course, also included the 65-66 GT350 Shelbys. It is the original length which properly places the fan at the opening of the fan shroud allowing air to be drawn in. So often, the wrong spacer is used and the fan is place too far inside the shroud. This does not allow the fan to do its job.

We decided to pursue this project after seeing the lack of availability of the original spacers. Along with the lack of availability, the prices on originals were as high as $300.00 and many of the originals are just badly pitted.

This spacer, of course, will work on any small block Ford with a non-clutch style fan. It is also, of course, a great compliment to our High Performance Fan.

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