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Apr 14, 2008

Aluminum Radiators Now in Stock!

We now have Mustang Aluminum Radiators in Stock! These radiators should take care of any of your cooling problems. They feature extra large one inch tubes for 4 row efficiency but with 5-7 lbs. less weight. The size of the tubes in a row are really more important than the number of rows, and these are big!

These aluminum radiators also have a baffle at the top (see picture below) to help evenly distribute the flow of hot water across the upper part of the radiator. Many radiators have a real problem distribuing the hot water to the far left side of the radiator. The design of this radiator has been tested and significant changes have been recorded in the temperatures across the radiator's cooling tubes.

These aluminum radiators are also manufactured for specific models, so they will bolt right in just like the original!

We currently have them available for the following models:

65-66 Mustang with Automatic Transmission
65-66 Mustang with Manual Transmission
67-70 Mustang (Bolt in Style 20 inch Radiator)
for either transmission (We have sold all of the 67-70 models already but will be getting more soon.)

Other models are in production now.
This photo shows the large tubes in the rows along with the special baffle.

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