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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Customer Car-1967 Purple Mustang Coupe

Today we have a very unusual car. Yes, it is purple. Yes, that is the original color. We will let the owners, Curly and Karon Long tell you about it.

About three years ago, a friend, knowing I had an affinity for Mustangs told me about a neighbor of their mother's that had one for sale. I bought my first one in '65-289 white fastback, which I regrettably sold. I bought a new '96 red convertible GT Gold package, which I still have-over 96,000 miles and going strong. I bought another red GT convertible in 2006.

The rest of the story on the '67 is that, when I went to see it for the first time, I really wasn't that interested in it. So, I made the guy a low-ball offer that I didn't expect he would take. But, OOPS, he took it.

So I've been on a sympathy restoration, that is what Jay Leno calls them, ever since. I thought the car needed more TLC than it had been getting so I trailered it home and began to investigate it. It had been repainted. It was a pathetically poor job. I decided I'd try to get it back to as much original as possible. I got the Kevin Marti report to help with the original paint color and other options. With the help of a lot of parts from Virginia Classic Mustang, some extensive body work and a great paint job, it is where it is today. Other than some body parts, the interior, engine, etc. are original and in respectable condition. I still have some questions for which I'm still looking for answers: The Marti report indicates a "Fleet Order" concerning the special Purple color. What or why was this special Purple color ordered? I would also like to know what dealer in the Chicago area ordered the car.

I'm going to start taking the car to some National Mustang Club of America shows starting this year and hope to pick the brains of some there to learn more about the car. In all the years of being around Mustangs, I've never seen a Purple Metallic one.
We want to thank Curly and Karon for sending us this information and the pictures. That's a very unique Mustang. We've never seen a Purple one either!
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