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Mar 20, 2008

69-70 Fold Down Seat Trim is a match

Hi, its Sam from Brant (Virginia Classic Mustang) sent me a set of 69-70 seat trim to evaluate for my website and for use in an upcoming magazine article (thanks Brant!). I have to say that I am very pleased with this new reproduction set. I installed the 69-70 specific trim pieces with no problem (the rest of the trim is the same as the 65-68 pieces already evaluated in detail on my webpage). In fairness though, I have to point out two things about this reproduction chrome trim.

First off, you need to be aware of the fact that this is a 13 piece set of chrome trim, and you are getting brand new chrome trim pieces at roughly $20 each. I pay $110 each to get original seat trim pieces replated locally. In that context, the reproduction chrome is not on par with high quality triple plated chrome. It is simply unrealistic to expect high quality chrome at the price this set sells for. It still looks good at a reasonable distance, and you really have to get up close to see the difference. The surface of the chrome that covers the carpet and is seen with the seat folded down is highly polished and smooth, and looks great. The surface of the chrome that is on the side of the seat, mostly unseen, is not as polished and smooth, and looks ok. That is the big difference in the chrome. The area of the chrome finish you are most likely to be disappointed with is unlikely to be seen once installed in the car.

The second thing is that the angle in the chrome going down into the recessed area is slightly different between the reproduction and the original. The trim piece still fits good, and still works well with the metal latch guide, but the metal latch guide does not fit perfectly in the recess on the reproduction like it does on the original.

The pieces are pictured in detail on my trim page here...

Overall I think this is a good reproduction, well worth the price, and would make a great addition to any 69-70 Mustang fold down seat as-is with no modifications necessary.

If anybody has any questions, or would like more detailed high resolution pictures, please feel free to contact me at

Thanks again to Brant for the parts to evaluate as well as the venue here to provide this information to the public.


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We want to thank Sam for his honest (and we did not edit his post at all!) evaluation. Check out his web site!

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