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May 26, 2017

Just the Details...1966 Shelby GT350 Mustang Restoration

It's been months since our last Shelby Restoration Update. Check out the last one at this link:

If you haven't been following our updates, this is one of the 252 "Carryover" Shelbys. These were titled as 1966 models, yet they started life as 1965 models. So, they were equipped '65 interior along with other '65 features. You can read more about these unique cars at

This particular car is number 33 - 6S033. It also features a rear package tray rather than the more common folding rear seat. If you plan to attend the Shelby American Automobile Club's 42nd Annual Convention (SAAC-42) to be held at Indianapolis Motor Speedway June 8-10, 2107, you can see this car. We are planning to participate in the judged show on Friday and the popular vote show on Saturday.

We have just been wrapping up the final details over the last few months. The final part of a restoration involves getting everything to run and function properly, and it's sometimes the most difficult part. We have been driving the car a bit and just sorting things out. If you look closely at the picture above, you will see our clip on plastic "mud flaps" to protect the paint!

The pictures below show lots of under side details including the rear end housing, drive shaft, rear brake hoses, shocks, gas tank sending unit, exhaust, suspension, brakes, and more.

Be sure to also check out the captions under each picture for more details.

Original markings were duplicated on the rear end housing. This is commonly found on Shelbys.

The original drive shaft markings were duplicated during the restoration of the '66 Shelby.

Shelby GT350 rear brake hose.

The Shelby H-Pipe was also duplicated.

Shelby front suspension detail. 
Front strut rod bushings.

Front brake caliper.

A new transmission mount with the original part number was used.

Floor pan detail. Every attempt was made to duplicate the original overspray patterns, colors, drips, etc.

Shelby rear differential detail.

Original rear leaf spring markings.

Rear exhaust tail pipe.

This shot shows the rear Koni shock, rear traction bar, axle limiting cable, and special rear mounted rubber bumper.

Rear end and rear brake backing plate detail.

Exhaust with 6-65 dated muffler.

Muffler and hanger.

Rear area detail.

Original fuel sending unit.

Rear brake hose and parking brake cable.

Rear frame rail.

More under car detail

Speedo cable clip.

Transmission crossmember.

Behind front valance detail.

Front brake caliper.

Lower front control arm

Under car shot showing alternator.

Radiator date stamping

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