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Sep 11, 2013

Just the Details...Factory Markings in the Mustang Trunk

June '64 produced Mustang High Performance Coupe.

If you read our Blog at all, you know my personal favorites are the '65 and '66 289 High Performance / K Code Mustangs (and, of course, GT-350s).  

I may have posted these images before, but for you geeky detail freaks, they are worth looking at again.

The first one is an image of our June '64 Dearborn produced HiPo Mustang Coupe.  In case you can't picture where this is on the car, it is the area right in front of the gas tank.  As you can see, this area was lettered "HI-PERF" before the Poppy Red paint was applied.

We have another image of a October '64 Dearborn produced HiPo Mustang Fastback.  On this Mustang, you can see that "HP" was written in the same area.

We also are aware of a October '64 San Jose Mustang Fastback lettered in the same area with "HI-PERF".

If you have a K Code with any similar markings, we would certainly be interested in seeing a picture and/or hearing about it.

HI-PERF Marking in the trunk of a 1964 1/2 Mustang K Code Coupe
HP Marking in the trunk of a 1965 Mustang Fastback.

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